• Show Date: 22/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


Golden Retriever

Always a shame when there is a change of judge, especially after entries are closed, in this case I was asked the night before if I was available. Best wishes to Ingrid Pinfield and hope things are now better. A couple of things to mention, a number had rather tight bites, just watch this. More of a worry was shoulder placement, this really is something that needs fixing. On the plus side presentation was excellent, all were in clean condition. I tried to go for a Golden with the correct proportions, well made and able to move with a long easy stride. I see the DCC and Res share the same father. My co-judge was a pleasure to judge with, we saw the merits of each others CC winners but chose to let the referee decide, other awards were agreed between us, both puppies were lovely but I agreed that the bitch pup was rather special.

Veteran D. (6,3)

1. Lovissa Space Dust ShCM

Liked his proportions and he goes with an even stride. Masc head, quite a deep stop. Medium neck. Well balanced angulation. Well ribbed to a short loin. Holds a level topline.

2. Sandusky Zulu Warrier

Prefered his proportions to 2. Lovely eye and expression. Medium neck. Well bent stifle and low hock. Not as fluid on move as maybe he might have been.

3. Elkarima's Golden Harlequin Knight (Imp Aut) JW

Minor puppy d (5,2)

1. Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees

Liked his proportions. Older than his rivals today and it showed on the move. Masc in head. Lengthy neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Can firm up out and back moving.

2. Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees

Having fun as a puppy should. Slightly rolling on the move as yet. Masc head. Good eyes. Would prefer more neck but has a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Good turn of stifle and low hocks.

3. Strettonhill’s Ultimatum

Puppy d (11,3)

1. Alibren Ready Teddy

Well proportioned d. He has a v good head. Lovely eye and expression enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Liked his depth of chest. Well ribbed back into short loin. Enough hind angulation. Went well and held his shape in profile.

2. Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice

Turns out brother to 1. Masc head, slightly deep in stop. Crested neck. Fairly straight front. Well sprung ribs that go to a short loin. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Easy profile action.

3. Tonara Moon Walk

Junior d(11,3)

1. Leighsham Tullamore

Best mover in class . I would prefer a little more leg for his body length. He has a lovely head, good eye and expression and he is full of fun. Enough neck. Well ribbed and correct length loin. V good rear.

2. Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice

3. Balsamina Beachcomber at Darthill JW

Yearling d (8,2)

Quite an even class.

1. Ramchaine You Spin Me Right Round in Zenevieva (IKC) JW

Such a good mover, accurate out and back and excels in profile action. Well ribbed and has a firm topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

2. Bermary Captain Hastings

Really liked this d stood, correct proportions. Could be slightly broader in skull. Enough neck, deep chest and well ribbed. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Slightly untidy up and back.

3. Kulawand Skywalker

Nov d (11,5)

1. Alibren Ready Teddy

2. Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice

3. Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees

Grad d (9,3)

1. Amilone Corsendonk at Dikeadaze (ai)

Liked his proportions and outline standing. He has a v good head. Lengthy neck slightly forward in shoulder and slack in pastern. Well bodied. He has plenty of hind angulation.

2. Berrymeade Moscow Mule

He goes so v well. Slightly plainer in head than 1. Good neck. Fairly balanced in angulation. Well ribbed back. Like winner a has a tendency to flap his front moving.

3. Lalique Lord of The Rings at Hamcar

Post grad d (13,2)

1. Akenscales Waterloo

I liked his proportions and he moved v well. Kind eye and expression. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. He is well ribbed back. V good rear. Holds a level topline. RCC

2. Drumkilty Quest for Stardom

Similar proportions to 1, but not as good in shoulder. He moved well. Liked his head. Moderate neck. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Excellent rear.

3.Gunhills Time Traveller

Mid limit d (8,1)

1. Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW

This dog looks better moving than standing. Proportions are ok. Best shoulder in class. He has a nice head with nice width of skull. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Holds a level topline. Excellent rear which he uses so v well.

2. Thornywait Ruffino

Like his outline and proportions and he has a v good head. Enough neck. He is a bit forward in shoulder and wide in front. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Correct rear. Could be better balanced on move. Best muscled up in the entry.

3.Honeymill Elder Warrior

Limit d (8)

1. Monchique Imperial Beau at Emmabe JW Ir Jun Ch

Presents and excellent outline both stood and on the move, although could be very slightly tidier out and back. He has a v good head. Enough neck. Super body with well sprung ribs. Firm topline. Tail set just a bit high. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Handler had him looking just right every time I looked at him. CC

2. Alibren Galileo to Westervane JW Sgwc

Liked his proportions. He has a lovely masc head with kind eye. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Strong and moderate rear. Feet could be deeper. Winner is in better coat.

3. Lamancha Magical Moments JW

Open d (7,1)

Close decisions here.

1. Amilone Flintstone

This dog put in the best performance in this class and went so very well in profile. He has a v good head. Front is ok. Correct depth of chest. Well ribbed. V good rear, in v good coat.

2. Lamancha Just Meant to Be JW ShCM

Fully mature, probably the most accurate out and back mover in class, but didn’t quite hold himself as well as winner in the final run round. He has a masc head with a kind eye. Strong neck. Fair front. Well bodied. Has a better rear than 1.

3. Sh Ch Cadwst Flash Flame to Wheatcroft

Special beginners d (3,1)

1. Chisleay Checkmate

Thought he had the better head here. Strong neck. Picks his front feet up too high. Well bodied, maybe slightly square.

2. Whetu Magical Mayhem

He has good height to length proportions. Tail set and carriage detracts. He is well presented.

Jeff Horswell