• Show Date: 09/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Richmond. Smooth Coat Chihuahua

The ring probably wasn’t ideal with a few dips and some long grass, quite a few were picking their feet up high, making my task harder. I was very happy with my main winners and able to find dogs with good body proportions. I was alarmed at how many overshot bites there were.

Veteran D (1)

1st: 238 CROWLEY, Mrs S Nikitos Namethatdog

7 years and in v good form. Expressive eyes. Well set ears. V good skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Rear is ok. High set tail. He moved well. BV

Minor puppy d (4,2)

1st: 255 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Quincy Quirky Sox

Sound pup of very good proportions. Large eyes, well set ears. Correct muzzle. He has enough neck. Enough angulation front and rear. Holds a level topline. Well carried tail.

2nd: 254 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Roody Red Sox

He is longer than 1 and topline rises slightly. Big eyes. Ears are ok. Could have a better muzzle. Ok front. Well set tail. More moderate rear than 1.

Puppy d (5,1)

1st: 280 ALARION, Mr N Smoothie De L'Isle Au Vert Coteau NAF

Quite a personality. I liked his head the best in this class. Well set ears. Lovely eye and expression. V good skull. Has a lengthy neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good tail. Just picking his feet up a bit in the lengthy grass.

2nd: 255 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Quincy Quirky Sox

3rd: 271 ROONEY, Mr S J Yorone Centre Stage

Junior d (5,1)

1st: 272 SILVERSTEIN, ms Vivian Marco Livio Di San Gimignano per Silverchi (Imp IT

Really smart and showy d. Liked his outline and proportions. He has a v good head. Super eyes and expression. Well set ears. Correct muzzle. Enough stop. Long neck which he uses so well. Well filled front. Level topline with high set tail. Good rear. Could just be tidier coming towards. Stylish in profile. RCC

2nd: 259 HOLLISTER, Mrs K Copymear Pocket Rocket at Hollichi NAF

Liked his proportions and outline. He has a high set tail which he carries so well. Not quite the expression of 1. Medium neck. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moved fairly well.

3rd: 265 MANN, Mrs Mary-Kate & MANN, Mr Paul Parisland Parti Animal with Manchino

Yearling d (1)

1st: 262 HUMPHREYS, Mrs L Amarantos Blue Moon

Happier on floor than on table, where he tends to sink. Liked his head. V good skull. Large, dark eyes. Ears slightly big. Enough neck. Well sprung ribs that go well back. Tail and rear are ok. Could be more precise moving.

Novice d (3)

1st: 280 ALARION, Mr N Smoothie De L'Isle Au Vert Coteau NAF

2nd: 255 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Quincy Quirky Sox

3rd: 254 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Roody Red Sox

Graduate d (1 abs)

Post grad d (1)

1st: 253 HALLS, Mrs A Jorazan Top Gun Flyer JW

Liked his proportions and he moved round with typical stride. Large, dark eyes. Well set ears. Ok muzzle. Medium neck. Good front. Well filled chest. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Slightly untidy out and back.

Limit d (5,1)

1st: 273 SLAVINEC, Mrs S H Charonchi Billy Super Duper

Liked his angulation and he moved well. Showy d. He has large, dark eyes with a pleasing expression. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Feet could be better. Well ribbed back. Level topline well angulated rear.

2nd: 278 SUTTON, Mrs B Nikitos Nozzinlikeziz

Liked his proportions, not as accurate on the move as 1. His head is well proportioned. Good ears. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Deep chest. Level topline. High set tail.

3rd: 257 HICKS, Miss E Chiquita De Oro Noir Midnight At Casiatodo

Open d (7,1)

1st: 244 FACEY, Ms S Ch Copymear Calendar Boy JW

Very sound d of good proportions. Liked his head. Eyes are dark and expressive. Well set ears. Medium neck. Well ribbed back. Holds a level topline with a high set tail. Moderate rear. Very showy. CC

2nd: 270 ROONEY & GREEN, Mr, Mr & Mrs S,J & A Ch Anadeia Tokala with Jaschin

Full of himself. He has a really super head. Correct skull. Large and expressive eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Shoulder is well laid. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. He was high stepping in front today, which cost him the top spots.

3rd: 245 MIELE, Mrs Luisa Arcangela Slo Ch Rom Croat Sp & Serb Boz&H Diamonchi Misterm

Special beginners d ne

Veteran b ne

Minor puppy b (3,1)

1st: 277 SNOWDEN, Miss Lynsey Ann Darnleys Crackling Rose

Liked her proportions the best in this class. She moved well and used her tail enough. Fem head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Angulation is balanced. Liked her spring of rib.

2nd: 236 BARKER, Mrs S T Baralicia Purely Prudence

V much a baby. She has a pretty head. Dark eyes. Better ears than 3. Ok neck. Just a bit long and tubular in body as yet. More confidence moving than 3.

3rd: 250 GINGER, Ms Joanna & PARKINSON, Mr Desmond R Jodeschi statement piece

Puppy b (7)

Not an easy class to sort out.

1st: 248 FOTHERGILL, Mrs D Diamonchi Miss Moondust

Liked her proportions. She has a fem head. Super eyes, ears and expression. Enough neck. Straight front. V good body. Topline is ok. Well bent stifle. Fairly accurate on move, lifted her front slightly high, as all in this class did. BP

2nd: 277 SNOWDEN, Miss Lynsey Ann Darnleys Crackling Rose

3rd: 260 HOLLISTER, Mrs K Hollichi Ren's Legacy

Junior b (4 )

Not much between the first 2, both have many and different virtues.

1st: 249 FOTHERGILL, Mrs D I'm A Dream Violetta In Love for Diamonchi (IMP IT

Liked her proportions and solid body. Just a bit more together on the move than 2. She has a fem head. Large, dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Maybe a little too broad in chest. Well ribbed. Better topline than 2. Well set and carried tail. Well bent stifle and low hock. RCC

2nd: 269 MURRAY, Mrs F Davixity Galore JW

She is a finer b than 2, of v good proportions. Deep stop. Dark eyes, correct ears. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Just rounds her topline slightly moving. Ok rear.


Yearling b ne

Novice b ne

Graduate b (1)

1st: 239 CROWLEY, Mrs S Christalchi Parti Pris

Swift, brisk moving b. Liked her proportions. Large eyes and well set ears. Could have a better muzzle. Would be straighter in front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Ok rear.

Post grad b (1 abs)

Limit b (4,1)

1st: 279 SUTTON, Mrs B Nikitos Notwhitebutivory

Such a showy b full of her own importance. Liked her proportions. She has a v good head. Dark, well set eyes. V good ears. Correct skull with deep stop. Medium neck. Her angulation is well balanced. Level topline. Accurate on the move. CC & BOB

2nd: 285 WILCOX, Miss Amy Amtula All That Jazz

Slightly heavy in body but had a better eye and expression than 3. Well set, small ears. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Slightly long in back. Nice rear. Sound mover.

3rd: 267 MORRIS, Mrs Ann A Mikichi Maid in the Moon

Open b (5,2)

1st: 282 TAYLOR, Ms Lesley Arkoschi Diamond in the Ruff JW

Sound moving b who put on a super performance. She is fem in head. Would like a better expression. Well set ears. Medium neck. Straight front. Well ribbed. Good rear. Holds a level topline.

2nd: 246 FOTHERGILL, Mrs D Diamonchi Last One Standing

Liked her proportions. Not helping handler at all on move. She has a v good head. Liked her expression, lengthy neck. Well balanced in angulation. Level topline with a well set tail.

3rd: 237 CROWLEY, Mrs S Christalchi Taraking

Special beginners b (1)

1st: 260 HOLLISTER, Mrs K Hollichi Ren's Legacy

Liked her proportions. V good eyes, ears and expression. Lengthy neck. Could be tidier in front action. Topline is level, tail slightly low set. BSB

Jeff Horswell