• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Darlington. German Shepherd Dog

Always an enjoyable breed to judge with great sportsmanship. Generally front angulation was good, and profile gait excellent. Some were slightly too long, a couple shy and some had less than perfect scissor bites. Not many youngsters present, hope this is temporary and there are plenty in the wings.

Veteran D (1)

1st: 3969 RANSHAW, Miss K & ASKHAM, Mr L Sylcarr's Sabre At Reyakosa

Well proportioned 7 yrs. He has a masc head but quite deep in stop and would prefer a darker eye. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder, good slope of upper arm. Pasterns slightly soft now . He tends to lift his front feet too high on move. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Well made rear which he uses so v well. BV

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 3953 JACKSON, Mr G C Nikonis Patric

Promising pup of good proportions. Masc head. Would prefer better eyes. He has a medium neck, well laid shoulder. Lengthy, sloping upper arm. Can fill in front and tighten in elbow. He is well ribbed back. Firm topline. Plenty of hind angulation. Stands with hocks turned in but moves ok. Liked his length stride. BP

Puppy D. Ne

Junior D (2)

1st: 3964 NICHOLSON, Miss Sylvia Chapleforge Angus with Norwulf

Took a little while to settle on the move, but once got going liked his length of stride and better topline and tailset than 2. Rather deep in stop. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder. He could have more width of chest. Pasterns ok. Well ribbed back. Liked his hind angulation.

2nd: 3962 MOONEY, Miss R Draycore Kenneth

He has v good proportions. Masc head. Good length of neck. Not quite front angulation of 1. Deep chest. Well ribbbed back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Fairly parallel out and back.

Post Grad D (7,1)

1st: 3944 CAVE, Mrs Anne CASIANN ATLAS

Liked his proportions, a few were a bit too long in this class. He has a masc head, dark eye. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder, but could be slightly better in pasterns and feet. Well ribbed. Has a firm and straight topline. Plenty of hind angulation with low hocks. Accurate enough on the move and lengthy stride, keeping feet low.

2nd: 3970 RUTKOWSKA, Mrs Malgorzata & RUTKOWSKI, Mr Piotr Gerald Sfora Kwasniewskiego (IMP POL)

Liked his proportions and has a better front than 3. Masc head. Strong neck. Good front. Liked his width of chest. Slight slope to his pasterns. Well ribbed. V good rear. Not topline of 1.

3rd: 3975 STANLEY, Mrs Rhian Blanik Kyriacos

Limit D (6,1)

1st: 3950 HENSLEY, Mrs Denise Desjiem van de Herdersfarm (Imp Deu)

Liked his proportions. He .won class on his excellent rear, correctly angulated and strong going away. Masc in head. Lengthy neck, could have a better lay of shoulder and a longer upper arm. Pasterns and feet are ok. Liked his spring of rib, back to a short loin. V well muscled. RCC

2nd: 3981 WILLIAMS, mr Paul & STARKEY, Ms Claire Wakematt Morty at Starkwill

Liked his proportions. He has a v good head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder and long, sloping upper arm and a low stride. Well ribbed back. Maybe slightly longer in back than 1. Rather long in second thighs and could be better moving away.

3rd: 3961 MOONEY, Miss R Equiside Nitro

Open D (6)

1st: 3939 BELFIELD, Mrs & Mr S M & J A Ch Kassieger Hooch

Really super d of excellent type and proportions and moves with a long and easy stride. He has a good head with dark eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with long and sloping upper arm. Well sprung ribs to a short loin. Firm in topline. V good rear which is well muscled. Absolutely true going away, can be careless in front. CC & BOB

2nd: 3954 KEARNAN & WILSON, Mrs & Miss Susan & Francesca Swiss Ch Clynalwin's Nukon

Liked his proportions better than 3. He has a v good head. Lengthy neck well angulated in front but needs more width of chest and better pasterns. Well ribbed back. Strong in loin, well angulated rear, and quite good moving away. Lengthy stride.

3rd: 3971 SMITH, Miss Sarah & SMITH, Mrs Ivylene Portnall Elrick zu Sarocal Sh.CM

Veteran B ne

Minor Puppy B (2 abs)

Puppy B (2 abs)

Junior B (1)

1st: 3967 PEGG, Mrs Helen Dahlmann Ulla

Very promising junior, still looks raw. She is v fem but still strong. Liked her head. Good neck. Well laid shoulder with sloping upper arm. Straight back. V good rear. Once got into her stride was v long and easy, holding her outline. RCC

Post Grad B (7,3)

1st: 3943 CAVE, Mrs Anne CASIANN ATE

She has a sound and steady temperament and was better in hind action than 2. Fem in head with good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and sloping upper arm. Pasterns and feet ok. Could be slightly longer in leg for perfect proportions. Well ribbed. Firm and level in topline. V good rear.

2nd: 3974 STANLEY, Mrs Rhian Blanik Liszka

Liked her overall proportions. She too has a steady temperament. V good head. Dark eyes. Strong neck. Decent front but a bit slack in pastern. She is well ribbed to a short loin holds a firm topline. Slightly too long in second thigh. Holds outline on the move.

3rd: 3965 O'NEILL, mrs Caroline J Kidaforce Corin of Dunningwell

Limit B (2,1)

1st: 3948 FORMAN, Mr A J & FORMAN, Mrs S P Kintaro Grace Kelly with Suzdans

Liked the proportions on this fem b. V good eye and expression. Balanced in head. Lengthy neck. V good front, although feet are a bit open. Well ribbed. V good topline. Well made rear. Fairly accurate on the move.

Open B (6,1)

1st: 3976 A SWIFT & HENSLEY, D D Ch Monksley Faye Savannah

V fem b of good proportions, She is just slightly firmer in out and back movement than 2. She has a v good head, long and strong neck. Well laid shoulder, long sloping upper arm. Slight slope to pastern. Well ribbed back.Well made rear, v good going away. CC

2nd: 3955 KEARNAN, Mrs S NL Ch Rosebud Daenerys Ir J Ch

She is a v fem b. Muzzle slightly shorter than skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good pasterns and feet. Just slightly longer in back than 1. Her rear is well made, but could just be slightly stronger.

Jeff Horswell