• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Bournemouth. Miniature Schnauzer

I thought this entry varied a lot in type. Colours and coats were a concern in some, less is more.

Minor Puppy D (2,1)

1st: 1918 GOSBY, Dr Madelaine Rose TAMMUX INTO THE DAWN

Liked his proportions. Moved v well. Lengthy head. Good neck. Could have a better laid shoulder. Deep chest. Firm topline. Good rear. Harsh body coat.

Puppy d (2)

1st: 1940 WISE, Mr M G & Mrs G M Marnimica It's In The Bag at Brumist

Very typy d. Liked his outline and has big ribs with v good forechest. Good head with dark eye and well set ears. Enough neck. Balanced in his angulation. Correct topline.

2nd: 1931 MOORCROFT, Mrs Julie Tammux Elementary Watson (AY4)

Taller d than 1. He has a v good head. Medium neck square in outline. Good topline. Accurate mover, just needs more stride and a better coat,

Junior d (2)

1st: 1925 HUMPHRIES, Mr Stephen & LOWTON, Mr Adrian & MANSER Nujax Super Trouper

He is a better colour than 2. Like his length head. Medium neck. Could have more upper arm. Has a good forechest with deep chest. Topline has a slightly slope. Rather more hind angulation than I would wish, however he does have vgood profile action.

2nd: 1920 HOOKER, Mr & Mrs Sue Lichstone Dream Ticket

Like his proportions. Medium neck. He too is rather short in upper arm. Needs more forechest. Hard topline. Too much hind angulation.

Post grad d (1)

1st: 1905 ALSWORTH, Mrs Sally Kopykats Private Eye

He has big ribs. Accurate moving d. Lengthy head. Enough neck. Moderate but balanced in his angulation. Topline ok. Could have a better coat,

Limit d (4)

1st: 1932 PARKER, Miss L V & MCDONALD, Mr J Violis Wait N'See

Typy d of a good size, would like a better coat. Has a lengthy head. Medium neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Good forechest. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Wouldn’t want any more hind angulation. Moved well. RCC

2nd: 1906 ALSWORTH, Mrs Sally Leecurt Smart Class

Liked his coat and robust type. Medium neck. Rather wide in front. Big ribs, topline slopes upwards. Moderate rear.

3rd: 1908 BECKSON, Mrs T Tammux Blazing Simplicity

Open d (3)

1st: 1941 WOODS, Miss Rebecca & WOODS, Miss L Ch Penbro Man About Town

Typy d, square and of a good size. Liked his head. Lengthy neck. Has some forechest. Deep chest. Hard sloping topline. Tail could be better. Has a v good rear. Moved well. Harsh body coat, less fluff on legs would enhance. CC.

2nd: 1923 HUMPHRIES, Mr Stephen & LOWTON, Mr Adrian & MANSER Nujax Beam Me Up

Liked his proportions. He has a good head. Better ears than 1. Ok neck. Moderate front angulation

and a bit too much rear angulation. Topline is ok. Big ribs. Body coat texture ok.

3rd: 1909 BECKSON, Mrs T Kristec Blue Suede Shoes Avec Tammux

Veteran d (1)

1st: 1917 EVANS, Miss Sharon Ann & BISHOP, Mr Paul Nujax School Of Rock Sh.CM

Typy d with a harsh jacket and not over presented. Rather dish faced in head. Has a lengthy neck into a decent front. Big ribs. Topline is ok. Liked his hind angulation. Could be slightly tidier in front action.

Special beginners d/b (2)

1st: 1926 KRIEGER, Mrs Elisabeth Tracey Schnaustar Black Pearl

Fem b of a good size. Moderate and balanced in her angulation. Has good head with dark eyes. Medium neck. Big ribs. Level topline. Went well.

2nd: 1931 MOORCROFT, Mrs Julie Tammux Elementary Watson (AY4)

Minor puppy b (7)

1st: 1939 WHITE, Miss Debbie J Schnaustar Panda Cub

Liked her proportions and was the best mover in this class of promising pups. Liked her head. Enough neck. Good forechest. Big ribs and a hard topline. Correct hind angulation.

2nd: 1943 WOODS, Miss Rebecca & WOODS, Miss L Penbro Talk Of The Town

Liked her outline. Fem in head. Good neck. Just needs to firm up on the move. She has big ribs. Good topline. Low hocks. Lots of promise.

3rd: 1913 CARVER, Mrs Catherine & CARVER, Mr Will & WOODS, M Penbro Paint The Town Red with Oldbashurst

Puppy b (4)

1st: 1915 DIXON, Mrs & Miss Andrea & Lucy & DIXON, Miss Lucy Andix Hey Big Spender

She is a v good type. Has a fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm. Big ribs. Super topline. Well set tail. Correct rear. Harsh jacket, leg hair detracts from her good movement. RCC, BP and PG2

2nd: 1933 PARKER, Miss L V & MCDONALD, Mr J Violis Struts Her Stuff.

Good honest typy b with good coat and colour. She is fem in head. Decent forechest. Well ribbed. Not quite as short in back as 1. Went well.


Junior b (3)

This was a quality class.


V good type with big ribs. She has a lengthy and strong head which is still fem. Lengthy neck. Good front. Enough forechest. She has big rigs. Super topline. Well made rear. Moved v well. Real contender for higher awards.

2nd: 1936 SANDERS, Miss Kirsty & SANDERS, Mrs Vivien Zakmayo Put The Kettle On

Typy b with a good coat. Slightly longer in back than 1 but a firmer topline than 3. Has a good head. Lengthy neck. Good forechest. Well bent stifle with low hocks,

3rd: 1930 MCDERMOTT, Mr & Mrs Ann & Tony Lichstone Born To Dream

Post grad b (2,1)

1st: 1929 MCDERMOTT, Mr & Mrs Ann & Tony Lichstone Midnight Swift

She has a good outline. Fem in head. Expression could be better. Can still develop in chest. Well sprung ribs. Liked her moderate rear. Well set tail.

Limit b (3,1)

Both v different types.

1st: 1937 WHITE, Miss Debbie J Schnaustar Hunky Dory

Liked her outline, she has a short back and firm topline. Would like a stronger head. Lengthy neck. Needs more forechest. Big ribs. Loin is ok. Good rear. Low hocks. Liked her body coat.

2nd: 1911 BISIKER, Mrs V Takoaf Fenders Sensation Among Calevie

Robust type with big ribs. She is just a bit too wide in front. Enough neck. Can firm in topline. Good rear.

Open b (3)

1st: 1912 BRAITHWAITE, Mr Thomas & NEILL, Ms Cathy Ch Soletrader Penny Lane

Really lovely b of excellent type. She is feminine with strength. I liked her head. Long neck. A little wide in front stood. Super ribs. Correct topline. V good rear. In good coat, and liked her presentation. She is a super mover. CC & BOB.

2nd: 1916 EVANS, Miss Sharon Ann & BISHOP, Mr Paul Nujax Storm Warning.

Liked her outline. Just a bit better proportions than 3. She has a good head. Liked her ribs. Good rear. Longer than 1 and not as accurate in front.

Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell