• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Puli

Birmingham National

Hungarian Puli

Whilst numbers are never very high in this breed quality is always there. Interesting entry, some had better proportions under the coat than appeared. Interesting to see BOB & BP are imports from the same Hungarian kennel – both appealed very much and are so correct in type.

Special Beginners D ne

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 9307 KEELING, Miss Karen Montydom White Riot in Wisley

Very promising pup of almost 9 nonths. Square in outline. His muzzle shorter than skull. Round eyes, could have better pigment. Medium neck. Well made front and rear. Level topline. Very good mover. Just a little unsettled as yet.

Puppy d (2)

1st: 9302 CROWTHER, Mr Ian Hope Porgeloci Tajtek At Catsun

Really square masc d. Muzzle shorter than skull, which is well shaped. Dark eyes and super pigment. Correct neck. Balanced and moderate in his angulation. Wouldn’t want any more bone. Well bodied. Short,quick steps. Shows a lot of potential. BP

2nd: 9307 KEELING, Miss Karen Montydom White Riot in Wisley

Junior d (1)

1st: 9295 CASEY, Miss Victoria & MOORE, Mr James SILKATA WILL SEA

Square d. Short, quick steps. Muzzle shorter than skull with a slight stop. Correct neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and short in upper arm. Level topline. Moderate rear. Accurate on move.

Yearling d ne)

Post grad d (1 abs)

Limit d (3)

1st: 9305 GROVER, Ms Louise Sinergi Shenanigans At Cordemops

Well balanced and square d with short steps. Better head proportions than his rivals. Correct neck. Correct front with a rear to match. Fairly wiry in build. Level topline.

2nd: 9304 FULTON, Mr & Mrs W & TA Prima Enso Boreas For Cordante (Imp Ltu)

Slightly deceptive d, he looks long but is almost square. Would prefer a shorter muzzle. Wouldn’t want any extra neck. Better front than 3. Well bodied. V good rear. Accurate on the move, slightly longer striding than 1.

3rd: 9309 SCRUTTON, Mrs M Black'N Blue's Ready To Rock with Gemeau (Imp Dnk)

Open d (2)

1st: 9311 WATTS, Miss Hannah Ch Moonshadow Mud Bug (Imp USA)

Square d under that heavy coat, well up on leg for his depth. Would prefer a shorter muzzle. Super eye. Correct neck. Balanced and moderate in his angulation. Super topline. Such a v easy mover, short quick steps, although he is slightly close in front. CC

2nd: 9310 SHARPE, Miss Nicola & DYER, Mr Mark Catsun Comanche Legacy

Square d. Masc head, dark pigment. Muzzle shorter than skull. Slightly more neck than 1. Well bodied. He runs up slightly in topline. He too is a short stepping, quick mover.

Veteran d (1)

1st: 9299 COWLEY, Mrs and Mr LJ and KD Ch Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli Sh.CM ShCE

Really good dog. One of best heads in the males. Correct neck. His angulation is moderate and well balanced. Topline runs up slightly. Accurate on move, just slightly long striding, but quick and light. RCC, this second from me.

Special beginners b ne

Minor puppy b (1)

1st: 9306 GROVER, Ms Louise Impeccable Eighth Bouncy Girl At Cordemops

Promising pup who just needs to get used to showing a bit more. She is square in her proportions. Fem head. Medium neck. Moderate angulation. Level topline. Quick stepping.

Puppy b (2)

1st: 9306 GROVER, Ms Louise Impeccable Eighth Bouncy Girl At Cordemops

2nd: 9296 CHESHER, Mrs Michelle & CHESHER, Mr Paul Stuart MacLaurien Peggy Sue of Cariadus

Really square and up on leg, just needs to be more settled. Fem is head. Level topline. In really super muscle. Very moderate in angulation.

Junior b ne

Yearling b ne

Post grad b ne

Limit b (3)


Really super b of such good type. Best head for proportions here. Correct neck. She has a good lay of shoulder and lengthy upper arm. Well filled chest. Level topline. Short in loin. Correct in rear. She is so well balanced. Accurate on the move and short quick steps. I thought her quite lovely and so very correct. CC & BOB on her superb proportions, champion on the day, congratulations.

2nd: 9312 WATTS, Miss Hannah Moonshadow Causa Commotion At Cordmoor (Imp USA)

Liked her proportions. Small head. Medium neck. Her angulation is well balanced. Well bodied. Not quite the head of 1 and slightly close coming towards. RCC

3rd: 9301 COWLEY, Mrs and Mr LJ and KD Flindattie Cherry Blossom By Kashbeluli

Open b (3,1)

1st: 9303 FERRIGAN, Mrs Jackie Ir Ch Kocos-Kinscem Baboca (Imp)

Square in her proportions. Fairly well balanced head. Eye and expression could be better. Correct neck. Moderate in angulation. Well ribbed back. Accurate on move and short stepping.

2nd: 9297 CHESHER, Mrs Michelle & CHESHER, Mr Paul Stuart Cariadus Casablanca

She is just slightly longer in body than 1. Small head. Medium neck. Level topline. Balanced in her angulation. Short, quick steps.

Veteran B abs

Jeff Horswell