• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Paignton. Welsh Springer Spaniels

I was asked to take over Marion Waddell’s entry when she became unwell. It was good to see that she had recovered enough to return the next day and watch Gordon judge BIS. The bitches seemed to cope with the heat better than the dogs, a lot were flagging and not using their tails and I was quite forgiving of this on the day. Given the lateness in the day and temperature I have taken only brief notes, and tried not to keep the dogs standing or moving more than necessary.

Special Beginners D. ne

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D (1 abs

Junior D (1)

1st: 2647 RUSSELL, Mrs Lindsay Mymmsbrook Mochatini

Liked his outline and proportions. V good masc head. Moves with an easy stride. Needs more width through.

Yearling d (2)

2 very promising youngsters.

1st: 2632 HOLLEY, Mr M R Ferndel Dare To Dream (AY1)

He has a super outline, full of type and good width through, many lacked spring of rib whilst he excelled here. Super head. Good neck. Well laid shoulder but could be better in front action. Well ribbed. Super rear, full of muscle. CC

2nd: 2620 CLARKE, Mrs Catriona Louise Tigerrock I'm your man

Liked his outline, could just be a little happier. Liked his head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Moderate but balanced in his angulation,

Novice d ne

Post grad d (3)

1st: 2621 CLARKE, Mrs Catriona Louise Tigerrock magic woundabout jw

Liked his shape and was best mover in class. Skull is slightly broad. Long neck. Deep chest. Level topline. Good rear. He is just a bit long in loin.

2nd: 2654 TOLLADAY, Mrs Shelagh & TOLLADAY, Mr Gilbert Bethersden Brigadier

Slightly longer d who could put a bit more effort in. Prefer his head to 1. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Needs more spring of rib. Typical and balanced in outline.

3rd: 2655 WHITE, Mrs S Mymmsbrook Malbec with Fiergen

Class 1258 LD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2639 MERCER, Mrs M Amblelight Cassiopeia

Very typy d who moved fairly well. I liked his head. Medium length neck. Just a bit heavy over his shoulders. Angukation is moderate Holds a level topline. Not in full coat.

Open d (4,1)

1st: 2640 MILLARD, Mrs Jennifer & MILLARD, mR Martin Ferndel High Comand at Rubylea

Liked his proportions. Could have a slightly better head, just a bit heavy in skull. Long neck. Well laid shoulders deep chest. Well ribbed back. Holds a level topline. Could be slightly more positive in his hind action, but he is good in front. RCC

2nd: 2624 CLARKE, Mrs Catriona Louise Heniverous rainbow by Tigerrock naf

My apologies I have no notes as my ipad had a meltdown at this stage (literally!)

3rd: 2648 SUTHERLAND, Mrs Jane Jacranella Solo

Veteran d (5,1)

4 grand dogs all 7

1st: 2644 REES, Mrs Janice & REES, Mr Alan Hudolus Rhys Henllys at Typica Sh.CM

Liked his outline and proportions. He has a v good head. Enough neck. His angulation is well balanced. Level,topline. Went well, maybe not as firm out and back as in his youth.

2nd: 2614 ATTWOOD, Mrs B & Mr K Sh Ch Ir Kylowen Drym Sh.CM

He is slightly longer than 1. V good head. Medium neck. Slightly slack in pastern. Topline is level. Liked his rear.

2nd: 2614 ATTWOOD, Mrs B & Mr K Sh Ch Ir Kylowen Drym Sh.CM

Special beginners b (2,1)

1st: 2619 CASEY, Mrs Rebecca Jane Tigerrock lit de roses

Typy young b. She has a v good fem head. Long neck. Liked her front. Level topline. Moderate rear. Just needs to mature, BSB

Minor puppy b (3)

1st: 2630 RITCHIE, Mrs Thelma C Renascent Bleaberry At Slapestones

V much a baby. Liked her outline and best mover in class. She has a fem head. Good neck. Liked her balanced angulation. Level topline. V promising.

2nd: 2617 BLACKFORD, Mrs Sandra Amblelight Adhara

Liked her for shape, could have put a bit more effort into moving. She has a fem head. Lengthy neck. Just needs to spring in her ribbing.

3rd: 2627 DIMOND, Mrs R & EDWARDS, Mr S Amblelight Melissa

Puppy b (2)

1st: 2646 RITCHIE, Mrs Thelma C & RITCHIE, Mr Andrew & RITCH Sarabande Dancing Queen At Slapestones (a.I.)

Quite raw. She is of v good proportions. Fem head. Medium neck. Quite a good shoulder. She holds a v good topline. Good rear BP

2nd: 2627 DIMOND, Mrs R & EDWARDS, Mr S Amblelight Melissa

V much a baby who needs to spring in rib and could have a little more bone. She has a fem head, good length neck. Can firm in her movement.

Junior B

1st: 2653 THOMAS, Ms M Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious

Really liked this young b, all she needs is a bit more maturity. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Good feet. Topline is ok. One of the best coming and going movers in the entry and a lengthy stride. RCC

Yearling B

1st: 2619 CASEY, Mrs Rebecca Jane Tigerrock lit de roses

2nd: 2641 MORGAN, mrs Jean Margaret Benoveor Endless Love

Liked her shape, just needs to body up. She has a fem head. Long neck. Shoulder is ok. Level topline. Moderate rear. Nice deep feet.

3rd: 2629 GILMORE, Miss Sandra & BOUMONTE, Mrs D Summer Nights by Roxdale

Novice B

1st: 2619 CASEY, Mrs Rebecca Jane Tigerrock lit de roses

2nd: 2629 GILMORE, Miss Sandra & BOUMONTE, Mrs D Summer Nights by Roxdale

Fem b with a pleasing head. Moderate length neck. Back is just a bit long for her leg length. Topline can firm up. Liked her depth of chest.

Post Grad B ne

Limit B (5)


Very goog type Welsh with a solid body. She has a v good head. Long neck. Super feet. Level topline. She is a good mover if a little reluctant to use her talk on the day. Very close up to the junior b.


Very typy b who was just a bit soft today. She has a long neck. Her angukation is so very well balances. Moves with a long and easy stride.

3rd: 2642 MORLIDGE, Miss Lauren Kurzeja Kalina

Open B (6,2)

1st: 2625 CLARKE, Mrs Catriona Louise & SHERLOCK, Mrs Tracey Sh Ch Shch Crimicar she's electrick with tigerrock

Really lovely v. She has a head, well balanced. Long neck. Very good front with a well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Strong rear. Best mover in class and took CC & BOB comfortably I thought.


She has a typy outline and a fem head. Quite a good front. Level topline. Not the rear of 1.

3rd: 2649 SUTHERLAND, Mrs Jane Jacranella Serenade

Veteran B

1st: 2615 ATTWOOD, Mrs B & Mr K Kylowen Demelza

Typy 7 year old, just a bit heavy over the shoulder and soft in topline. She has a lovely head. Good neck. V good rear. BV

Jeff Horswell