• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)


11 DEC 22


It was a privilege to be invited to judge at the Ladies Kennel Association, a firm favorite of mine since a child, and to have a super entry numerically was an added festive delight. It was lovely to see minor puppies and puppies emerging, I hope this bodes well for next year and this wonderful breed of which we are all custodians.

In terms of quality, I feel that the entry was mixed with some elements improved and others less so, compared to my last appointment at the start of 2019. Temperaments were super, with one or two less settled on move, I was happy to give them the benefit of the doubt on this occasion and attribute it the indoor environment and different floor, but it cost some higher awards, but all were more than happy to be handled. Movement coming and going was better, dentition was mixed, all dogs were well-presented and clean, mostly were in good but not necessarily hard condition.

Thanks to Linda and Chris Pack the unobtrusive and efficient stewards who allowed me to finish in good time.

MPD 4(0)

1. Thirlwell’s Ferndel Water Stone (AI). Mature, strong, compact male, clean coming and going, has a sense of power on the move for one so young, balanced fore and rear, appealing head and expression with the typical domed skull and a more defined stop than some, with correct ear set and well-developed nostrils, all complimented by nice tight feet.

2. Clarke’s Tigerrock Tick Tick Boom. Another chap showing strength, he really scores in body and is strong and muscular with well sprung ribs, strong sloping shoulders, good length and angle to his upper arm, moderate rear angulation, straight silky dense coat emerging, longer than 1 but not incorrect, today I preferred the head on 1 who had a more defined stop.

PD 2(0)

1. Thirlwell’s Ferndel Water Marker (AI). I thought this chap was something quite special and was rather taken, so much so I gave him strong consideration for the DCC, I found him strong merry and active, he was all male in head with a straight muzzle of medium length, correct ear set and shape, he really scores in upper arm and has a deep brisket that many with more maturity than him lacked, his body length was proportionate to his leg length and I particularly noticed his strength in top-line with muscular loin, typical slight arch which gives the classic silhouette contributing to picture and type I was looking for.

2. Clarke’s Tigerrock Tick Tick Boom.

PGD 9(1)

A mixed class where I compromised on boldness and merriness on the move to place type and soundness, which was not a decision I made lightly.

1. Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden JW. The super presentation and body on this young chap couldn’t be denied, a lovely size with balance, I was looking for good tight feet and correct top-line, balanced fore and rear and has that long neck that typifies this breed, melting expression and correct ear set, he was active and determined on the move and in the end merry too!

2. Cocking/Barnaby’s Bushwacker Happy Gilmore at Ruskinite. I really liked this chap for type, size and proportions and on the stack was hard to beat but sadly he was a little lacking on the move, he particularly scores in head, a slightly domed skull, well defined stop and good chiseling below the eyes, today he would have benefitted from a little more condition but he has bone, strength and masculinity without coarseness or heaviness that others would envy, all complimented by a rich red and white silky flat coat.

LD 5(0)

1. Clarke’s Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW. There is no denying the strength and merriness of this active and kind spaniel that has a showmanship that some welsh spaniels can lack, he was presented in first class order with a straight flat silky coat all over, in real rich red and bright white, he has that clearly defined stop with chiselling you expect, and that classic unique ear shape, he has long neck into strong shoulders, he is undeniably compact and has well sprung ribs, despite the challenging floor he demonstrated soundness and an active ground covering action, I took pleasure in awarding him his first DCC, in the challenge, for me on the stack, the bitch just looked a little more classic.

2. Holley’s Ferndel Dare To Dream (AY1). This dog has type in abundance and a style of his own, he epitomises kindly disposition and a style that many had lacked, he is young and time will do him the world of good, as he settles on the move he is balanced fore and rear and going around covers the ground with ease, he has a lovely head with a masculinity without heaviness, with a lovely kind eye and correct scissor bite, he particularly scores in that typical long neck which is set neatly into sloping shoulders, he returned for the RDCC but today a younger hopeful was more merry on the move and couldn’t be denied.

OD 3(1)

1. Worth’s Sh Ch. Sarabande Lord Of The Dance (AI) JW. A pleasure to assess, this very worthy champion shown in fantastic condition, his coat, presentation, and condition is a masterclass for anyone, he is balanced and well off for body, I was drawn to his head and expression, for me personally I would prefer slightly more length of leg to complete an otherwise memorable performance, he doesn’t disappoint on the move either covering the ground smoothly and with power.

2. Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo. I remain surprised that this lovely chap doesn’t have his crown and I hope it’s not far away for him, skull of proportionate length and slightly domed with a clearly defined stop, he is workmanlike but merry, again I would prefer a little more leg to create proportion between body and leg that’s desired, shown in first class condition and he had a lovely rapport with his handler that demonstrates his kindly disposition and outgoing temperament.

GCD 2(0)

1. Barkley's Chanangel Mr Whodat at Cherryheath JW. 4-year-old upstanding male with real ring presence, super rear angulation, a lovely rich colour with that straight silky coat some lacked, masculine head and expression with correct ear set, ear shape and nice eye, correct top-line which he held on the move, he moved around the ring driving from the rear allowing himself to cover the ground with ease.

2. Bennet’s Helgen Romeo The Lover for Flyboron. Veteran male looking a little less than impressed today, a nice size with good body, right amount of bone, occasionally looks a little longer in body than some, lost out today on movement, he wasn’t quite as coordinated and smooth as some which may well have been attributable to the floor surface.

VD/B 6(2)

Such a shame this was a mixed class, as in my opinion, our breed has wonderful longevity and veteran classes encourage engagement and entries.

1. Chandler’s Sh Ch. Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW. Such an honest lad with much to like, an extremely worthy title holder, scores in body with well sprung ribs, I appreciated his proportions but given his age his rich red and bright white is remarkable, as is his super dentition, his head is classic and I could look at it all day long, his outline and silhouette is classic with the slight arch over the loin, powerful and moving with drive going, the rapport he had with his handler was a joy to watch, a touch wide coming towards, which cost him higher awards today.

2. Worth/Riese Bassel's Am Gr Ch Sh Ch. Sarabande Sweet Nothings (AI). Pretty bitch with a lovely head and expression, great body, lovely neck into long shoulder with good length and angle of upper arm, lovely body, and bone without coarseness, she was symmetrical, compact and merry in one bundle and I see why she has appealed and is so well titled, she was most unfortunate to meet 1 in such strong form.

MPB 7(3)

A mixed class with different ages and maturities.

1. Howarth’s Ferndel Starry Eyes. A moderate bitch with plenty of length, lovely long shoulder and good depth of brisket, super top-line, clean and active on the move, lovely chiselling to her head which benefits from a well-defined stop, good dentition and nice wide nostrils, maturing and well off for stop, good dentition, she moved around the ring like she’d been showing forever and was not at all phased, she showed really well and was happy and outgoing, BPB.

2. Naunton’s Trenzalore’s Princess Leia. A little higher on leg than 1 and a little less mature but still compact, her nice head and expression are developing well, she has good tight feet but had a tendency to drop her top-line which was a shame, she was sound and covered the ground on the move.

PB 3(1)

1. Ritchie’s Renascent Bleaberry at Slapestones (NAF) (TAF). 11 month old bitch that I have admired from the ringside and was pleased to assess, she is honest and what you see is what you get with her, today she was pushing her handler all the way which was such a shame as initially I considered her for the RCC, but as time went on she became more restless and less willing to cooperate, albeit in rather a charming manner, lovely bone, super body and her coat is not yet profuse but is dense, her head is balanced, correct and feminine with strong chiselling already present, she goes very well, driving from behind and moving smoothly going around and cleaning coming and going, one to watch.

2. Naunton’s Trenzalore’s Princess Leia. 2nd in MPB.

JB 2(1)

1. Naunton's Trenzalore’s Princess Leia. 2nd in MPB & PB.

PGB 6(2)

1. Thomas’s Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious. This bitch took my eye immediately, she had the silhouette I had been looking for, bone and substance but with femininity, length of neck without exaggeration, balanced throughout with long sloping shoulders, a good head, femininity without a loss of substance, hocks well let down, she is young but I felt she was absolutely right for her age and in outline I couldn’t find better today, equally she was sound on the move, less powerful than some but happy to forgive that on the difficult floor, pleased to award her first BCC and Best of Breed, I shall watch her with interest.

2. Douglas/Chandler's Eiriandylis Georgy Girl by Santallina. Longer than 2nd and not always cooperating on the stack, there were glimpses where she looked rather special, at other times she had a tendency to appear a little too short, scores in length and angle of upper arm and she has the head and expression I had looked for with an eye that melts, super neck and great body for me but I’d prefer a touch more length moved soundly and with a merry attitude.

LB 8(2)

1. Short’s Ferndel Fire Gem at Toftwood. I’ve watched this bitch from afar and wanted to get my hands on her for an age, I was not disappointed, she is just my type, symmetrical, compact and not leggy, active and merry, lovely correct bone with body, a lovely size, great proportions, lovely feet, super long neck, well off for rib and good brisket, hocks could be a little more let down, great attitude, today she had a real sass and showed herself off to full advantage, I think the best of her is yet to come, RBCC.

2. Revill's Julita Ryveeta JW. An honest unassuming lady who could easily be overlooked, she just had a tendency to drop a touch behind the shoulders which is a shame, I loved her for type, size and proportions, she scores in soundness too, super coat, good head and expression, nice tight feet and hocks well let down, she typified merry and active.

OB 5(2)

1. Woodward’s Hinxwood Fire and Ice. Lovely size and shape bitch with a classic head and super body, bone was correct and a nice top-line, she looked a little stuffy around her neck today sadly, but moved around the ring freely and easily, I suspect she is easily overlooked.

2. Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade. A lovely bitch and in my opinion a worthy champion, she is balanced and shows well, scores in head, lovely correct ear and a long neck into muscular shoulder, well off for muscle in the rear and in super condition, she could go all day.

GCB 3(0)

1. Sutherland’s Sh Ch. Jacranella Sonata. I could look at this lady’s head all day, she is a most worthy title holder, a classic expression with kind eye and wide nostrils, lovely ear set and shape, she has a lovely body enhanced by muscle and exemplary condition that gave me the confidence that she was more than able to work all day, a pleasure to judge.

2. Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosley. Honest workmanlike bitch showing well and with a lovely temperament, a little moderate to the fore but she has a good coat of rich colour and a correct head, she doesn’t always show herself off to best advantage which is a shame because she is sound and typy.