• Show Date: 27/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wirehaired Dachshund Club

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Wire Haired Dachshund Club

Miniature Wires

I was delighted to be invited to judge Min Wires at the Wire Club. Although I am no longer showing, the breed is still very close to my heart. Over the past year I have seen very little judging of the breed and so many of the exhibits were new to me. Numerically the male entry was pretty poor, but this has been a feature of this variety over the years. Thankfully some well filled bitch classes. Very few absent on the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment. Thanks to Phil Rollinson for keeping the ring running so smoothly. It seemed to be a very happy ringside.

I had enough males to easily fill the top awards and was more than happy with my bitch line up. Only a couple of mouths that weren’t quite right with too narrow an underjaw, some teeth need to be cleaner. Temperaments were pretty good. Some were rather between coats and a few naked, which whilst not a fault had to be taken into account. Fronts remain the most common problem, short upper arms and lack of forechest, however there were exhibits who excelled here also.

Veteran D/B. (2)

1st: JONES Ch Bimini Starstruck

Like his outline and proportions. He is accurate out and back and holds his shape moving. Masc head, which I would prefer slightly longer and to have a bigger eye. Long neck. Well laid shoulders, could have more length of upper arm. Tight feet. Correct depth chest. Decent forechest. Well sprung ribs. Holds his topline moving. Moderate rear. Could have a bit more stride. Between coats. V good dog. BV and in the final three for the CC.

2nd:CORNER Holrik Mister Mischief

He is v well balanced. Liked his eye and expression. Strong neck. He is very moderate in his angulation, but that makes him balanced. Stride could be longer but matches his angulation. Correct depth chest. Well sprung ribs. Firm topline. Also between coats.

Good Citizens D/B. (3)

1st: GILKES Birichino Belfray

Really free moving choc b. She has a super head. Correct eyes. Enough neck. Best front in class with good length and slope to upper arm. Well ribbed. Could have a better underline. Super rear. Really liked her, with a better coat and a bit more presentation could do very well.

2nd: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscarnie Love Island

She is v fem and in super coat. Head is ok. She has enough neck. Could be better in shoulder and upper arm. Well ribbed back. Liked her proportions. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Good coming and going, not the stride of winner.

3rd: KILROY Blackvein Princess at Janacop

Minor Puppy D. (3)

3 promising pups and i’m sure the order will change as they progress and learn what showing is all about.

1st: DANCE Emem Solar Power

Was by far the most together on the move. Head is a bit broad in skull. Long neck. Well laid shoulder keel a bit short, but he has well spring ribs. Well made rear with lovely low hocks. Accurate on move and held himself well in profile. Super coat.

2nd: HOPPER Arbennik Pol Eriskay at Brynfaw

This d has a super head. More together than 3 on the move. Ok neck. He is well sprung in rib. Can still firm in his topline. V good rear. Correct coat.

Puppy D (2)

1st: CROSSMAN & KENNEDY Foxearth Fly By Night

Lots to like about this b/t pup, although sadly rather a typical coat for his colour, but well presented. He has a long head, perfect bite with great big teeth. Just enough neck. Well laid shoulder with long and sloping upper arm. Enough depth of chest. Holds a firm topline. Well made rear. Super proportions and outline. Liked his front stride, which comes from his well made front, and in the challenge he really strode out which took him to CC. BP

2nd: KENT Alncroft All Round Lokmadi

Bigger d and he is just a bit longer in back than 1. Looks better in outline moving than stood, where his topline levels, which is a good thing. Masc head if a bit broad in skull. Long neck. His angulation is well balanced and he is accurate out and back. Good underline. In good coat.

Junior D (2)

1st: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon (Imp Cze)

Unmistakably European in type, his proportions meet the UK standard v well. He has a super head, dark, almond eyes. Big teeth. He has a long neck. Better shoulder than 2. Needs more width in front. Well ribbed, long keel and a short loin. Topline slopes slightly. Super rear. Coat ready to come out. Decent stride. Should be a useful dog to the right bitches.

2nd: CORNER Carcorn Fabulous Frank

He is v different in type to 1, for me just a bit angular. His head is strong and masc, slightly broad in skull. He has enough neck. Rather forward in shoulder. Deep enough in chest. Well sprung ribs. Tail carried rather high. Ok rear. Coat probably ready to come out.

Yearling D. Ne

Novice D (2)

1st: DANCE Emem Solar Power

2nd: KENT Alncroft All Round Lokmadi

Post Grad D (1. Abs)

Limit D (3,1)

1st: SMITH Alncroft Ivan Inkling

Standing this dog has a really super outline, good proportions, prominent forechest and flowing lines. He has a lengthy head. Dark eyes. Long neck. Better shoulder than 2. Could be longer in upper arm. Well ribbed. Enough turn of stifle, low hocks. On the move I would prefer more stride and his outline isn’t quite maintained. In v good coat. Dog that could do really well.

2nd: SALISBURY Pennywave Nosey Parker at Brocklewood JW

He is a v well balanced d, coat looks like it’s coming back in. He has a masc head. Long beck. Forward in shoulder. Liked his depth of chest. Decent length keel. Well ribbed and ok for loin length. He needs a bit more hind angulation. Shows v well and looks smart

Open D (2)

1st: RUSSELL Russteck Romeo

V smart b with a harsh b/t jacket. Long head, big teeth, would prefer darker eyes. He has a lengthy neck. Could have a better shoulder and more forechest. Well ribbed back. Holds a level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Would just like a little more stride, but a lot to admire about him. RCC

2nd: HOPPER Russteck Over to You Now Brynfaw

A slightly taller type, which is fine as his proportions are correct. Masc head. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Moderate front angulation. Could carry more weight. Rear is ok. Moved very wide going away and didn’t really get going.

Champion D ne

Minor Puppy B (4,2)

1st:KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Radiant Rivva

Promising pup of v good proportions and a super coat. Very wriggly on the table. She has a fem head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder and lengthy upper arm. Well ribbed. Topline can settle. Super rear. Lengthy stride.

2nd: KILROY Blackvein Rambler at Janacop

She has a v good coat. Fem head. Good neck. Decent front. Well sprung ribs. Could have a bit more hind angulation and as a result runs up slightly, but age could change that. Lengthy stride.

Puppy B (8,1)

Some v promising pups here, a few I wouldn’t have minded having to show.

1st: SMITH Alncroft Ida Zire

She is v well proportioned. Fem in head with dark eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with a fair length upper arm. Well ribbed back. Can firm in topline, but has a better underline than 2. Super rear. Accurate on the move and goes with a lengthy stride. Super coat. V promising pup.

2nd: STEPHENSON Wistex Taking it Easy

She was close up, a v houndy sort of b. Lengthy and fem in head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Topline can still settle. Has moderate hind angulation with low hocks. Liked her length of stride. Super coat.

3rd: KIRKWOOD Helydon Quickstep Queen

Junior B (5)

Thought this a good class headed by 2 really good bitches.

1st: SEXTON Molloney Noodle Not a Doodle

She is spot on for proportions and is in the most super coat. Fem head with length and strength. Lovely eye and expression. Long neck. Good forechest, she turns her front feet out slightly stood. Well laid shoulder with a lengthy upper arm. Well ribbed. Firm loin. Holds a level topline. Enough hind angulation with low hocks. Free and easy mover. Really liked her and I would be happy to have her. CC & BOB

2nd: RUSSELL Eyez the One Russteck

She has a super outline and so many virtues. She has a fem head of slightly different type to 1. Not quite the shoulder of winner. She has a lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Holds a level topline. V good rear. Moved well and was close up.

3rd: STEPHENSON Wistex Taking it Easy

Yearling B (3)

1st: RUSSELL & GRAHAM Sheez Got it Russteck

Very easy winner of this class. She has a super coat and is well proportioned. Lengthy head with a dark eye. Long neck. Well made front. Good spring of rib. Topline can settle. Has a v good rear. Lengthy stride.

2nd: PEEK & PEEK-MATAR Whiteorchard Tiggy Winkle of Milkwood

Happy red b, handler needs to get to grips with her coat. She is fem in head. Long neck. Balanced in her angulation. Better topline than 3.

3rd: MARSTON-TEAL Lordscarinie Love to Breeze

Novice B (2)

1st: PEEK & PEEK-MATAR Whiteorchard Tiggy Winkle of Milkwood

2nd: DANCE Emem Autumnal Sunshine

Baby with a super coat. She is fem in head. Lengthy neck. Not the stride of 1 on the move. Topline is better moving than standing. Low hocks.

Post Grad B (6)

1st: RUSSELL & GRAHAM Sheez Got it Russteck

2nd: MERRY, SELBYOlivia Belle for Merryline

Elegant and fem b, who is not in her best jacket. She has a super head. Dark eyes. Very long neck. Well laid shoulder. Just a bit long in back. She has a well made rear. Free mover, holding her topline.

3rd: DANCE Emem Letty Bee Sunshine

Limit B (8)

V competitive class with a few compromises necessary.

1st: CROSSMAN & KENNEDY Moonshe Queen Bee

She is a good honest sort of b of lovely Dachshund type. Liked her head. Dark eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with lengthy upper arm. She has ribs going well back. Just a bit longer in back than ideal but holds her topline. Super rear. Long stride as you would expect from her angulation.

2nd: FULTON Bothlyn Penny from Heaven

Another b I liked v much, has a lovely shape, which has been a feature of this kennel over the years. She was a bit silly on the table but solid on the floor. Fem in head. Dark eyes. She has a well made front. Well ribbed. Could be firmer in topline. Low hocks. Free mover. Well presented coat.

3rd: KIRKWOOD EMERY Helydon Nifty Nairn JW

Open B (7,2)

1st: JONES Bimini Chasing Moonbeams JW

She has a flowing outline and is so v feminine. Lengthy head. Dark eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. She could have slightly more upper arm. V good forechest. Slightly longer in back than ideal, but she holds a firm topline. Well ribbed. V good rear. Would like a fraction more stride but she is so v accurate out and back. In the final 3 for the CC and will make a worthy champion.

2nd: MACFARLAN Granhoward Lilly

She is a well proportioned b, not the coat texture of 1 today. She is fem in head. Enough neck. Her angulation is well balanced and so moves with an even stride. Level topline, could have a better underline.

3rd: BLACK Bassodon Dodecahedron JW

 Champion b (2)

2 very worthy title holders of differing types.

1st: WILLIAMSON Ir Ch Vandor-Vadasz Banya (Imp Hun)

I really liked the flowing lines of this fem b. She has a lengthy head. Good eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Ok in upper arm. She is v well ribbed back and holds a super topline. Moderate rear. Could maybe just have a fraction more hind drive, but accurate out and back. Coat is coming in but is of super texture. Real Dachshund type. RCC

2nd: DANCE Ch Emem Summer Sunshine JW

She is in super jacket, her proportions are v good. She has a fem head with good eye and expression. Long neck. Not the front angulation of 1. She is well ribbed back. Holds a firm topline. Just enough hind angulation. Just preferred the neck flow of 1.

Jeff Horswell