• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Beauceron

Birmingham National


Quite a variety in type here. I felt the majority were too narrow through with very little spring of rib.

Special Beginners D ne

Puppy D ne

Junior D ne

Yearling D ne

Limit D ne

Open D (1)

1st: 8740 SPRINGHAM, Mr M J Tallowah Bram Stoker

He is a free moving d. Lengthy head. Lengthy neck. He has a well laid shoulder. Well bent stifle. Would prefer a little more spring of rib. Slightly close going away. Thick coat, BD

Veteran d ne

Special beginners b ne

Puppy b (1)

1st: 8744 WALSHE, Miss Kerry Cassia in the woods

Just needs a little more confidence. Ears can settle. She has a lengthy neck. Her angulation is well balanced. Needs to spring in rib. Lovely coat texture. Just needs to firm up. BP

Junior b (3)

All very raw and have a way to go.

1st: 8735 DAINTY, Miss Steph & BUCKLE, Mr David Chiceron Stowetree

She was the most settled in this class to be gone over. Her angulation is balanced. Rather narrow all through. Could be firmer in out and back movement.

2nd: 8736 HARRELL, Mrs Kim Beaukita's McCrory Park

Liked her outline. She was a bit silly being gone over. Medium neck. Could be better in hind action.

3rd: 8738 PHELPS, Mrs T Strudel avec Pebbleena des bergers du vent

Yearling b (4)

1st: 8742 THROWER, Mr Douglas Michael & THROWER, Mrs Catrin Pebbleena's Tutti Fruitti

Well proportioned b who has a v steady temperament. Best mover in class with a bit of width each end. Lengthy head. Medium neck. Good angulation front and rear. Holds a level topline.

2nd: 8743 WALSHE, Miss Kerry Pebbleena chocolate chip

Quite a good profile mover, could be tidier out and back. Slightly down faced in head. Medium length of neck. Chest to elbow. Has a level topline.

3rd: 8733 BARNES, Mr & Mrs Steve & Jackie Uisce Beatha Tallowah du Regard Mordant

Limit b (1 abs)

Open b (2)

1st: 8739 PURNELL-CARPENTER, mrs Meg Overhills Double Impact

Very good b, who has a bit of width and a v steady temperament. She has a lengthy head. Good neck. Well balanced in angulation. could be firmer in topline. Very good mover. Felt she stood away in this entry BOB

2nd: 8737 PHELPS, Mrs T Pebbleena Piccalo

B with a bit of substance to her, paced most of the time. She could have a bit more neck. Wide front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Ok rear.

Veteran b (1)

1st: 8734 BARNES, Mr & Mrs Steve & Jackie Miss Scarlet du Regard Mordant to Tallowah

In v good form. She has some substance to her. Lengthy head. Ok neck. Level topline. Feet are quite good. Could be a little better in hind quarters. Just short steps a bit in front but uses her rear well. RBB BV

Jeff Horswell