• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Bath. Pbgv

I thought a few were too big and some looked more like small Grands than a Petit and a few hairy Bassets. Coats were generally very good and overall I thought a good quality set of exhibits.

Veteran D. (1 abs)

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 6072 SCOTT, Mrs Lynne Overbecks Tommy Shelby

Very good moving pup. He is slightly long. Has a good head, ears ok. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. Could have more forechest as yet. Well sprung ribs. Good hind angulation. Harsh coat.

Runs up slightly at moment. Overall I think he is very promising.

Puppy d. Ne

Junior d. Ne

Yearling d. Ne

Post grad d (2)

1st: 6055 FORDHAM, Mrs A Elsfie Monsieur Oakley

Had the better proportions of these 2. He is in very hard condition. Well balanced head, short ears, just a bit flat. Enough neck,his angulation is moderate and so is a sound mover. Correct tail. Harsh coat.

2nd: 6062 MOORE, Mrs Emma Afterglow Dough Ble Impact

He is rather long in back. Strong and masc head with light eyes. His angulation is balanced. Topline runs up. Accurate mover.

Limit d (3)

1st: 6048 BROWN, Mrs Jane Callydena Dougal McLennan

Very typy d who has a lovely petit temperament. Correct length ears, deep in stop. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck into a well laid shoulder, but upper arm could be longer and elbows lighter. Well ribbed back. Holds a firm topline. Enough bend of stifle and low hocks. V good mover.RCC

2nd: 6075 SKERRITT, Mrs L & BETTS, Mrs J Beaujons Vagabond of Monkhams

Similar proportions to winner. He has a well balanced head, correct ears. Would prefer a better expression. Strong neck. He is rather heavy over the shoulder. Well ribbed . Correct tail. Moderate rear. Lengthy and balanced stride.

3rd: 6056 LEWIS, Ms Linda Tangaer Erique

Open d (5)

1st: 6058 MCCARTNEY, Mrs G L Ch Soletrader Freddie Mercury JW

V good type and proportions, he is a super mover, full of petit attitude. Good head. Correct ears. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulder. Fairly straight front. Well ribbed but could have a shorter loin. Holds a firm topline. Correct tail. Moderate hind angulation. Harsh coat. CC

2nd: 6067 REID, Mr & Mrs Philip & Dianne Vilauddens Magnificent Mile (Imp NLD)

He is just a fraction longer than 1 and could be firmer in topline. V good head. Dark eye with good ears. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Could be better in pastern. Well sprung ribs. Moderate rear. In harsher jacket than 3.

3rd: 6047 BROWN, Mrs Jane Ch Soletrader Valentino Rossi

Special beginners d/b (3)

1st: 6077 WHEELER, Mrs Helen Teresa & WHEELER, Mr Paul Jacmist Tuesdays Child

Good honest sort of petit in full, harsh coat. Fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, but short in upper arm. She is slightly long in back and topline runs up. Low hocks, which she uses v well.

2nd: 6055 FORDHAM, Mrs A Elsfie Monsieur Oakley

3rd: 6062 MOORE, Mrs Emma Afterglow Dough Ble Impact

Veteran b (1)

1st: 6053 FOOTE & MCAULAY, Mr & Mrs & Miss E,G & R Ir Ch Clonallan Just Beginning Avec Erylan Sh.CM

Plenty of her for a bit h. She has a well balanced head. Short ears. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Uses her rear v well. Good coat.

Minor puppy b (2)

1st: 6073 SCOTT, Mrs Lynne Overbecks Polly Gray

Very pretty puppy who moved well. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Well. Well laid shoulders. She is slightly long. Well ribbed. Good rear. Coat coming through.

2nd: 6054 FOOTE & MCAULAY, Mr & Mrs & Miss E,G & R Erylan Love Of My Life

She is very raw, which is fine for her age. Well proportioned head. Long neck. Her angulation is well balanced. Moves with lengthy stride.

Puppy b (1)

1st: 6046 ALLENBY, Mrs Heidi & ALLENBY, Mr Richard Soletrader Fun Times for Rangali

She excels in profile action. Fem head, well balanced, correct ears, super expression. She has enough neck with a well laid shoulder. Stands rather narrow in front, but moves with more width. Well bodied. V moderate rear. Well muscled. Accurate up and back.

Junior b (2)

1st: 6057 LEWIS, Ms Linda Tangaer Heather

Liked her size. She has a fem head, lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moderate hind angulation. She is an accurate moved with a lengthy stride. RCC. Real petit type.

2nd: 6068 ROBERTSON, Miss E & DOHERTY, Mrs Wendy soletrader lana delray

V fem in head with a super expression. Would prefer her to have more neck, which is where winner scored. Front is ok. Well ribbed. Level topline strong rear.

Yearling b ne

Post grad b (3)

1st: 6074 SKERRITT, Mrs L & BETTS, Mrs J Monkhams Memphis Belle

She is a v typy b. Well proportioned head. Lengthy neck into a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Better rear than 2. Well set and carried short tail.

2nd: 6065 REID, Mr & Mrs Philip & Dianne Fox's Nightmare Lara Fabian at Maudaxi(Imp Rus)

Slightly more leg on her than 1. She has a v good head with a lovely eye and expression. Long neck and well laid shoulder. Would like more forechest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Harsh coat. Moved well.

3rd: 6077 WHEELER, Mrs Helen Teresa & WHEELER, Mr Paul Jacmist Tuesdays Child

Limit b (6,1)

1st: 6051 FOOTE & MCAULAY, Mr & Mrs & Miss E,G & R Erylan Hera La Reine

Absolutlely super b. So good on the move, profile and out and back. She has a beautiful head, would just like better ears. Long neck. Excellent front. Well bodied. Firm topline. Correct tail. Super rear. In great condition and harsh coat. Top quality bitch. CC & BOB

2nd: 6070 SCOTT, Mrs Lynne Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks

She is quite typy. Better in front than 3. She has a v good head.. Long neck. Well sprung ribs that go well back. Holds a level topline. Good rear. Not the proportions of winner.

3rd: 6076 SKERRITT, Mrs L & BETTS, Mrs J Monkhams Luna Luvgood

Open b (4,1)

1st: 6049 CADMORE, Mrs Elizabeth & MAJOR, Ms Brianne Soletrader Flora Good Time

She has v good proportions and moved well. Like her head. Correct ears. Would prefer more forechest. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. She is well ribbed. Better topline than 2. Moderate and strong rear.

2nd: 6052 FOOTE & MCAULAY, Mr & Mrs & Miss E,G & R Ch & Ir Ch Erylan Hebe La Fille Jeune CJW19 Ir J C

She is slightly long and sometimes handler over stretches her. Liked her head. Good eyes and ears. Enough neck. Well sprung ribs. Could have more hind angulation.

3rd: 6064 REID, Mr & Mrs Philip & Dianne Maudaxi Candy's Caning It

Jeff Horswell