• Show Date: 22/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Irish Terrier

WELKS. Irish Terrier

Sad that Paul Wilkinson was not well enough to judge at this show, I wish him well for a return to better health. Not ideal that I was the replacement judge, but the secretary having tried several other and the show underway I agreed to step in. My thanks for the sporting way this was accepted.

Please to see so many exhibitors in the breed and applause for all class winners. I think the breed is in a very good place and I was happy with the quality of dogs on show.

Veteran D. ne

Minor Puppy D. (1)

1. This Way to Montelle Cnaf (Miss A Bradley)

Promising pup with a great temperament. He has a masc head, well proportioned. V good ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. His ribs go well back. V well muscled rear. Accurate on move. Super coat texture. Should have a bright future. BP

Puppy d. (1)

1. Holbam Shamrock Kevin (Mrs C M Bamsey)

Lovely character. Liked his head, flat skull, strong jaw. Lengthy neck. Well balanced in angulation. Accurate on move. Could have slightly more stride. Coat coming in.

Junior d ne

Yearling d ne

Post grad d ne

Limit d (1)

1. Norakim An Storr at Rosemonelle (Mr J D & Mrs J E Nevill)

He has a masc head, although eyes could be darker. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Strong loin. He has a moderate rear. Accurate on move. Hardish coat.

Open d. (5)

1. Turith Adonis (Mr J & Mr A Averis & Barker)

Beautifully presented d of v good proportions. Lengthy head. Super eye and expression. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. His angulation is very well balanced. Has a lengthy rib cage. He is accurate on the move. In super coat. Showed himself off very well, constantly alert. CC & BOB, congratulations on G2.

2. Ch Ros Michelin at Kerrykeel (Mr K Anderson)

In much better coat than 3. He has a super head. V good eye. Lengthy neck. He too is well balanced in his angulation. His a slightly shorter striding than 1. Well ribbed back. Low hocks. RCC

3. Ch Star Du Neufmoulin for Montelle (Imp Bel) (Mrs A J Cooke)

Special beginner d (1)

1. Slaneyfinn No Irish Need Apply (Mr A F J Case)

Liked the proportions of this d. He is in v good coat and so v well muscled. Lengthy stride but could be more precise out and back. Lengthy head. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Decent shoulder. Moderate hind angulation.

Veteran b (3,1)

1. Erredwiltsir Irish Bells (Mrs & Mr Hobson)

Slightly heavy in body and not yet in full coat but the better mover here. Liked her outline and proportions. Fem in head. Strong and lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good rear.

2. Rosemonelle Isabella (Mr J D & Mrs J E Nevill)

Just a little heavy over the shoulder now, but for 11 she is in great condition. Lengthy head. Ok neck. Well balanced in angulation.

Minor puppy b (1)

1. Sonorra Scarlet Ribbon (Mrs Bs Griffiths)

V promising pup. Fem in head, ears need to settle. She has a lengthy neck. V well made front. Well ribbed. Enough hind angulation. Can firm in out and back movement but a v good stride. In super jacket.

Puppy b (1. Abs)

Junior b (3,1)

2 very good young ladies.

1. Sunnystone Bright Light for Montelle (Mrs G Thomas)

Really liked this b. Super proportions, moved v well and in v good coat. Lengthy head. V good eyes ears and expression. Long neck. Good front. Topline is ok. Well set tail and a good rear. RCC and should easily title.

2. Saredon Miss Davidson (Ms Davidson)

Like her proportions. She has a fem head. V good eyes. Long neck. Quite a good front. She can firm in topline. Well ribbed back. Good turn of stifle with low hocks. In good jacket. Went well. Later won SB and congratulations on winning special beginners group.

Yearling b (1)

1. Bilarny Edna Cotton Socks (Miss M & Mr I Thomas & Print)

V good moving b, coat not her fortune. Lengthy head. Eyes could be darker. Enough neck. Moderate in her angulation, but she is v well balanced. Topline is level. Good feet.

Post grad b (5,1)

1. Carliams Red Banshee at Bonosue (Mr I A Hardman)

In full coat. Fem b. Ears could be better. Lengthy neck. Good body. Moderate rear. Went well.

2. Erredwiltsir Shine A Light (Mrs & Mr Hobson)

Liked her proportions. Could carry less weight. Long head. Ears could be better. In super coat which placed her over 3. Lengthy in body. Moderate rear.

3. Bilarny Edna Cotton Socks (Miss M & Mr I Thomas & Print)

Limit b (4)

1. Kerrykeel Aobheann (Mrs K J & Mr A R Oliver)

Liked the outline and proportions on this fem b. Lengthy head. Quite good ears. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Fair front. Well ribbed with a good topline. Moderate rear. Moved well.

2. Jarabica Grace O'malley (Mr S & Mrs S Wortley)

She is a better mover than 3. Ears could be better She has a lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Good topline. Rear matches her front. In v good coat.

3. Bonosue Red Tess (Mr I A Hardman)

Open b (2

1. Magic Heroes Coimbra, Junior Ch Ger/nl/dan (P & H Platen & Sonnefeld)

Really good proportions, a super head and in excellent coat. Ears are well carried. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Correct depth chest. Well set tail and a good rear. She could be slightly tidier coming towards, but excellent profile action. Really feminine b. CC and congratulations on a new UK Champion.

2. Kerrykeel Daicota (Miss S Anderson)

Slightly shorter backed type of b and not the stride of winner. She too has a long and fem head. Super neck. Front and rear are moderate and balanced. V well ribbed. She is an accurate mover out back.

Special beginner b (2)

1. Saredon Miss Davidson (Ms Davidson)

2. Bilarny Edna Cotton Socks (Miss M & Mr I Thomas & Print)

Jeff Horswell