• Show Date: 10/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Anglian Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet

East Anglian Whippet Club

Whippet dogs

Congratulations to the East Anglian team for staging such a successful, friendly show. Good size rings were perfect to be able to assess movement properly. We were blessed with a sunny day, probably too sunny, but better than rain. Our 2 stewards did a great job finding shade for the dogs and ensuring everything ran smoothly, and the club gave bottles of water to anyone wanting them all day. Maria Hills and I agreed on all the final awards. The entry was about average for this year, not many in the lower classes but the higher classes were well filled and very competitive. Lots of compromise when judging and with the males some of the better movers for me lacked some type and some of the most shapely stood disappointed when they moved.

Minor Puppy D. ne

Puppy D (4,2)

1. Crème Anglaise’s Just William with Silkridge

Well balanced d. He has a lovely head with good eye and expression, neat rose ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with long upper arm. Deep, well filled chest. Good loin., which has arch. Low hocks. He is parallel out and back and holds his outline. Quite forward for his age. BPS

2. Bunehug Let It Be

He too has a lovely head. Lengthy neck with a good front. Deep chest. Ribs go well back. He has more hind angulation than front, which shows on the move and can still tighten in front, but a typy d with lots to like.

Junior d (8,1)

1. Denimblue Willdo

Enough of this masc d, he is very sound and quite shapely, I would just like a little less bone. Bright expression. Long and strong neck .well laid shoulder. Good fill of chest. Liked his underline. Strong rear which is well angulated. Low hocks.

2. Dreamjet Float Mt Boat at Runforest

Still a puppy and giving a lot away in body where he still needs to spring in rib. He is a v accurate mover. Long neck. Liked his head. Well ribbed back. His angulation is moderate and well balanced, just as it should be. Deep feet.

3. Lolani Power of Dreams

Yearling d (4,1)

1. Palmik King Arthur JW

Shapely d who was a comfortable winner of this class. He has a super head with lovely eye and expression. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. Could be longer and more sloping in upper arm. Deep chest, with enough fill. Well ribbed back. Arch to loin. Well made rear. Very easy mover.

2. Selinko Pathos

Liked his longline. He has a lengthy and masc head. Long neck. A little narrow in front and needs more fill. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Better profile action than 3.

3. Zeglynn Arnies Cute Helper

Novice d (5,2)

1. Selinko Festive Prancer

Shapely d who won class on his better up and back movement. He has a long head. Sweet temperament. Long neck. Could have a better front. Well ribbed back. V good topline. Liked his hind angulation with low hocks. Could stride out a little more.

2. Lolani Jazzed Up

Moderate d who has a lengthy profile stride. Moderate neck. Just a little flat in his topline with steep croup.

Graduate d (2,)

1. Selinko Festive Prancer

Post grad d (4)

1. Edenwhip Can I Be Him

Shapely d who las along and low profile action. Liked his head, flat skull. Bright expression and neat ears. Strong lengthy neck into a fairly well laid shoulder. Could have better feet. Deep chest. Liked his topline which he holds on the move. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

2. Wrenalla Steel

Very whippety d who is moderate and balanced in his angulation. Slightly heavy in cheek. Enough neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Liked topline. Fairly accurate out and back just needs a bit more stride.

3. Kelsmonk Kind of Magic

Mid limit (10,1)

Not an easy class to sort out. There were a some I liked stood who disappointed on the move, with either their action or losing toplines.

1. Collooney Eat My Shorts at Runforest

Slightly longer than ideal but he is v sound and has curves stood and moving. Super head. Long neck. Good angles in his front. Well ribbed. Wouldn’t want any more hind angulation, but uses what he has well. Tended to break into a gallop at times.

2. Bowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart

Shapely d, who is moderate and very typical. Would like a bit more stride front with him. Masc head slightly forward in front and so needs a bit more fill. Liked his topline standing and on the move. V good rear with low hocks.

3. Lolani Moonshine over Moneli

Limit d (10,1)

This was another tough class.

1. Lolani Gentleman Jack

Thought he was very whippety, liked his size and balance. Pleasing head. Good eye and expression and neat ears. Strong neck. Balanced in his angulation, well filled chest. Liked his topline. Long stride when handler let him go at his speed. Just a bit close going away. Could carry a little less weight. Really liked him. RCC

2. Aarminias Change the Game at Drumburn

Lots of quality and was just a bit better our and back than 3. Long head. Good length of neck. Well laid shoulder, just a bit steep in upper arm. Wouldn’t want him any longer. Quite a good top and underline. Good rear.

3. Supeta Mojito for Aylros

Open d (10)

This was a very good class and took a lot of sorting out as all had lots of virtues.

1. Crosscop I Want You

Thought he was a very good shape and so typy, curves in all the right places. V good head. Long neck into a good front. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Liked his topline. V good rear. He could be slightly more accurate out and back but is so v good in profile, holding his really good shape. Never stopped showing. CC

2. Ch Richclass Run For Cover

This is also a very typy d, just not quite the front stride of 1. He has a super head. Long and strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep and well filled in chest. Topline is ok. V strong rear which he uses so well. Flagged a little when it really mattered.

Veteran d 7-9 (7,2)

1. Ch Citycroft High Society

In great form and outmoved rest of this class today. He is good size and proportions and not overdone at all. Has a lengthy head. Enough neck, just a bit thick. Moderate in his angulation. Well ribbed back liked his topline. BVIS

2. Ch/Int/Ir Ch Collooney Jayhawk

Looking just a bit heavy which spoil its his underline. Liked his head. He has enough neck. Balanced in his angulation and so moved well. Nice deep feet. Have given him a CC and Green Star, and still like him very much.

3. Veredon Vanilla Sunset

Veteran d 10+. Ne

Special racing/lure coursing d (3)

1. Dark Wing

Very typy veteran carrying just a little excess weight. He is a very accurate mover. Liked his head. Enough neck. Liked his good angulation front and rear, arch to loin. Shapely boy.

2. Zoraden Bright Star

Would like a better head, just a bit heavy in cheek. Long neck. Deep chest. Arch to loin but rather steep in croup. Better coming and going than 3.

3. Ringmoee Dalrymple

Special beginners d (4,2)

1. Selinko Pathos

2. Chiendetom Andante

He has a v good masc head. Lengthy neck. Just a bit untidy with his front on the move. Deep enough chest. Well sprung ribs. Liked his rear.

Jeff Horswell