• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Hamiltonstovare

Crufts. Hamiltonstovares

Sadly this lovely breed shows no sign of returning to their glory days of the 1990s and 00s. Just a handful of people holding things together, and doing a great job.

Veteran D ne

Puppy D (1)

1ST Abon Sfora Nordowskiej Knieji at Rubeusbay NAF (fci) (Miss Z Adey)

Delightful temperament. He could be slightly more rectangular in shape. V good head. Enough neck. Well filled chest. Good and balanced angulation. Holds a firm topline.moved v well. RBD and BP

Junior d [2 )

1ST Flixtonia Captain Sunshine (Mr R & Mrs B Morris)

Super temperament. Would prefer better markings. He is slightly off square. Masc head. Long neck. Well made front and rear. Won on his firmer topline. Moves well.

2ND Flixtonia High Rolling Man (Mrs A Leigh)

He is almost slightly too long and topline needs to improve. V good head. Long neck. Deep chest. Could be better in feet and pasterns.

Post grad d ne

Open d. (2)

1ST Sufayre Larsson (Mrs S & Miss E Briant & Ellwood)

He is in wonderful muscle and coat is of correct texture,. His proportions are ok. Super head. Strong neck. Well balanced in his angulation. He could be tidier out and back. Goes with a very easy stride. BOB

2ND Flixtonia Blaze of Glory (Mrs J & Mr K & Mrs A Walker & Walker & Leigh)

Liked his proportions and he has a super coat. Masc head. Well filled, deep chest. Can be a bit slack in topline at times. Moderate rear, accurate on the move.

Good citizen d. Ne

Veteran b. (2)

2 lovely old girls.

1ST Sufayre Angels Faith (Miss E Ellwood)

She is well proportioned. Fem in head. Enough neck. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Could be a bit more positive out and back.

2ND Sufayre Angels Whisper at Rubeusbay VW (Miss Z Adey)

She is v fem and well proportioned. Fem and well balanced head. Enough neck. A bit forward in front. Movement not what it might once have been.

Puppy b ne

Junior b (1 )

1ST Flixtonia Lady Magdelene (Mrs J & Mr K & Mrs A Walker & Walker & Leigh)

Slightly reluctant to be handled at first. She is carrying too much weight, which shows on the move. Well proportioned, fem head. Enough neck. Deep chest. Could have more hind angulation but a decent front

Post grad b (1 )

1ST Gjovika`s Greta Garbo at Flixtonia (Imp Nor) (Mrs A Leigh)

Well proportioned fem b. She has a good head, although would like better ears. Strong neck. Well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Holds a firm topline. Ok rear. Feet could be tighter. Moved well.

Open b (3)

3 very typy bitches.

1ST Sufayre Lizzie (ai) (Mr R & Mrs S M Graham & Briant)

She is slightly off square. Super head. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder. Well filled chest. Her ribbing goes back nicely and has plenty of spring. She holds a firm topline. Moderate rear, although she does kick up slightly in hind action, but accurate out and back. BB

2ND Sufayre Angels Kiss (Mr J & Mrs S Briant)

Well proportioned and she moved v well. Has a good head. Deep chest. Just a little slack in the topline now. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

3RD Flixtonia Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Mrs A Leigh)

Good citizen b (1)

1ST Caldecacre The Dazzler at Rubeusbay (Miss Z Adey)

Well proportioned b. Colour could be better. She has a v good, fem head. Ok neck. Could be tidier out and back. Chest to elbow. Feet a bit slack. Could coat texture.

Jeff Horswell