• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Cesky Terrier

LKA. Cesky Terrier

I found the breed to be in a good place, based on this good entry. Competition is quite level. I was happy with mouths, and please to see big teeth throughout. Toplines varied and often changed when the dog moved.

Puppy D (5,2)

Good class to start.


Really super puppy. Liked his proportions and has a correct topline. Strong jaw, well balanced head. Enough neck. Fairly straight front. Correct ribcage and not too deep. Well ribbed back. Super rear. Just a little more fluid on the move than 2. Found nothing I liked more. BP. CC & BOB.

2nd: 5155 WESTON, Miss L Wherrypoint Engelbert

Another top drawer puppy. He has a super head with strong jaw. Good ears. Liked his neck and front. Correct for body. Rise in topline. Well made rear with correct height at hock. Should gain his title.

3rd: 5127 ELLISON, Miss Jennifer A Placido Proper Player


Junior d (2 abs)

Post grad d (2 a bs

Limit d (5, 2)

1st: 5130 FEWINGS, Mrs S J komidion schubert

Well made and typy d who moved well. Good proportions. Has a lengthy and masc head. Correct neck. Straighter in front than 2. Shoulders are ok. Well ribbed back. Enough rise in topline. Liked his tail set and carriage.

2nd: 5133 HALLING, Miss A C Grancek Slavny Sandor

V good moving d, would prefer a lower tail carriage. He has a good head, dark eyes and well set ears. Liked his neck. Correct in body. Rise in topline. V strong rear.


Open d (3)

1st: 5150 TAYLOR, Mrs P Oural Du Champ D'eole Imp Fra

Well proportioned d who just about put enough effort in and went soundly to win this class. He has a v good head. Dark eye. Medium neck. Better front than 2. Well bodied. Would prefer slightly more rise to his loin. V good rear.

2nd: 5151 TOBIJANSKI, Mrs W Ch Janski Bugurovski

Well proportioned and showy d. Has a v good head with strength of muzzle. Good neck. Could have straighter legs. Front is ok. Well bodied. Quite a good topline. V good rear.

3rd: 5121 BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Sametova Bacary

Good citizen d ne

Veteran d/b (3,1)

Both good examples in fine form.

1st: 5128 ENGLAND, Mrs Lee & BURRAGE, Mrs Linda Ch Ashleyheath's Black Thunder Sh.CM ShCEx

V good proportions. Masc head of strength. Lengthy neck. Has a well laid shoulder. Straight front. V good body. Some rise in topline. Could have a little more hind angulation and lower tail carriage, v good mover. BV and RCC

2nd: 5119 BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova Sh.CM ShCEx VW

Fem b with a good head. Liked her proportions. Lengthy neck. Moderate in angulation. Could just be tidier in front action.

Puppy b (1)


Fem pup showing promise, just needs to come together. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Wouldn’t want her any shorter in back. Rounded ribcage. Topline ok. Good hind angulation.

Junior b (5)

Performance played a part in the placing this class today.

1st: 5157 WILLIAMS, Mr P Wherrypoint Gladys

Put on a steady show. She is fem and well proportioned. Liked her head for balance. Enough neck. Quite a good front. V good body, not too deep. Would like better hind angulation.

2nd: 5122 BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Komidion Sonata for Sametova

She is v well made, not liking the floor too much. She has a lovely head. Lengthy neck. V good body. Topline is ok. Fairly good rear.

3rd: 5126 ELLISON, Miss Jennifer A Placido Oriana

Post grad b (4,2)


Liked her outline moving round the ring. She has a fem head of strength Enough neck. Quite well laid shoulder. More width in front than 2 coming towards. Correct body shape. Topline is ok. Rather moderate in rear.

2nd: 5125 DUKES, Mrs Ruth & RODGERS, Miss Megan Runiks Akreepa of Dragons

Liked her proportions. Just a little weak in muzzle and heavy in cheeks. Medium neck. Liked her body and rear.

Limit b (5,4)

1st: 5123 DUKES, Mrs Ruth & RODGERS, Miss Megan Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks

Good honest sort of b, liked her proportions Feminine head of strength with dark eyes and well set ears. Enough neck into well laid shoulders. Fairly straight front. Super body. Liked her topline. Would like a little more hind angulation. Moved v well, accurate with even stride. CC

Open b (4,1)

1st: 5129 FEWINGS, Mrs S J Komidion Passionato

Liked her proportions, topline much better on the move than stood. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Super body. Well set and carried tail. Ok rear. RCC

2nd: 5120 BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova

More compact than 1 but still a good shape. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Not the front of 1. Topline better stood than moving where she flattens. Moderate rear and would prefer a lower tail carriage.

3rd: 5152 TOBIJANSKI, Mrs W Ch Janski Sodovuvitch

G citizen b (1)

1st: 5126 ELLISON, Miss Jennifer A Placido Oriana

Sound moving fem b. Could have a slightly stronger head. Medium neck. Her angulation is moderate and balanced.

Jeff Horswell