• Show Date: 03/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Cairn Terrier

Southern Counties. Cairn Terriers

This charming breed must be one of the most natural looking breeds in the terrier group, and I thought presentation today got the balance right between that natural look and not unkempt. A few very tight bites. It’s a shame the lovely BOB didn’t compete in the group. I did notice that a few exhibitors having lifted their dogs onto the table correctly then lifted them by the tail to stack them. I suspect that they were unaware that they were doing this – we just all need to be careful in this modern age with so many ready to jump on anything.

Minor Puppy D (3)

1st Place Carradine Arfa Pint (Miss L Hiam)

Free moving d who is slightly longer than tall. He has a v well proportioned head. Correctly placed eye of medium size. Lengthy neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Has a better coat and rear than 2.

2nd Place Glenrood Galaxy at Tribannon (Mrs A Waugh)

Slightly shorter in back than 1. He has a well proportioned head. Dark eyes. Quite a good front. Moderate hind angulation. In his puppy coat.

3rd Place Splinterhill's Real Black Devil of Uniquecottage TAF NAF (Imp Nl) (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

Puppy d (2)

1st Place Seveek Guided Dream (Mrs J Keeves)

Very raw pup who moved well. I liked his proportions. Small head. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Needs to fill in chest. Level topline. Moderate rear. Harsh coat.

2nd Place Chezaku Beachcomber (Mr Dj & Mrs Ac Kippen)

Rather longer d who was quite unsettled moving. Well balanced head. Topline could be better. Fairly straight front. Moderate rear.

Junior d (4)

First 2 are quite similar.

1st Place Brenndarcy It's Magic (ai) TAF (Miss B M, Mr D & Mrs M Shannon, Storr & Middlehurst)

Good size. He has a better eye than 2 and is more precise out and back. Liked his neck. Well laid shoulder. Good body. His rear matches his front. Liked his proportions. Harsh coat.

2nd Place Cherrycrack Horatio (Mrs M E J Shopland)

Slightly more of him than 1. He is a v good profile mover. Nicely balance head. Well laid shoulder. Ribbed well back. Moderate rear. Coat is harsh.

3rd Place Seveek Country Lad (Miss R C & Mr I A Lucas & Tobutt)

Post grad d (2,1)

1st Place Carradine Howzat Howard (Mrs V L Byrne)

Liked his proportions and he is in super coat. Well balanced in head. Well set ears. Eyes could be darker. Enough neck. His angulation is balanced and moderate. Accurate on the move, could put a bit more effort in.

Limit d (6,2)

1st Place Lentrica Mystic Warrior (Miss S C & Miss E S Munday)

V well proportioned d in good coat. Parallel mover but could have a longer stride. Masc head. Good eye and expression. Ok neck. His angulation is moderate and v well balanced. Topline could be slightly firmer. RCC

2nd Place Carradine Podgy Paddie (Miss L Hiam)

He is slightly longer than 1. Well proportioned head. Lengthy neck. Straight front. Well bodied. Low hocks. Could have a harsher coat.

3rd Place Tom Trick's Incredibly Ilay of Uniquecottage (Imp Swe) (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

Open d (4,1)

1st Place Trekhilli Pepperazzi (Mrs G Day)

Free moving masc d. Liked his proportions. He has a well balanced head with good strength of muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Well spring ribs with correct loin, holding

a firm topline. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. Much a good moving dog. CC

2nd Place Ch Cairngold Chico JW (Mr A, Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)

In super coat and correct proportions. He is accurate out and back but not the length stride of 1. Liked the balance of his head and medium size eyes. Strong neck. His angulation is v well balanced. Well set tail.

3rd Place Good Times Ahead with Oudenarde (S, A & A Dennis, Waites & Goddard)

Sp beginners d. Ne

Veteran d/b (2)

1st Place Birselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon ShCM VW (Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)

Just about got tail up enough. Free moving Coat could be better. Has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Nice straight front. Level topline. Good rear.

2nd Place Glenrood Trojan Prince (Mrs J Paige)

Slightly longer. He is in full coat.Liked his head. Stands v wide in front but moved ok. Enough neck, balanced angulation. Just a bit soft in topline now. Good profile action.

Good citizen d/b ne

So beginners b ne

Minor puppy b (1)

1st Place Lindcoly Maleficent Mo (Miss K Sai

Really super baby. She is well proportioned. Fem in head with good eye and expression. Enough neck. Straight front with a good shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Good rear. In puppy coat as yet.

Puppy b (5,1)

1st Place Birselaw Caol Ila (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)

Very promising pup. She is fem and v well proportioned. Liked her head. Well set ears. Enough neck into well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back. Firmer in topline than 2. Moderate rear. Moved v well. BP

2nd Place Tom Trick’s Little Hot Kiskadee at Cherrycrack (Imp Swe) NAF (Mrs M E J Shopland)

Another i liked v much. Sshe is slightly longer than 1 and between coats, V good head. Liked her size eye. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulder. Correct loin, moderate rear. Went well.

3rd Place Lindcoly Phantom Menace (Miss K Saich)

Junior b (2)

1st Place Lindcoly Witches Brew (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich)

Better moving of these 2. She is slightly longer than ideal. She has a v good head with dark eyes of good size and well set ears. Long neck. Well made front, tight feet. Well ribbed. Back. Good rear. In v full coat.

2nd Place Kanawha Never Say Never (Mrs F S Goldfinch)

Longer than tall, she is not as accurate in front as 1 and could have a better topline. Well balanced head with v good eyes. Enough neck. Balanced in her angulation so goes with an even stride.

Post grad b (6,2)#

1st Place Tweslam Be Gin The Magic (Mrs A & Mr A Osborn)

V good young b who just needs a little more maturity in body. Liked her proportions. V good head with correct eyes and ears. Lengthy neck. Straight front, good shoulder. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation,

2nd Place Doonrae Rebel Rebel among Brenndarcy (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

Slightly longer b in v full coat. Better ears than 3. She is fem in head. Lengthy neck,

 good front. Just a little long caste. Moderate rear. Good profile mover.

3rd Place Lindcoly Ocean Dream (Miss A J Saich)

Limit b (9,1)

1st Place Glenrood Dance Til Dusk (Mrs S E Dolan)

V good b, correct proportions and a very free mover. She is fem in head liked her eye size and expression with well set ears. Lengthy neck. Good front. Has a well spring rib. Firm topline. Could have slightly more hind angulation. RCC

2nd Place Cruzo Classical Dream (Mrs G Robinson)

She is slightly bigger than 1 and maybe not so feminine. I liked her propprtions and she went v well. Well balanced head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Moderate in her angulation. Well bodied. Harsh coat.

3rd Place Cornton Fyne Hope (Miss Hmp Miller)

Open b (7)

1st Place Glory Daze at Tribannon (Mrs A Waugh)

Really super b with.correct proportions. She moves v well and she is so good to go over. Fem in head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, straight front. She is well ribbed back V good rear. Moves so well and is harsh coat. CC & BOB, champion on the day – well done.

2nd Place Pendley Dinah (Mrs J M Yates-Johnson)

Liked her proportions. Head is well balanced if a bit hairy. She las a medium neck. Not the shoulder of 1.Well ribbed back and firm in topline. Quite good rear. Goes with a lengthy stride.

3rd Place Ch Cairngold Chiquitita (Mr A, Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)

Jeff Horswell