• Show Date: 02/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Southern Counties. Wire Dachshunds

I first awarded CCs in Wires back in 1989, where BOB was Ch Andlouis Black Knight (winning his 4th CC). So I guess by know exhibitors know I don’t like too big and I do like a good mover, holding their outline. I think this variety is in a good place. Some top class dogs at the top, but plenty of really good Dachshunds. It was good to see some black and tans and reds in the entry (when I started the reds dominated). Thanks for accepting having a student judge, it’s a very useful tool in bringing on the neck batch of judges.

Puppy D (2,1)

1st Place Derochaise Blue Danube (Mrs E & Miss V Maes-Jones & Bates)

V promising pup to start. I liked his proportions and ideal ground clearance. Long head. Long neck into well laid shoulder. He is well ribbed back. Firm topline. Super rear. V good coat. Moved well. Top size, hope he has finished growing. RCC

Junior d ne

Post grad d (7,1)

Tough class to sort, probably the most mized class of the day for type and size.

1st Place Boloria All Spice (Mrs C Akehurst)

Liked his size. Quite good proportions. Harsh coat. He has a long, masc head.but rather thick in neck. Good front with a decent forechest, which is where he scored over 2. Well ribbed. Holds a level topline v good rear. Went well.

2nd Place Derochaise Monterey at Fenwires (Ms L & Mr P Stockdale & Cook)

He has a proper dachshund outline. Lengthy head, a bit thick in skull and light in eye. Long neck. Good forechest. Rear matches his front. Good coat.

3rd Place Cloudside Sebastian of Marnadee JW (Mr M & Mr P Ord & Ainsley)

Limit d (4)

1st Place Atahira Ruffian (Mrs C Davies)

Masc d with v good outline, which he holds on the move. V good head, wouldn’t want his ears any bigger. Long neck into well laid shoulder. Well ribbed . Quite a good rear. I would like a better coat. Steady showman.

2nd Place Silvae Timekeeper (Mr D C & Mrs K D Mccalmont)

He looks v good moving around, just not v settled on the table. Long head. Good neck. Well made front and rear. Holds a firm topline. Super coat.

3rd Place Derochaise Manhatton (Mrs E & Miss V Maes-Jones & Bates)

Open d (3)

1st Place Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate (Mrs J L Carruthers)

Well proportioned d of v good size and in the most super hard condition. He has a v good head, eyes could be darker. Long neck intowell laid shoulder. Longer upper arm than 2. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Enough hind angulation with low hocks. Coat coming through, but harsh. CC

2nd Place Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa(imp Fin) (Mrs V Phillips)

 his d looks better standing than on the move. Like his size and proportions. Long, masc head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Super topline. Good rear.

3rd Place Ch Silvae Trader (Mr D C & Mrs K D Mccalmont)

Sp beginners d. Ne

Veteran d/b ne

Good citizen d/b (4,1)

1st Place Greyhayne Harriet (Ms L Wharton)

Really good b who holds a super outline on the move. Lengthy fem head if a little light in eye. Long neck. V good front. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Good rear. She just needs a bit more oomph on the move.

2nd Place Collidach Paige Turner (Ms. S Nicholls)

She has a v tight coat. Fem in head. Long neck. Better in topline and rear than 3.

3rd Place Kentixen Abies Grandis (Miss J Foglia)

Sp beginners b (1abs)

Puppy b (6,1)

1st Place Aventine Aunt Patience (Mrs L J Coverley)

Super b who has a v good outline on the move. Could have a better coat. She has a super head. Long neck.Well made in front. Good spring of rib. Firm in topline. Just enough bend of stifle. Uses her rear so v well. Lovely prospect. Much better size than the d so BP

2nd Place Derochaise Black Cherry Cloudside (Mr W Moore)

Well proportioned b\t with a harsh top coat. She has a v good head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder and a good upper arm. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Moderate rear angulation and tummy taps, otherwise lovely.

3rd Place Hopewood Que Sera Sera (Mr G & Mrs J Cox)

Junior b (4,2)

1st Place Lady in Roseyred (Mrs Y Waller)

She is well made front and rear and moves quite well, just rather long in loin. She has a fem head. She is in better coat than 2. Good forechest.

2nd Place Cishelvine Miss Tyfication (Mrs A H Effer)

She is very happy, out of coat today. Fem head. V good forechest. Long neck. Needs a better backend and tail. Lovely character.

Post grad b (5,1)

1st Place Tendrow Laced with Success (Mrs Y Waller)

Fairly easy winner of this class. Liked her size and proportions and she moved v well. Coat is coming in. Fem head. Long neck. Good angulation front and rear. Could loose a little weight and firm up.

2nd Place Bystock Tina Turner (H M & C Pughe & Fraser)

She has a v good body coat but soft and sooty leg hair. Long and fem in head. Correct neck. Good forechest. She is balanced in angulation. Slightly long and could use rear better.

3rd Place Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera (Mrs J N Dean)

Limit b (6,1)

This was a good and even class.

1st Place Silvae Timeless (Mr D C & Mrs K D Mccalmont)

Just looks so good on the move. Ideal proportions, accurate out and back and a long easy stride. V good head. Long neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Super rear. In v harsh coat. RCC

2nd Place Atahira Dolciami (Mrs C Davies)

She is v typical I liked her head, would prefer a darker eye. Long neck. She has a better front than 3. Well ribbed. Holds a level topline and uses her rear well.

3rd Place Boloria Nice'n Spicy JW (Miss R Rowe)

Open b (4)

1st Place Ch Silvae Fan Dancer (Mr D C & Mrs K D Mccalmont)

Top quality b who moves so v well. She has a lovely head. Long neck, well laid shoulder and a good upper arm. Really long keel. She could be shorter in loin. Super rear.holds a firm topline. Super coat. CC & BOB

2nd Place Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody ( Moore & Downes)

Liked her outline and proportions. A little less weight would make her look even better. She has a long head. V good neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Holds a firm topline. Not the rear of 1.

3rd Place Aventine Dolcetto (Mrs L J Coverley)

Jeff Horswell