• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Bullmastiff

Bath. Bullmastiff

Veteran D. ne

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 3507 WARREN, Mr William & WARREN, Mrs Amanda Yakee Tantalum of Copperfield

Promising pup who is light on his feet. Square skull. Correct length muzzle, which is wide. Super neck. Quite a good shoulder, can firm in pasterns. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Liked him v much. BP

Puppy d (2)

Both promising pups.

1st: 3473 ASTON, Mr R & ASTON, Mrs K Angel's Phoenix Mr Nielsson The Monkey Astonpride

Good proportions and liked his head. Square in skull. Well placed eyes. Good ears. Lengthy and strong neck. Well filled front. Rather upright in pastern. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Easy profile action.


Big strong d. Could have a bit more stop. Can fill in chest still. Well balanced in angulation. Good body. Accurate mover.

Junior d (2)

1st: 3502 TRIM, Mrs Emma & TRIM, Mr Daniel Carpe Diem Urbe Immortale with Roycepride (Imp) It

Thought he was the more imposing of these young males. Liked his strength of head and proportions. Strong neck. Can still fill in chest. Well ribbed. Needs to settle in topline and carries tail a bit high. Better mover than 2.

2nd: 3478 COLLIASS, Miss Anne Chalfs Starman at Oldwell

He is square and has a super topline. Rather short in muzzle. Strong neck. Quite good fill of chest. Moderate rear.

Yearling d (2)

Both top quality dogs who should gain their titles.

1st: 3500 SMITH, Miss L A & TODD, mrs Denise & TODD, mr Shau Alonzobar red sky for Delarhia

He has a slightly better front and is a v easy mover. Would prefer a slightly longer muzzle but has width. Super neck. Well laid shoulder. Good pasterns and feet. Well ribbed. Enough turn of stifle. Still needs to develop. Liked hos outline and movement for CC

2nd: 3490 MYERS, Mr Peter & MYERS, Mrs Deborah Optimus Douglas

Preferred the head of this d over 1. Square in skull and good length muzzle. Super neck. Well filled chest. Big ribs. Moderate rear.

Post grad d (4,1)

1st: 3503 MCLELLAN, Miss Chloe Copperfield Captain Tom

Well proportioned d of moderate type. Best mover in class. Square in skull. Lengthy neck. Well filled front. Well ribbed, level topline. Moderate rear.

2nd: 3493 PORTER, Miss Magda & BOWSER, Mr Marlon Araucaria Malus Sylvestis (AI)

Heavy d a bit too much towards mastiff. Imposing head and v good expression. Well filled in front. Quite a good mover.


Limit d (4)

1st: 3497 READER, Mrs E & BOWN, Mr D Constantine Luiz at Sundabish

He had the best head in this class. Liked his proportions. Square skull, v good ears. Correct length muzzle with v open nose. Strong neck. Quite good shoulders. Well sprung ribs. Ok topline. Moderate rear. Could be tidier coming towards. Uses his rear v well. RCC

2nd: 3481 FRESHNEY, Mrs C A Hyerdunscar Renaissance For Bullenca

V good type d. Slightly short in muzzle. Dark eyes and v good ears. Enough neck. He could have more fill of chest. Slightly long in back, but topline is ok. Moderate rear, which he uses well on move.

3rd: 3474 BRATCHIE, Miss C & BAILLIE, Mr C Essenceera Turn The Magic On At Skookumbull JW

Open d (6,1)

1st: 3488 MYERS, Mr Peter & MYERS, Mrs Deborah Ch Optimus Danzy Jones (ai) JW

He is a v light and easy mover. Liked his head. Enough length of muzzle. Eyes could be darker. Well filled front. Strong neck. Ok shoulders, slightly shorter in back than 2. Well made rear which he uses well. Could be better coming towards.

2nd: 3506 WARREN, Mr William & WARREN, Mrs Amanda Copperfield Dando At Heronsview

Has a square skull. Eyes could be tighter. Enough muzzle. Good neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Good rear which he uses v well, again could be tider in front.

3rd: 3495 PORTER, Miss Magda & BOWSER, Mr Marlon Araucaria Sambucus Nigera (AI)

Special beginners d/b (1)


Veteran b ne

Minor puppy b (1)


Typy and fem pup, just needs to come together on the move. Could be slightly longer in muzzle. Strong neck. Well filled front. Level topline. Ok rear.

Puppy b (1 abs)

Junior b (1 )

1st: 3475 BRATCHIE, Miss C & BAILLIE, Mr C The Love And Hope Is Dvariskiu At Skookumbull (IMP

Strong but fem b of good proportions. Square in skull. Could be slightly longer in muzzle. Lengthy neck. Needs to fill in chest. Well sprung ribs. Just a bit untidy out and back but good in profile.

Yearling b (3)

1st: 3480 DOWNS, Mrs Nicola & DOWNS, Mr Dan Optimus Mulberry

Fem b of strength. Preferred her head and bone to 2. Enough neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Ok rear. Lengthy stride.

2nd: 3477 COLLIASS, Miss Anne Endlessacres Sybil at Oldwell

She is short in back. Square in skull. Medium neck. Topline could be more level. Moderate in angulation.

3rd: 3491 MYERS, Mr Peter & MYERS, Mrs Deborah Optimus Gotcha Go

Post grad b (1 abs)

Limit b (3,1)

1st: 3496 READER, Mrs E & BOWN, Mr D Sundabish Belle Of The Ball

Free moving b of good proportions. She has a v good head. Square in skull, correct length of muzzle and good chin. Strong neck. Wide, well filled front. Ok shoulders. Well ribbed back. She has enough hind angulation. Goes away well, could be tidier in front. RCC

2nd: 3508 WOOD, Mrs Andrea & SPENCER, mrs Michelle islekeepers this is me

Fem b. Square in skull. Could have a stronger chin. Well filled chest. A bit slack in pastern. Deep chest. Well spring ribs. Could be tidier out and back.

Open b (5)


She was just that bit tidier in up and back movement than her competition. Liked her head, which is feminine yet still with strength. Square in skull. Good length muzzle with dark, well set eyes. Lengthy neck. Well filled front. Quite good shoulder. Well sprung rib. Strong loin. Moderate rear which is v well muscled. CC & BOB

2nd: 3501 TRIM, Mrs Emma & TRIM, Mr Daniel CH Royceprides Drama Queen

She has a v good profile gait. Just a bit long in back. Would like a stronger muzzle. Well set ears. Enough neck. Chest to elbow. Well sprung ribs. Good turn of stifle and low hocks.

3rd: 3486 LINDLEY, Mrs J Ch Hyerdunscar Pardn My French

Jeff Horswell