• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Swedish Vallhund

Birmingham National

Swedish Vallhund

I dont understand why this breed hasn’t become more popular. It was good the see that the relatively low numbers where shared amongst quite a few exhibitors, and a very sporting crowd you all are. I thought there was a variety in proportions, and some did not have chests much below the elbow. Generally this is a sound and well made breed/

Special Beginners D ne

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D (1) 1st: 9661 WILTON, Mrs Janice & WILTON, Mr Derek Meddobe Mach One

Liked his proportions. Lengthy wedge shaped head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder with upper arm shorter. Stands a bit wide in front but moves ok coming towards. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Topline can settle. Sound mover. BP & RCC

Junior d ne

Yearling d ne

Post grad d ne

Limit d (1)

1st: 9659 STRONG, Mr M & STRONG, Mrs Jo & CLINTON, Miss Amy Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama

Masc d who goes with an even stride. Quite strong in head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Shoulder ok. Correct depth chest. Slightly long in loin but ribs go well back. Moderate rear. Just a tough wide coming towards.

Open d (3)

Difficult class, as all 3 quite different.

1st: 9657 JONES, Mr K M A Tanellis Bloomin William

He looked better moving than standing, where he pulls his outline together He is v well proportioned. Liked the balance of his head. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder with shorter upper arm. Well ribbed back. Topline is level. Moderate rear. Outmoved the opposition today. CC, hope his third is not too long coming.

2nd: 9658 PALLATINA, Miss L Starvon Dark Knight With Valltineya

Not quite the proportions of 1. Chest only just below elbow and slightly short. Better feet and front than 3. Well proportioned head, v good neck. Moderate angulation in front. Slightly better rear than 1. In good hard condition.

3rd: 9660 WILTON, Mrs Janice & WILTON, Mr Derek Ch Ch Meddobe Spice's Endeavour

Veteran d. Ne

Special beginners b ne

Minor puppy b. Ne

Puppy b. Ne

Junior b. Ne

Yearling b ne

Post grad b (1)

1st: 9650 BISS, Mrs Kate Valaller Rainmaker

Fem b of a v good size. Liked her well proportioned head. Good eyes, ears and expression. Enough neck. A little broad in chest. Well sprung ribs. Could have a little more hind angulation. Easy mover.

Limit b (2)

1st: 9654 HISLOP, Mr David John & DOLAN, Mrs K & HISLOP, Mrs Tanellis Colina

Better mover of these 2 fem bitches. Could be better in head. Enough neck. She has a better front than 2. She is well ribbed back. She has moderate hind angulation. Would like better feet. Nice easy stride.

2nd: 9655 HOWE, Ms D Danga's Diva X Dotter Of Valaller (IMP SWE)

Fem girl with a better head than 1. Medium neck. Level topline. Needs more angulation. She is in v good coat.

Open b 3,1)

1st: 9662 ZBILUT, Mr S & ZBILUT, Miss Sophie & YACOMEN, Miss Ch Ohanaway shes a rebel

Free and accurate moving b. She has a well balanced head. Enough neck. Better shoulder than 2. Well ribbed back. Could have a better topline. Moderate rear. In super coat. RCC

2nd: 9653 DRINKWATER, Mrs P J Trykeira Daleesha

Well proportioned head. Good ears. Medium neck. Slightly wide in chest. Well spring ribs. She too could have a better topline. Moderate rear. Lengthy stride.

Veteran b (2)

1st: 9652 DODD, Mr R & Mrs D Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen At Tanellis

Really super 7 yrs b, this breed certainly lasts well. Accurate out and back and goes with a very easy stride. Super head. Long neck. Well made front. Chest below elbow. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Well bent stifle, such an easy profile mover, CC & BOB. I thought both CC winners looked alike, turns out she is his mother so not just a pretty face.

2nd: 9656 HOWE, Ms D Pepperthyme On A Rainbow

Sturdy b. She is accurate out and back. Medium neck. Her angulation is moderate and balanced. A bit too wide in chest.

Jeff Horswell