• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Pekingese

Darlington. Pekingese

Veteran D ne

Puppy D (2)

1st: 6498 EASDON, Mr A & MARTIN, Mr P Yakee Expecting Miracles

Lovely puppy.He has a super head, wide, flat in skull. Dark, large eyes. Well placed nose. V good chin. He has enough neck. Broad chest. Short legs. Well ribbed back. Level topline with a well set tail. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Liked his width moving towards. Still carrying puppy coat. CC & BP

2nd: 6494 CLIFTON, Mrs Karen Hemmingway's Marley

Younger pup. He has v good dark eyes. Not the width of skull of 1 and slightly rounder. Enough neck. Could be wider in front. Well ribbed back with a level topline. High set tail. Uses his rear well moving.

Junior d (1 abs)

Post grad d (5,1)

1st: 6499 EASDON, Mr A & MARTIN, Mr P Yakee The Story Of My Life

11mths, best mover in class. He also has the best head. Wide in skull, which is fairly flat. Super eye and expression. Liked his width of jaw. Medium neck. He has a wide front. Well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Level topline with high set tail. Well made rear. Hairy white feet give illusion of lifting them slightly high.

2nd: 6502 HEAP, Mr & Mrs A & J Lorraine Shiera Devil In Disguise

Preferred his head and eye to 3. Skull is fairly wide. Dark, large eyes. Good size nose. Medium neck. Quite a wide front. Well sprung ribs. He could be shorter in loin. Slightly rounded in topline and low set tail. Well bent stifle.

3rd: 6490 BALDWIN, Mrs Yvonne Alyson Mezrab Eureka

Limit d (4)

1st: 6503 HEAP, Mr & Mrs A & J Lorraine Shiera Porthos at Sunsante

Has a fairly wide head. Good eyes with well placed nose. Medium beck. Tight elbows. Quite good width of chest. Level topline. Tail could be higher set. The few steps he put in were sound.

2nd: 6491 BENSON, Ms P Chisprite Code Breaker

Compact d who went well. Could have bigger eyes and nose. Fairly wide head with good width of muzzle. Medium neck. Fairly wide in front. Topline slightly arched. Rear ok.

3rd: 6500 EVANS SCHREIBER, Mrs Teresa Clare Baylight's Snow Storm (AX4)

Open d (3)

Quite an even class all with plenty of positive points.

1st: 6508 THOMAS, Mr Gary Ch. Jonsville Gucci

He has a wide head. Thought he had the best eyes and expression in this class. Well placed large nose and he has good open features. Would like him to have more chin. Medium neck. Wide in front, with chest well set elbows. Ribs go well back. Level in topline. High set tail. Good rear. Sound and active mover but not the width in front of the puppy. Lots of coat. RCC

2nd: 6496 EASDON, Mr A & MARTIN, Mr P Ch Yakee A Whimsical Notion

He too is a sound moving d. Has good width of skull. Would like a slightly more open face. He has good width of chest, and this is reflected when he moved. Could be a bit longer in rib. Level topline with a high set tail. Low hocks.

3rd: 6501 HEAP, Mr & Mrs A & J Lorraine Shiera D'Artagnan JW

Veteran b ne

Puppy b (2)

1st: 6507 MORLEY, Miss E & HITCHCOCK, Mr R Dinarth Daisy Mazie at Lizlanmor

Fem b who moved v well. Would like a wider and flatter skull. Has lovely eyes, dark, round and a typical expression. Well placed big nose. Moderate width of chest. Medium neck. Good shoulder and tight elbows. Well ribbed back.High set tail.

2nd: 6493 BENSON, Ms P Chisprite's Cracker

She is a good mover and well constructed. Could be wider in skull and she is rather heavy in over nose wrinkle. Fairly wide in front. Well set shoulders. Topline runs up slightly. High set tail.

Junior b (2,1)

1st: 6497 EASDON, Mr A & MARTIN, Mr P Yakee Wandering Star

Really super young b. She is fem, small and picks up v heavy. Wide front. Medium neck. Has a wide chest. V good shoulder. Well ribbed.. Level topline. High set tail. Good rear. RCC

Post grad b ne

Limit b ne

Open b (1)

1st: 6495 EASDON, Mr A & MARTIN, Mr P Ch Yakee The Contrary Mary

Very beautiful mature b in plenty of coat. She is small, fem and heavy. Super head. Broad skull. Lovely eye and expression. Well placed nose. Wide muzzle. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Tight elbows. Level topline. High set tail. Good rear. Moved v well. CC & BOB, congratulations on G1.

Jeff Horswell