• Show Date: 02/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Southern Counties. Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

I think this breed continues to improve and become more uniform in type. Movement is so much better than it was years ago, very few cross at either end, let alone both. Heads were all quite good in this entry too, or maybe exhibitors know what I like. Good to see very little exaggeration, this is a moderate breed.

Puppy D (1)

1st Place Flaxela Illuminati (Mrs P & Mr J Clarke)

Really super pup who doesn’t need to grow on. Super mover. He has a v good head with big black nose. Long neck. Very well balanced in his angulation. Compact body. Well set and carried tail. BP and was a contender for a green card.

Junior d (2)

1st Place Saffini Smooth Operator at Julibidd (Mr P L & Mrs J M Herbert)

Upstanding d. He has a well proportioned head. Big nose. Lengthy neck. Firm in topline. Moderate in his angulation but could have a longer stride. Soft coat.

2nd Place Eblanahalls Lord Flasheart (Mr D & Mrs L Pitts)

Could be. Little more of him. He has a good coat with a lovely shine. Liked his head. Lengthy neck. Could have better in movement.

Post grad d (3,1)

1st Place Denzilly Golden Compass (Ms E & Mr W Hookway & Mason)

Well proportioned d. He has a well balanced, masc head. Lengthy neck. Well balanced in angulation. Liked his topline. Would like a better tail. Moderate rear. Accurate on the move could have more stride.

2nd Place Kizzahla Naughty Boy (Mrs D A Rogers)

He is well proportioned. Long and masc head. Ok neck. Compact in body. Moderate in angulation. Good coat.

Limit d (2)

1st Place Silkcroft Shake It Off (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Well proportioned free moving d with a good coat. He has a good head of correct width. Lengthy neck. Could have a better shoulder. He is well ribbed back. Firm topline. V good tail. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

2nd Place House of Softy Indus (Imp Swe) (Mrs J Charleton)

Liked his correct proportions. Would prefer a better coat texture. He has a masc head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Well bent stifle, could just be more positive in hind action.

Open d (9)

Good class and fairly even with lots of worth CC winners.

1st Place Ch Greentree Gold Mombo to Denzilly (Imp Usa) (Ms J L & Mr G J Dowdy)

Lovely proportions and just out moved the others in the final run. Like his head although ears could be better. Good neck. Has a good front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Rear matches his front. In v good coat. CC top quality Wheaten

2nd Place Am/can Ch Silkcroft Freeze Frame JW Jww18 Bel Jun Ch (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Liked his proportions. He has a good head. Lengthy neck. Well made front and rear. Accurate on the move. He just lost his topline slightly in the final run but a v good d. RCC

3rd Place Northridge Me and Tennessee (Mr A D & Mrs L Thoburn)

Sp beginners d (1)

1st Place Eblanahalls Lord Flasheart (Mr D & Mrs L Pitts)

Veteran d/b (3,1)

1st Place Ch Silkcroft Sky Full of Stars ShCM Ir J Ch (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Fem b who went v well. She has a good head,it has length and strength yet still v fem. Lengthy neck. Well made front and rear. In correct coat.

2nd Place Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls ShCM ShCEx VW (Mrs L N Lui)

Like her proportions. She was a little unwilling to move. Liked her head. Well balanced in angulation. Good coat.

Good citizen d/b. Ne

So beginners b. Ne

Puppy b (4,1)

All real babies

1st Place Flaxela Flirtini at Daisymaes (Mr S & Mrs B Howes)

Was the most together of these. She is a good mover. Fem in head. Has enough neck.She is well balanced in angulation. Level topline. V promising.

2nd Place Northridge Hold Your Horses (Mr A D & Mrs L Thoburn)

She is a bit playful moving, which is fun to see. Good proportions and v well made. Liked her head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed back. Firm topline.

3rd Place Snowmeadow Treacle Toffee (Mr S & Mrs S Munn)

Junior b (4,1)

1st Place Silkcroft Wildest Dreams (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Shows so v well. She has a good outline She is feminine in head with length and strength. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to her elbow. Holds a level topline. Correct rear. Slightly over kicks at the rear. V good coat. RCC

2nd Place Saffini The Sweetest Taboo (Mrs S P & Mr N J Barrett)

She looks shorter legged than she is. She has a fem head. Long neck. Well balanced in angulation. Firm topline. Better coat than 3.

3rd Place Eblanahalls Gold Limerence (Mrs L N Lui)

Post grad b (4,1)

1st Place Northridge Galway Girl (Mr A D & Mrs L Thoburn)

Well proportioned b in lovely hard condition. She has a v good head. Long neck. Quite a good front. She is well bodied. Firm in topline. V good rear. Went well. Could have a better coat.

2nd Place Celtannia Madamex (Ms S & Mr C Black & White)

Not as good on the move as 1. She has a fem head. Better eyes than 3. Ok neck. Moderate and well balanced in her angulation. Well sprung ribs.

3rd Place Manawyddan Bizzy Lizzy (Mr & Mrs M Fallon)

Limit b (4)

1st Place House of Softy Indi Janeyjimjams (Imp Swe) (Mrs J Charleton)

Liked her proportions. She has a good head. Lengthy neck. Moderate and balanced in her angulation giving an even stride. Level topline. Well carried tail.

2nd Place Keevasdream White Linen JW (Mrs D & Mr S Springford)

Not as good in proportion as 1. She has a fem head if a little short. Medium neck. More hind angulation than front. Went well.

3rd Place Glendowan Golden Brandy (Mrs E & G C Gleeson)

Open b (12,3)

Good class to judge and all had a lot of merits. Found it easier to sort than the super open dog class.

1st Place Ch Silkcroft Born This Way JW (Mrs C L, Mr C W & Miss D Satherley & Witheyman)

Super b of excellent proportions and moved so v well. Liked her head. Lengthy neck. Good angulation front and rear. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Well set tail, although could be carried better. In great form here to take CC & BOB

2nd Place Snowmeadow Suzy Sixpence (Mr S & Mrs S Munn)

She is a very free mover. Not as good in head as 1. Lengthy neck. Well sprung ribs. Balanced in angulation. Good coat.

3rd Place Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW (Mrs L N Lui)

Jeff Horswell