• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

Bath. Field Spaniels

Always enjoyable to judge this special breed. Good to see many new faces. Having a student judge seemed to work well and not slow down proceedings and enabled him to study a whole entry. I did think type was more variable than in the past. I was concerned at the number of level bites, not something that influenced my placings but breeders need to think about this. I was very happy with my winners.

Veteran D ne

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 3112 MACBAIN, Miss Allie & BREWER, Ms Danielle Fecimus Son Of A Gun

Just a baby of 6 mths. He has a v good head. Long, good eye and expression. Would like a little more neck. He has quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Moderate rear. Moved well.

Puppy d (3)

1st: 3118 OSBORN, Ms G Elgert Back to the Future

He is very together. He has a v good head, not too broad and has length. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Fairly straight front. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Think he shows a lot of promise. BP, see he is sired by the BOB

2nd: 3122 TROTTER, Mrs & Mr M & I Clandrift Diplomat

He has a slightly better head than 1. Enough neck. He is just a fraction too long and needs to firm in topline. Moderate rear. Even mover,

Junior d (2)

1st: 3118 OSBORN, Ms G Elgert Back to the Future

2nd: 3109 HOUSEMAN, mr JACK & HOUSEMAN, mrs Carol flyenpyg first sight

Happy chap. Needs to come up on leg a little more for correct Field proportions. Masc head. Enough neck. Well ribbed back. Moves quite well.

Yearling d (1)

1st: 3119 PORTER, Mrs J M & RUSSELL, Miss Victoria & PALM, M Bogdogs Brynnyth At Winsbrook

Typical proportions. Has a lengthy head, just a bit too much lip. Good neck into well laid shoulder. Short upper arm. Can still develop in chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Uses his rear well.

Post grad d (3,1)

1st: 3123 WEBBER, Mrs Lesley Fecimus The Kings Troop at Trevoris

He was the best mover of these 2 and he is well made. Too short in leg for his length. Masc in head, slightly broad in skull. He is well ribbed back. Topline ok. Coat could be softer.

2nd: 3108 HOPKINSON, Mr T & Mrs S R Thandiwe Twist of Fate

Slightly better proportions than 1 but could have more bone. Lengthy head. Medium neck. Deep chest. Could use his rear better,

Limit d (4)

1st: 3100 GALLEN, Mrs C M Woodsong Pleiades (IMP FRA)

He is a nice typy Field who moves well. Best head in class. He has a enough neck. Shoulder could be better laid. Deep chest which was well ribbed. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

2nd: 3121 SHIPTON, Mrs S Broomeece Firecracker Over Mishules

Liked his proportions. Could have a better head. He has a lengthy neck and well laid shoulder. Needs more fill of chest and could be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed. Level topline. Rear balances his front.

3rd: 3098 ELLIOTT, Ms M Elgert Break Every Rule at Portsoy

Open d (7)

Really good class to judge.

1st: 3094 BENNETT, Mr D A & Mrs J Sh Ch Jesham Baronet

Good honest Field in really hard condition. Best mover in class. He has a v good head. Long with no coarseness. Good neck. Well made front. Well ribbed back. He has enough hind angulation. Low hocks.Third time I have judged him and he keeps getting better – just as a Field should. CC & BOB

2nd: 3103 HARRIS, Ms Judith Mary Kingsmist Panther

Correct outline and type. Has a lengthy Field head. Good neck and front. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Not quite the movement of 1 but a v good Field of the right size and build. RCC.

3rd: 3111 LEWIS, Mrs Sarah & LEWIS, Mr Gareth & ADAMS, Mr De Sh Ch Nadavin Yaden at Irisbel

Special beginners d/b (2)#

1st: 3123 WEBBER, Mrs Lesley Fecimus The Kings Troop at Trevoris

2nd: 3104 HARNETT, Mrs Stephanie Mary Flyenpyg First Lady

Quite a good moving b. She is slightly square in proportions. Her eyes can still darken. Enough neck and nice construction.

Veteran b ne

Minor puppy b ne

Puppy b (1)

1st: 3093 ADAMS, Miss Lucy & HIRD, Miss Calleigh & HIRD, Mis Irisbel English Rose

Quite a good mover, could now loose a little weight. She has a fem head. Medium neck. Her angulation is well balanced., well ribbed. Holds topline.

Junior b (2)

1st: 3093 ADAMS, Miss Lucy & HIRD, Miss Calleigh & HIRD, Mis Irisbel English Rose

2nd: 3104 HARNETT, Mrs Stephanie Mary Flyenpyg First Lady

Yearling b (2,1)

1st: 3127 WEBBER, Mrs Lesley Fecimus Country Roads to Trevoris

Very happy b, tail never stopped. She has v good proportions. Could have a better neck set. Well ribbed. Good rear. Could loose some weight to advantage.

Post grad b (5,1)

1st: 3113 MOORE, Mrs Fay & MOORE, Mr James & MOORE, Miss Hea Nadavin Yaling for Gemelbet

Liked her proportions, would just like a bit more of her. Won class on her topline and profile action. She has a fem and lengthy head. Enough neck. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Needs coat to finish the picture.

2nd: 3099 ENGLISH, Mrs Sally Sonnetend Wake Up And Dream At Wireduck

She has good proportions and is in super hard condition. Typical head. Enough neck. Feet are ok. Could be firmer in topline. Well bent stifle, could just drive from hock more.

3rd: 3095 BOWEN, Mrs V Clandrift Destiny

Limit b (3)

1st: 3105 HOLGATE, Mrs Jill & HOLGATE, Mr Charles Nadavin Exclusive JW

Needs to coat up to finish but she is a lovely b. Super head, long and lean. Eyes could be slightly darker. She has a lengthy neck., well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Very typical profile action. Despite her youth CC, when she matures and coats will be very hard to overlook in any company.

2nd: 3101 HARDING, Mr & Mrs MJ & AE Kingsmist Miss Marple JW

Liked her proportions. She has a long head. Would like a better eye and expression. She has enough neck., well ribbed. Moderate rear. Good honest sort of Field.

3rd: 3126 WEBBER, Mrs Lesley Fecimus Golden Opportunity for Trevoris

Open b (2)

1st: 3117 OSBORN, Ms G Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta'dust JW

Really good for type. She has a v good head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed to a short loin. Just a bit moderate in her rear and could drive a bit more. Really typical Field. RCC

2nd: 3106 HOLGATE, Mrs Jill & HOLGATE, Mr Charles Sh Ch Nadavin Wenhaver JW

Playing the fool on the move. She has a super head. Could carry a bit less weight. Well ribbed. Moderate rear.

Jeff Horswell