• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Sealyham Terrier

Bath. Sealyham Terriers

Veteran D. ne

Minor Puppy D. ne

Puppy D ne

Junior D ne

Yearling D ne

Post Grad D (1)

1st: 1494 FORKES-REES, Mrs Charlotte Louise Pakynhyl Treak Cliff

Well proportioned d who is an accurate moved with a lengthy stride. Masc head. Strong jaw. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be slightly straighter in front. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Strong rear. Could prefer a straighter tail.

Limit d (2)

1st: 1494 FORKES-REES, Mrs Charlotte Louise Pakynhyl Treak Cliff

2nd: 1495 JAMES, Miss C Nileda Mister Joe

Moved with a free stride, good going away just a bit wide in front. He is well proportioned in body. Would like a slightly longer head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well ribbed back and in super hard condition. Holds a level topline. Tail could be better. Strong rear with good angulation.

Open d. (4,1)

1st: 1491 DALY, Mr Alan & CROCKETT, Mr Kenneth Ch Thornberryhall Touch of Class

Super outline and proportions. He was full of energy on the move. Super head., which is long and strong. Medium lengthy neck, slightly thick. Has a well laid shoulder. Straight front,deep chest.well ribbed back. Topline ok with a super tail. V good rear. Not giving his handler an easy time. CC & BOB

2nd: 1493 EVANS, Mrs M Ch Nileda Our Mutual Friend

Better head that 3. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Deep chest. Well ribbed back with a firm loin. Holds a level topline, good tail. Strong rear with angulation to match front. RCC

3rd: 1489 BETTIS, Mrs Denise & BETTIS, Mr Leonard Ch Ornella Country Living Sh.CM

Special beginners d/b ne

Veteran b (2)

1st: 1492 EVANS, Mrs M Ch Nileda Great Expectations Sh.CM

Fem b of v good proportions. I liked her well balanced head, with strong jaw. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. She is slightly wide in front. V good body. Tail slightly low set. Super rear. V sound mover.

2nd: 1501 TREZISE-DUNDAS, Mrs & Mrs P & D Cibach Carys at Firstwish

11 years, v sound just not wanting to use her tail. She has a fem head. Enough neck. Good proportions. She is moderate but balanced in angulation.

Minor puppy b. (1 abs)

Puppy b (1)

1st: 1500 SMITH, Mrs V Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen

Really promising pup. Super proportions and moved v well. She has a long, strong and fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. straight front. Well ribbed. With a firm topline. Well made rear. BP

Junior b (1)

1st: 1490 BETTIS, Mrs Denise & BETTIS, Mr Leonard Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella

She is as good mover, accurate with lengthy stride. Liked her proportions but could loose a little weight to advantage. Lengthy head. Would prefer a fraction more neck. Well laid shoulder. Ribs go well back. Moderate rear. RCC

Yearling b ne

Post grad b ne

Limit b (3,2)

1st: 1502 TREZISE-DUNDAS, Mrs & Mrs P & D Firstwish Ara

Fem b, she has a well proportioned head. Dark eyes and v good pigment. Moderate neck. She has moderate angulation front and rear. Well ribbed back. Level topline with a. Well set tail. Little short of top coat on her back. Sound mover.

Open b (2)

1st: 1505 WONNACOTT, Mrs J R Ch Jacott Sunshine

Much more settled of these 2. Liked her proportions. She has a fem head with super pigment. Better neck than 2. Shoulder is ok. Good depth of chest. Holds her topline. Well sprung ribs. Enough hind angulation. Accurate mover.CC

2nd: 1503 WADDELL, Miss Lisa & DALY, Mr Alan Ch Ch Ch Fennekin Dancing Queen at Thornberryhall

Liked her proportions, not as settled as she might be moving and never really calmed down. She has a long head with strength, neck is a little short and thick, but well laid shoulders. Big body. Can firm in topline. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. V good coat.

Jeff Horswell