• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Siberian Husky

Crufts. Siberian Husky

The diversity of types makes this a more challenging breed to judge than many. I tried to find a middle path, and felt this entry did not contain either of the extremes of type. The middle classes were somewhat sparse, but plenty of choice in the veteran, limit and open classes. Some dogs that I really liked got theor balance and proportion rather failed in out and back movement. Lots were throwing their coats, and this was only a minor consideration. Exciting to watch my BOB winner shine in the group ring, and to put on a great performance in BIS. I awarded this dog his first CC whilst a youngster and thought he really looked the part today, well done on your great win.

Veteran D (9,2)

A mix of types and movement making compromises necessary.

1ST Arcticbaikal Black Wizard (Mrs C L John)

Liked the proportions for this d. Head and eyes are ok. Medium neck. Quite a well laid shoulder. Slope to his upper arm. Correct depth of chest. Well ribbed back to a strong loin. Low hocks. Could be slightly firmer in hind action but has a long and easy stride.

2ND Skimarque Tempest Nico (Ms K Doble)

Liked his proportions. Eyes slightly rounded. Medium neck. Ok front assembly. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Moderate rear and could be better moving away, but v good in profile, light and easy.

3RD Icebex Show Me The Money (Miss R Cunningham)

Minor puppy d (2)

1ST Kentwone Shooter (Mrs S C Johnson)

He is well made, has a good shoulder and sloping upper arm. Better width of chest of this pair, but he mustn’t get any heavier. Correct neck. Level topline. Well set tail. Good turn of stifle. Easy action.

2ND Siberiadrift Spirited Away (Mrs E, Mrs K & Miss P Ranby, Hughes & Hughes)

Very raw and lacks body at the moment. Has a balanced head, slightly rounded in eye. Enough neck. Not the shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Good bend of stifle. Can firm in out and back action. Should finish well.

Puppy d (5)

1ST Zimavolk See No Evil (Mr C Berg)

Liked the proportions of this d and he is a fairly accurate and light mover. Pleasing head. Medium neck. Well laid shoulders. Slope to his upper arm. Correct depth and well ribbed back. Holds a firm topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Lots of promise.

2ND Siberiadrift Spirited Away (Mrs E, Mrs K & Miss P Ranby, Hughes & Hughes)

3RD Podricals The Gambler by Glenbranter (Mr D & Mrs P Carmichael)

Junior d (4,1)

1ST Pelenrise Don't Stop Moving JW (Mrs P & Mrs H Taylor & Taylor-Morris)

Really good youngster. Super proportions and a light easy mover, just needs to firm in front. Head is balanced. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Slope to his upper arm. Correct spring of rib. Level topline. Slope to croup and a well made rear. RCC

2ND Arcticskies Silver Fox (Mrs R J & Mr D A Simms)

Long striding d who I just found too heavy in type, but better temperament than 3. Strong, masc head. Ok neck. Legs could be longer, very well sprung ribs. Well made rear. Handler get best out of him on the move.

3RD Charmedkelz Fozzie Bear (Miss K J Bolsover)

Yearling d (3)

1ST Lyfearon We're All Mad Here (Mr M & Ms J Kent & Sutton)

He is a nicely proportioned masc d. Good head with well set almond eyes. Correct neck. Better front than 2. Enough fill of chest. Firm in topline. Well ribbed. Good turn of stifle, could just be firmer in hock.

2ND Pelenrise Dont Stop Me Now (Mr A & Mrs J Eagles)

Liked his leg length, but he is slightly long. Head is well proportioned with ok eyes. Enough neck. A bit forward in shoulder and can roll slightly moving. Correct bend of stifle with low hocks. Would like a slightly longer stride in front.

3RD Lupachiotto's My Shot TAF (Mrs S Trenholme)

Post grad d (8)

1ST Azgard Bolivar (Mr G & Mrs S Fletcher)

Not in the best of coats. He is well proportioned and a very easy mover. Better head than 2. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with a sloping upper arm. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Good angulation in rear but could be better developed in second thigh.

2ND Cwnhapus Jenson Button (Mr H & Mrs B A Morris)

A nicely proportioned d. Just a bit strong in head. Correct neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Topline could be more level. Needs just a bit more hind angulation. Uses himself v well on the move, in super coat.

3RD Azgard Padron of Inukshuk (Miss A V Bryson

Limit d (10,1)

Quite a tough class to try and sort out with a mix of type and movement variable.

1ST Cwnhapus Innoko JW (Mr H & Mrs B A Morris)

Well balanced d, good to go over and moved with an easy low stride. Head is good, with well set eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder with sloping upper arm. Well ribbed. Level in topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

2ND Siberiadrift Secret Untold (Mrs E, Mrs K & Miss P Ranby, Hughes & Hughes)

Liked his proportions. Just tends to lift and flick his front feet slightly. He has a v typical head. Strong neck of medium length, well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Doesn’t want to be any heavier. Well made rear. Like 1, he is in v good coat.

3RD Snowmist’s Ultimatum (Mr D A & Mrs R J & Miss S Simms & Norley)

Open d (13,1)

1ST Ch Siberiadrift Keep The Love for Zimavolk JW ShCM (Miss J Allen)

Fairly comfortable winner of this class. His proportions are ideal, he is a v good mover both up and back and in profile where he has an easy, light, low stride. In v good coat. V good head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder and a slope to his upper arm. In v good body, just the right amount of weight. Holds a firm topline. Well made rear with low hocks. Put on a great performance and he excels in moderation. CC & BOB and then G1

2ND Ch Winter Melody Perfect Trouble (Miss S Whatsley)

Slightly heavier in type and 3, but scored over him for out and back movement. Typical head. Correct neck. Well balanced in his angulation. Holds a firm topline. Has good leg length.

3RD Forstal's Inola (Ms Sm & Ms Sj & Ms A Leich & Leich & Koops)

Good citizen d ne

Veteran b. (12)

1ST Ch Jacalous Keepsake for Siberiadrift JW ShCM (Mrs K Hughes)

V nicely balanced b who moves with a v easy, light stride. She is fem in head, eyes are ok. Thick neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back. Good topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Presents a super outline. RCC and I see she is dam of the BOB winner.

2ND Shamsky Ee'lahn Shona at Staggan (Miss C & Mr M R & Mrs K L Bowden & Hughes & Hughes)

Slightly heavier in body and can be a bit slack with her topline at times stood. Good neck. Liked her balanced angulation. She has low hocks. Easy mover.

3RD Ch Skimarque Silver Sno Star (Miss L E Norman)

Minor puppy b (2)

1ST Lupacchiotto's Trouble (Miss S Whatsley)

Really promising pup, liked her light and quick profile action. She has a lovely, fem head. Good neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Can fill in chest. Well ribbed. Super rear. BP

2ND Siberiadrift The Wind Rises (Mrs J Raczka)

Liked her proportions, ears a little big as yet. She has a good neck. Well made front. Grand body. Not quite the rear of 1, but a lovely pup.

Puppy b (1)

1ST Sutarka’s Angelica at Arcticskies (Mrs R J & Mr D A Simms)

V well presented and in good coat and hard muscular condition. She is just a little heavy in body and wide in chest. Fem head. Correct neck. Well made front and rear. Goes v well.

Junior b (3)

1ST Pelenrise Don't Let Me Go JW (Mrs P & Mrs H Taylor & Taylor-Morris)

Quite well proportioned b who moved with an even stride. She has a fem head. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Level topline. Low hocks. Put on a good performance.

2ND Siberiadrift Lucky Charm (Mrs C Spratley)

Close up, not quite as settled as winner. She has a medium neck. She moved better in front than she stood, well bodied. Enough hind angulation. Even stride.

3RD Charmedkelz Sugar Bear at Rozgobel (Mrs A Dyson)

Yearling b (2)

Not much to separate these 2

1ST Lyfearon Off with Her Head (Mr M & Ms J Kent & Sutton)

She has the slightly better proportions and is lighter on her feet in profile, but could be better out and back. Fem head. Correct neck. Well made and balanced in her angulation. Wouldn’t want her any longer.

2ND Lyfearon She Is A Wildflower (Mrs S Odell)

She is accurate out and back, but could just have a slightly longer and easier stride. V good neck. Liked her rear with low hocks, again wouldn’t want her any longer and maybe not quite the leg length of 1, but a v good b.

Post grad b (7,1)

1ST Siberiadrift Secret Weapon (Mrs S Odell)

Not the most enthusiastic show girl but liked her proportions and she is a v good mover. Head is ok. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed. Slight slope to croup.

2ND Cwnhapus Scirocco avec Adellarz (Mrs A Stimpson)

V good b, she has a super temperament, head is slightly broad. Proportions are ok. Could be firmer in topline. Good rear. Not quite reach of 1 in front.

3RD Mysticwolf Diesel's Dream (Miss A J Spruce)

Limit b (16,1)

This was a v good class and type was relatively even.

1ST Siberiadrift Secret to Keep (Mrs K Hughes)

Liked her proportions, she is a v easy mover and v good out and back. Fem head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder with a sloping upper arm. Well ribbed back. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. Has a slightly better rear than 2. She she and the PG winner are out of the lovely veteran b too. Certainly in the final reckoning for top awards.

2ND Mydisa Golden Nightfury (Miss S & Mrs L Wynne)

Very typy b of good proportions. V good head. Enough neck. Well made in front but could have just a bit more fill. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. V easy profile mover.

3RD Blizzardrun Dream Chaser for Starlegend (Mrs C Richardson)

Open b (13,4)

1ST Ch Winter Melody Triple Trouble at Amical (Master E Rees)

Liked her proportions v much and the best mover in this nice class. V good out and back with a light and easy stride. Would prefer better eye shape. V good neck. Decent shoulders with sloping upper arm. Well ribbed. Holds a firm topline. Better rear than 2. Her proportions and light easy action took her to the CC.

2ND Ch Mydisa Golden Deelishus JW ShCM ShCEx (Miss S & Mrs L Wynne)

Liked her proportions v much, fem head with good eyes. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have a little more fill in chest. Super body, rib and topline. Moderate rear. She too is a v good mover.

3RD Mysticwolf Maicoh (Miss A J Spruce)

Good citizen b (1 abs)

Jeff Horswell