• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Australian Terrier

Manchester. Australian Terriers

Sad to see this lovely breed still attracts so few entries and exhibitors. On the plus side the quality is very good and I had no hesitation in being able to hand out the top awards.

Puppy D. (1)

1st: 1355 JONES, Mrs M Wyeafon Eternity Flame

Masc pup in v full coat. He has v good proportions. Balanced head with dark eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Can still firm in front. Well ribbed back. Super topline. Well made rear. Parallel going away and even stride. Lots of promise. BP

Junior D ne

Post Grad D (1. abs)

Limit D (1)

1st: 1353 CAWDELL-OWEN, Mrs J & MCCOURT, Mrs S Silhill Super Trouper

Beautifully presented d. He is a good size. Liked his head. Dark eyes. Correct neck. His angulation is moderate and v well balanced. Well ribbed back and a super topline. Can just firm in from action. V good goIng away,

Open d (3)

Nice class.

1st: 1360 NOTTINGHAM, Mr D & DUNBAR, Mr R Ch Ruarokatiro Born To Run

He is a v good size and ideal proportions. Masc head, although quite strong. Super eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Super body. Well ribbed and a firm topline. Moderate rear. In excellent coat. V good mover. Gave his father a CC and now his daughter at Manchester. CC & BOB and pleased to see him shortlisted in the group.

2nd: 1362 STODDART, Miss S & MCINTOSH, Mr K & STUBBS, Mr J & Ch Temora The Hawk (Imp USA)

Super temperament. I liked his head. He has enough neck. Not quite shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Good depth to his chest. V strong rear. Coat could be slightly harsher. Really typy on the move. RCC

3rd: 1356 JONES, Mrs M Blue Blake von den Grauen Anfurten at Wyeafon (Imp

Veteran d ne

Puppy b (1)

1st: 1363 STODDART, Ms S & SKELTON, Mr & Mrs H Millvalley Miss Muffet

V much a baby but shows promise, just needs go gain in confidence. She is v fem. Well proportioned in head. Enough neck. Balanced in her angulation. Holds a level topline. Can firm in action. Liked her size and coat.

Junior b (1)

1st: 1358 JONES, Mrs M Wyeafon Illusion In Blue

V bouncy pup. Liked her proportions and she is well made. Liked her head. Dark eyes. A bit wide coming towards as yet. V good body. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Can firm in topline.

Post grad b ne

Limit b (1)

1st: 1359 MCCOURT, Mrs S Silhill Angel Eyes

Really good fem b. Liked her size and proportions. Well balanced head. Super expression. Could have better pigment. Enough neck. Well laid shoulders. Ribs go well back. Firm in topline. Super rear but could be slightly firmer in front, this was a common failing in the entry. Super temperament. CC

Open b (3)

All slightly different in type.

1st: 1361 STODDART, Miss S Ir Ch & Ch Millvalley Classical Red

Liked her proportions. He has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Ears could be neater. V good neck. Well laid shoulder. She lifts her front feet slightly high on the move. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Well made in rear. In good coat. RCC

2nd: 1357 JONES, Mrs M Wyeafon Private Illusion

Prefer her proportions to 3. Colour could be clearer. She has a good head. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Moderate in her angultion. Decent stride but could be firmer in front.

3rd: 1352 CAWDELL-OWEN, Mrs J Millvalley True Blue

Veteran b (1)

1st: 1354 STODDART, Miss S Ir Ch Spitewinter Aefond Kiss For Millvalley

Really good b who is carrying far too much weight. Like her proportions. Fem in head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Good rear. Moves v well. Coat could be better. She is so well made, just needs to shed the pounds.

Jeff Horswell