• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Brittany

Birmingham National


Special Beginners D ne

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D (2)

1st: 5395 ANDERSON, Mrs Barbara Ann & ANDERSON, Mr John Rochus Scarlet Pimpernel

Really good pup of correct proportions and a cobby look to him. Well-proportioned head. Short neck. V moderate front angulation. Well spring ribs. Moderate rear. He is accurate up and back with a fairly short stride. BP & RCC

2nd: 5400 CUTLER, Mrs Mary Jayne Bonapartist Soldier Blue with Jayricnbrits

Good good dog with many similar qualities. He too is a typical mover. Just found him slightly longer in back than 1.

Junior d ne

Yearling d ne

Post grad d (1)

1st: 5402 TAYLOR, Mr K & GILL, Mrs Catherine Rennes de Pasmazgeng

Very typy junior, just needs to firm in front action. I liked his head. Short neck. Can still develop in body. Firm topline. Enough hind angulation.

Limit d (2)

Quite evenly matched pair.

1st: 5405 FINCH, Ms Sarah Jassendue Manet's Medley am Cetgueli

Liked his proportions and he was a bit more accurate going away than 2. Slightly shorter in neck than 2. Forward shoulder. Well developed body. Wouldn’t want any more angulation.

2nd: 5417 WILLIAMS, Mrs KM & DROZDOVA, Mrs A Bonapartist Peaky Blinder avec Aukskara

He is slightly longer in back than 1 and has rather a long front stride. V good head. Shoulder is forward and moderate in angulation. Deep chest. Better topline than 1. V moderate rear in his rear.

Open d (3)

1st: 5398 COOK, Miss F Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (A.i.) JW

He has v good proportions and typical movement, whilst still accurate and sound. Well proportioned head. Short neck. Very moderate in front. Super body. Short back. Moderate rear. CC & BOB

2nd: 5403 GRAHAM, Mrs Linda & YARROW, Mrs Janette Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket

Slightly longer in back than 1 and rather a long stride, but a better performance than 3. Like his head. Short neck. Angulation is correct. Wide chest and could be better coming towards.

3rd: 5394 ANDERSON, Mrs Barbara Ann & ANDERSON, Mr John Rochus Noble

Veteran d (2)

1st: 5420 YARROW, Mr & Mrs Paul & Janette Sh Ch Bonapartist Grenadier

Grand d of 10 in lovely hard condition. Excellent mover. He has a masc head of good proportions. Short neck. Correct front. Well developed in chest. Correct rear.

2nd: 5416 STONE, Mrs S I Jayricnbrits Hobo Avec Glenfeshie

Another 10 year old in good form, just not going as well as winner. He is well made and in grand body.

Special beginners b (2)

1st: 5401 DIXON, Mr David Capenor Coco Cosette

More settled than 2 to be gone over. She moved quite well. Short neck. Topline could be better and rather too moderate in hind angulation. In v hard condition

2nd: 5404 HOLT, Miss Ruth Rochus Starburst

Thought her a good shape and correct angulation. Decent mover.

Minor puppy b ne

Puppy b (2)

1st: 5412 SLACK, Mrs S Bonapartist Snow Goose

Tall enough but she has v good proportions and moved v well. Pleasing head. Short neck. Moderate angulation. V well ribbed and firm in topline.

2nd: 5409 PERKS, Mrs Caroline & PERKS, Mr Richard Rochus Sea holly

She is a bit finer through but liked her height. Needs a little more confidence. Short back. Firm topline. Needs to develop in chest.

Junior b (2)

1st: 5404 HOLT, Miss Ruth Rochus Starburst

Much more settled here.

2nd: 5396 TROIS, Mme Nathalie Sprite De La Riviere Ouareau

Liked her proportions, rather unsettled standing and on the move. She has a well balanced head. Short neck. Correct balance of angulation. Topline needs to settle.

Yearling b (1)

1st: 5415 STEVENS, Mrs L & STEVENS, Mr M Sanbosier Renes Dream

Looks much better on the move than stood. Well balanced head, good eye and expression. Short neck. Good leg length to depth chest. Slightly long in back. Moderate rear.

Post grad b (4)

1st: 5406 FINCH, Ms Sarah Patouche Peiam am Cetgueli

Really liked her proportions. More angulation at the rear than front. Accurate on the move. With a brisk stride. Would like a stronger muzzle. Wouldn’t want any more neck. Firm topline.

2nd: 5414 SOUTHORN, Mrs Karin Rochus Perrine

Liked her outline. Better head than 1. Short neck. Just a bit too much front angulation. Well bodied. She is a little too moderate in rear.

3rd: 5407 LOCKIE, Mr M T & LOCKIE, Mrs A L & MAJOR, Mr S R C Tournesol Periclase At Bryantscroft

Limit b (3)

1st: 5419 YARROW, Mr & Mrs Paul & Janette Pesh di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (Imp) It

In lovely hard condition. Better head than 2 but would like darker eyes. Short neck. Moderate in her front angulation with slightly more at the rear. Well sprung ribs. Firm in topline. Accurate on move with a short stride. Could be slightly shorter in back. CC

2nd: 5411 RYAN, Miss S Patouche Oriana Avec Petillant

Liked her proportions. Short neck. Needs to fill in chest. Short back. Could be tidier up and back. But a v good b.

3rd: 5408 LOCKIE, Mr M T & LOCKIE, Mrs A L & MAJOR, Mr S R C Tournesol Phreya At Bryantscroft

Open b (3,1)

1st: 5399 CUTLER, Mrs Mary Jayne Tarward Precious Pearl with Jayricnbrits

Liked her proportions. She has a good head. Short neck. Correct front. Carrying a little too much weight over shoulder and wide coming towards. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Very typical side gait.

2nd: 5397 COCKING, Miss J L & BARNABY, Mr Peter Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette At Ruskinite

She is carrying just a bit too much weight, which spoils her shape. Good head. Short neck. Correct angulations. Topline running up today. Fairly accurate on move, rather a long stride.

Veteran b (2)

1st: 5413 SOUTHORN, Mrs Karin Sh Ch Rochus Juliet

V good b of excellent proportions. Accurate on the move and goes with a brisk stride. Well proportioned head. Short neck. Could have less front angulation. Super body and topline. Strong rear. BV & RCC

2nd: 5410 RYAN, Miss S Patouche Jaimee Avec Petillant AW(B)

Another v good b. Not quite as good out and back as 1. She has a well balanced head. Short neck. Slightly rounded in topline. V fit.

Jeff horswell