• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hovawart

Darlington. Hovawart

Veteran D/B (1)

1st: 3172 WHITE, Ms Lynda Jane & WHITMORE, Ms Elizabeth Driftingsky Alize

Fem b of 8 years who is a very easy mover. Lengthy head which is well balanced. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck She is slightly slack in pasterns now. Well sprung ribs. Topline runs up slightly. Strong rear with moderate angulation.

Puppy D (1)

1st: 3173 WHITE, Ms Lynda Jane & WHITMORE, Ms Elizabeth Johan Hovi-Raj of Driftingsky

6 months and very raw, just as he should be. He shows lots of promise and is a sound mover with an easy astride. Masc head.Enough neck. His angulation is well balanced. Deep chest, just needs to fill. Quite well sprung ribs, topline ok. Lovely temperament. BP

Junior D ne

Post Grad D (1)

1st: 3168 STEWART, Miss Anne Micona Echo

Really good d. Slightly longer than tall. He has a lengthy, masc head. Good neck with moderate front angulation and just lifts his feet slightly high. Deep chest. Well ribbed back, short loin. level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Light and easy mover. BD

Open D (2,1)

1st: 3169 THOMPSON, Ms P A Hightimbers Master Tickets

Mature d with quite a good head. V good eye and expression. Medium neck. Decent front, he stands very narrow between elbows but moves with good width. Deep chest. I liked his spring of rib, level topline. Good rear. Playing the fool a little on move. RBD

Puppy B ne

Junior B (1)

1st: 3170 Thompson’ Fasskoley’s Carnelian

Fem b. She has a lengthy and well balanced head. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder, deep chest but needs a bit more fill as she matures. Well sprung ribs to a short loin. Level topline. Moderate hind angulation. V well muscled up. Tail could be better carried. Accurate on the move just lifts her front feet slightly high.

Post Grad B (2,1)

 1st: 3167 MCCLURE, Mr J & Mrs C Hightimbers Ticket To Dream at Kanukalos

 2 years and still some maturing to do. She is in really hard condition and moves well, accurate with an easy side gait. Lengthy head. Good neck, slightly forward in shoulder. She had a deep and well filled chest. Enough spring of rib. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

Open B (3,1)

1st: 3166 MCCLURE, Mr J & Mrs C Kanukalos Burletta

Mature b of v good proportions. She has a lengthy head. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well sprung ribs. She could be slightly more level in topline. Moderate and strong rear. Very light and easy mover. BOB

2nd: 3165 HEFFERNAN, Ms Joanne Ch Micona Tango

V fem b of 5 who still does not look fully mature. She has a v good head. Moderate neck. Her angulation is moderate but balanced. Could be firmer in topline. Easy mover.

Jeff Horswell