• Show Date: 11/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club

I enjoyed judging at this very sporting show. An interesting entry and some tough decisions. Generally I thought the breed to be in a good place. No common faults and plenty of good dogs. Interesting to see overseas loines blended with UK, and often with great sicecss.

Puppy D (2,1)

1. Miteymidgets Modern Love

V much a baby but very promising. He has a v good head, wedge shape, good depth and strength, correct stop and well set dark eyes. Enough neck with a well laid shoulder. Just needs to develop in chest and firm in front action. Well ribbed back. Good topline. Moderate turn of stifle. Accurate moving away. Good feet. Lovely prospect, see he is by the BIS winner.

Junior d (2)

2 very different dogs, 1 has the better front and 2 the better rear.

1. Bisbee Branski Beat

Just 12 months. He has a wedge head, good depth. Slight stop. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Super deep feet. Well ribbed back, fairly flat ribs. Topline is ok. Good turn of stifle but turns hocks in slightly stood. V good tail carriage. Springy profile movement.

2. Dunkeswell Teal Pudsey

He has a v good masc wedge head. Medium neck and shoulder . Could have better feet. Correct length of body. Liked his topline. Well made rear, really well muscled up. Rather proud of his tail. Just needs to firm in front action.

Yearling d (3)

1. Miteymidgets New Vision

Really good young d. He has a super head (as did all from this kennel). Wedge shaped, deep and strong. Well set eyes. Could have a fraction more neck. Well laid shoulder with long and sloping upper arm. Good feet. Deep chest. Ribs are carried well back, wouldn’t want them sprung any more. Moderate rear. Accurate on the move and typical in profile, could just carry tail slightly lower. Pushed the open winner all the way. RCC

Novice d ne

Post grad d (1)

1. Kinnuva Summer Pearl

Just needs to be more settled. Typy d who is well balanced and moderate. Lengthy wedge head, could be stronger in muzzle. Enough neck. Has a fairly deep chest. Well ribbed back. Rear is very well muscled. Correct tail. Balanced stride.

Limit d (6,1)

1. Tunman Full Throttle at Jukenblu

Well balanced and proportioned d, who moved well. He has a good head, strength without coarseness. Good eye. Could have a bit more neck. Quite a good shoulder. Deep chest. Good feet. Could have slightly more arch to loin. Moderate rear, v well muscled and strong. Good feet.

2. Ozbreeze Surprise of the Day at Vakurblue

Close up and a shapely d. He has a strong, masc head. Ok neck and front. Good width of chest. Topline has arch. Needs to be better in rear, turns hocks in slightly on table and not as well muscled as 1. Overall a v good d.

3. Dunkeswell Teal Pudsey

Open d (6,2)

1. Ch Tcheria Tcharleston

Really good mature d. Holds his v good outline on the move. Liked his head, wedge shaped with strength. Good eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good depth and width of chest, giving correct horseshoe front. Well ribbed. Liked his topline. Carries tail well strong ear with moderate angulation. CC & RBIS

2. Ch Rhicullen Rennie Mac

Liked his outline. Has a better front and head than 3. Long and masc head. Dark eyes. Moderate neck. Fair lay of shoulder. Deep chest. Had a good topline. Moderate rear, could be better moving away. Plenty of him.

3. Bluesmurf Boogie Woogie

Veteran d (1)

1. Ch Yarbach Federers Final

He is a very good mover, accurate out and back with a springy typical profile. Liked his head, long and wedge shaped. Medium neck. Moderate and balanced in his angulation. Well ribbed back. Just a little extreme in his topline. Feet are ok.

Special beginners d (2,1)

1. Jobanker Rocky Road

He is a masc d with a balanced stride. Liked his proportions. Ribs go well back. Topline is ok.

Puppy b. (4,1)

1. Conekesheved To Shy

11mths and put in a polished performance against the 2 other v good pups having fun. She is really super and just needs a bit more maturity. Fem head of strength, wedge shapes and v fem. Correct neck into a well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Correct front. Excellent topline. Correct spring of rib. She has a moderate rear. Springy profile and v accurate in rear. Top quality b. Interesting to judge her in the breed having awarded her a strong puppy group at the National. CC & BIS

2. Rhicullen Rebel Heart

Rather naughty on table but went better than 3. Liked her length and strength in head. Enough neck. Fair lay of shoulder. Rather too straight stood in front. Topline is lengthy and flattens slightly as yet. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

3. Tcheria Sweet Tcharity

Junior b (6,2)

1. Devleigh Dirty Dancing

Very sound moving b. She has a fem head of strength, wedge shaped. Well set dark eyes. Medium neck. Well lais shoulder. Deep chest. Is a fraction long in back and flattens very slightly moving. Moderate rear angulation with strength and low hocks. Liked her very much.

2. Miteymidgets New Variant

Very dark colour. She is a good moving b of correct proportions. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front, just needs to fill a bit more. Good topline. Moderate rear.

3. Honeymist Pinky Promise at Chaselynne

Yearling b (4,1)

1. Jobanker Cotton Candy

She has v good proportions and holds her good topline on the move. Fem, wedge shaped head. Liked her eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Best front in class. Her chest goes down to elbow. Well ribbed back. Stands with hocks turned in slightly, but move straight,

2. Dunkeswell Pebble Run

Liked her proportions. She is fem in head. Moderate neck. Liked her width of chest. Good rear. Typical side gait, quite springy.

3. Toolbox Yes Why Not at Squidlyannes

Novice b (2,1)

1. Dunkeswell Pebble Run

Post grad b (8,3)

1. Jobanker Cotton Candy

2. Red Hot Chili of Lovely Star Generation at Silverkinn

She has a v good front and v good rear. Could be slightly more feminine in head, but wedge shaped with strength. Good eye colour. Lengthy neck. Her ribs go well back. Flatter in topline than ideal. She is accurate out and back and has an easy profile stride. Showed v well.

3. Rathsrigg Rosabella for Tobane

Limit b (4,1)

1. Miteymidgets Little Hottie at Squidlyannes

She has v good proportions and holds her outline moving. Wedge head, could be cleaner in cheek. Medium neck. Best shoulder in class. Fair width of front. Deep chest. Ribs are more rounded than ideal. Good topline. Moderate rear with low hocks. Parallel going away and springy stride.

2. Kinnuva Hawaiian Velvet

Liked her proportions. She has a v good head, wedge shaped and fem. Good eyes. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be slightly tidier in front. Deep chest. Correct spring of rib strong rear with the best hind action in this class.

3. Grace Iz Moskovskoy Bemty

Open b (9,5)

Closely contested class.

1. Pengerrig Pure Heart

Liked her length and strength head but clearly feminine. Enough neck. Stands straight in front. Could be deeper in chest. Liked her body and rib. Some arch to her loin. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Moves very well. RCC

2. Miteymidgets Love In Bloom

She is of v good proportions. Super head. Length neck Similar front to winner and also slightly loose. Liked her width and depth of chest. Slightly better topline than 1. Moderate rear, not as good in hind action as 1.

3. Rathsrigg Willow

Veteran b (5)

This was a good class.

1. Ch Miteymidgets Going Global

Liked her proportions and she was the best mover in this class. She has a super head. V good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed. Just enough arch in her topline. Moderate rear. Serious contented for highr awards. BV

2. Tcheria Tydfil of Pengerrig

Liked her proportions and balance. She has a v good head. Dark eye. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Liked her width of chest. Topline is ok. Moderate rear. Not as accurate on move as 1 but a v good bitch.

3. Miteymidgets Nations Unite at Jukenblu

Special beginners b (3,1)

1. Dunkeswell Pebble Run

2. Tunman Tip Top

She is quite shapely stood. Could just have a bit more depth chest and body. Fem in head. Her angulation is balanced. Topline slightly too arched on the move. Has a springy stride.

Stan stones memorial puppy stakes (1)

1. Miteymidgets Modern Love

Stan power memorial open stakes (2,1)

1. Dunkeswell Pebble Run

Jeff Horswell