• Show Date: 20/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog

SKC Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

Puppy D. ne

Junior D. (1)

1st: 2960 WATSON, Mr Bernard Mybeards Kyon

Quite a tall dog, but within standard, and looks slightly off square in outline. Masc head, dark eyes. Muzzle and skull of equal length. Medium neck. Quite a good front. Well spring ribs, going well back. Could be better in hind action. RCC

Post grad d ne

Limit d (2)

2 quite different types.

1st: 2952 HARDIE, Miss Michelle Mybeards Huckleberry

Liked his size. He has a very good head. Neck is shorter than ideal but has a fairly well laid shoulder. Elbows could be tighter. Well ribbed. Turns hocks in stood and moving.

2nd: 2959 WARWICK, Miss Julie Ann & WILKINS, Mr Michael MYBEARDS COCOCABANA

Liked his proportions, could be more of him. He has a well balanced head. Eye colour is ok. Liked his beck. Well filled chest. Well ribbed. Could be better in hindquarters.

Open d (3,2)

1st: 2957 SELLARS, Mrs Sheila & SELLARS, Mr Tony Ch Mybeards Hylos JW

Really good d. Correct proportions. Has a well balanced head. Correct length neck. Could have better shoulders. Super body, well filled chest. Good spring of ribs, which go well back to a short loin. V good rear. Accurate moved with an easy stride. CC

Veteran d ne

Special beginners d ne

Good citizen d ne

Puppy b (1)

1st: 2954 LA FRENAIS, Ms D Skaijak's Just N'Joyous

Owner and handler clearly inexperienced and hopefully will be encouraged. She is a nice size and fairly long. Has a v good head with dark eyes. Correct neck and a well made front. Well bodied. Topline runs up slightly. Well muscled rear. BP

Junior b ne

Post grad b ne

Limit b ne

Open b (3)

1st: 2955 MOTTRAM, MISS L Ch Mybeards Hera

Excellent for size and proportions and outmoved her competition hers. She has a v good head. Medium neck. Would like a better set back shoulder and longer upper arm. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back. Super rear. Holds a firm topline. Full of fun. CC & BOB. Later G3

2nd: 2956 NEWTON, Mrs M Ch Ponadto Gossip Girl To Dorianblue (Imp Pol)

Smaller b, needs to be a bit more collected on the move. She has a super head. Medium neck. Very good front . Well bodied. Moderate rear. Not the stride of 1 and lifts her front feet a little high. RCC

3rd: 2958 SHRIEVES, Ms L J Mybeards Hope CW19, CW22

Veteran B ne

Special Beginners B ne

Good CItizen B ne

Jeff Horswell