• Show Date: 02/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jean Singh Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Terrier Club

Breed: Border Terrier



I would like to thank the Secretary of the National Terrier Club and committee members for their warm welcome and superb hospitality. I had a nice entry of 113. Inevitably there were some absentees. It was encouraging to see young handlers in the ring and I hope they continue to enjoy the show scene.

I found three wry mouths and one exhibit with a kink tail. A couple of exhibits were in need of muscle tone and condition. This is achievable by good feeding and exercise and not starvation. My thanks go to my very capable stewards who kept the proceedings running smoothly.


1. HEELEY – THISTLEMEAD HARMONY JW – pleasing otter head, strong muzzle and keen expression. She was a nice size and of good bone. Straight front and was spannable. Her coat was harsh and pelt was thick. Movement was sound both ways. Pleased to see she won SBG3.

2. SWAIN – WESTSTAR LONE RANGER AT ARDENHOLM - Blue and tan . Nice dog with a good otter head, dark eyes and pleasing expression. He was spannable, has a nice straight front and correct bone. I liked his outline with level topline and tail set. Moved well.


MINOR PUPPY DOG (5 – 1 ab)

1. HORNER – STINEVAL LAMBERT – Smart puppy who stood out in this class. Masculine head, not overdone, nice dark eye, strong muzzle and had a correct bite. He is good for bone, has neat feet and a straight front. Nice in ribs and well angulated hindquarters. Balanced in appearance with a level topline and carrot tail. Was at one with his handler and showed well. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed.

2. SUTTON – PIPRUDA DARK RUM AT BECKHOLM – Similar in size to the winner. Ok in head, neck and shoulders. He was spannable and coat of good texture. Not as sound in movement as the winner.


PUPPY DOG – (4 – 1 ab)

1. BEAN – MANORCROFT MR BRIGHTSIDE – Handsome puppy. His head was a good otter shape, correct scissor bite and a strong muzzle. Nice dark eye and well placed ears. Correct in neck and shoulders, easily spanned, straight front and neat feet. His hindquarters were angulated which enabled him to move with drive. He was in good muscle tone and second thigh was evident.

2. STEVENS – COBSTONEWAY STAND BY ME – His outline was good as was his size. Coat was harsh and his pelt was thick. He has good ribs and I was able to span him. Slightly weak in pasterns and not the condition of the winner.


JUNIOR DOG – (4 – 2 ab)

1. GODDARD – AWBROOKSKY NEVER BACK DOWN JW – eyecatching dog, pleasing in head, correct bite, strong jaw. Ideal in size, he was spannable and well muscled. Very good outline and tail carriage. He has correct bone and neat feet. Rear movement was purposeful and with drive. Front movement has improved with age. New coat coming through but enough to win him his class with ease. Showed well.

2. SPENCE – FOXWATER CAPTAIN SCARLET – reserve in SB. Up to size, he has a good coat and pelt, masculine head, scissor bite. Front angulation was a little straight. He has a slight rise over his loin which spoilt the overall picture. Not as positive in rear movement as the winner.

YEARLING DOG (3 – 2 ab)

1. LOWRY – RAVENSIDE HELISSIO – Masculine head with a nice dark eye and scissor bite. Good neck and level topline with correct tail carriage. He was well muscled with second thigh in evidence. Hindquarters were angulated and rear movement was positive. He was in good harsh double coat with a nice thick pelt. Moved well both ways.

NOVICE DOG – (3 - 2 ab)

1. BREWSTER AND GREEN – Stowthorney Sands of Time – Third in puppy dog. Still a raw puppy with time on his side. He has a straight front, harsh coat and was spannable. Ok in head with a good scissor bite. Rear movement was good but front not as positive.

GRADUATE DOG – (4 – 2 ab)

1. GOLDING - BEACONPIKE DIONYSUS – an honest type of dog. He was presented in good hard condition with a pin wire double coat. He has a plyable pelt good ribs and is easily spanned. His head is a good otter shape, strong muzzle,scissor bite and nice ear placement which gave him a keen expression. His front was straight with good bone and neat feet. Pleasing angulation and second thigh in evidence. He moved with purpose and drive. RDCC

2. JOHNSON – KENTIXEN MINT IMPERIAL AT ROSEGHYLL – Rather long in foreface which spoilt he overall expression. Good for bone and ribs and I was able to span him. Unfortunately out of coat.

POST GRADUATE DOG – (6 – 2 ab)

1. GWILLIAM – FISHERBLOOM DON’T STOP ME NOW AT LOUAJAK – I liked his size and otter shaped head with nicely place ears. He was presented in good coat and condition. His angulation was evident and movement was sound.

2. Swian – Weststar Lone Ranger at Ardenholm.


LIMIT DOG – (10)

1. MAY & WHISKER – THISTLESTONE GLENFIDDICH – a difficult class as type and size were varied. Scored in bone and overall racy lines. His head was of a nice otter shape with a strong muzzle and correct bite. He has a good reach of neck and shoulders. He was spannable and was balanced in appearance. Movement was sound, showed well.

2. MCKAY – ACHOUFFE MCKAY’S FABLE OF REDESHOLT - Up to size and of heavier bone than the winner. He has a strong jaw and a good otter head. He was presented in good double coat and condition. He was spanable with allowance. His front movement was ok however his rear movement was wide. He has a good topline and tailset, showed well.


OPEN DOG – (4)

1. GILPIN – CH. OTTERBOBS TOLSON – what a first rate dog, lovely for size and bone. He has a super otter head, neat ears with dark eyes and a strong muzzle . His front was straight with tight feet. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. He was easily spanned and has pleasing ribs. His loin was strong and hindquarters were well angulated. He was presented in good double coat and has a thick pelt. His is balanced in appearance, has a level top line and a good carrot tail. His movement was sound and purposeful, a great showman. DCC and BOB delighted that he was shortlisted for BIS.

2. LEE – CH. YORKPIECE FIERY LUCIFER (IMP CZE) – blue and tan, a worthy champion. He has a lovely outline and tailset. Nice masculine head with pleasing earset. His muzzle was strong and has a good scissor bite. Pleasing in neck and ribs. Balanced throughout and is a great showman.


VETERAN DOG – (4 -2 ab)

1. JOHNSON – BLUE DUKE OF CUMBRIA AT ROSEGHYLL – 10 years old and in great condition for his age. Ideal for size and bone, he was spannable and his coat was harsh and of good texture. He moved well both ways and seemed to enjoy his day out.

2. JODAN-SMITH - GLEBEHEATH SMASH N’GRAB AT JORDITH – 7 years old. Good topline and tailset, strong head and nice expression. He moved soundly around the ring and showed well.


1. THOMSON – LAIRHOPE MINGLE – Feminine head, good otter shape, dark eye. Ok for bone and she has neat feet. I was able to span her and she has a nice topline. Movement was sound.

2. KHATCHIKIAN – JRASAMUYE NINA GOLOVKINA – This puppy has a thick pelt and I was able to span her in spite of her carrying a tad too much weight. Her head was feminine but lacked strength of jaw. Rear movement was ok, front movement was not as positive.


1. HEELEY – THISTLEMEAD SCENTSATION - this puppy has a lovely feminine head and expression. Her front was straight, she has good bone and shoulders. She has a thick pelt and was shown in enough coat to warrant her placement. Her outline was pleasing and moved well.

2. ILLINGWORTH – NORTHBORDERS PINOT TO THORNYHURST – another promising puppy. Similar lines to the winner. Pleasing in head and expression. Coat was of good texture, moved sound and showed well.


JUNIOR BITCH (8 – 4ab)

1. SHIELDS & GLEN – LIATCH MADAM POMMERY AT WILHOLME – She was sporting an excellent pin wire coat, has a level topline and a good tail carriage. I liked her size and she was easily spanned. She was presented in good condition and showed well.

2. MORTON-SHAW – FEHMARN CELTIC FLAME – balanced otter head, good scissor bite and pleasing expression. She is a nice size and has good bone. Movement was sound, unfortunately short of coat today.



1. LEE - WINTERGARDEN BLUESTOCKING AT TYTHROP - blue and tan – a very eyecatching bitch, superb outline and tail set. Her coat was a good texture and she has a thick pelt. Pleasing in head and expression, neat ears and strong jaw. Correct shoulders and good ribs. She was spannable and her hindquarters were nicely angulated . Movement was true both ways and she showed well. RBCC

2. HAUGHTON – FOXWATER DESTINY ANGEL AT CHORBECK – maybe not the presence of the winner but still an honest bitch. She is a nice size, feminine head, pleasing expression, neat ears. I was able to span her, her coat was good and was presented in good condition. Movement was positive both ways.


NOVICE BITCH (3 – 1 ab)

1. NORTH – NORTHBORDERS CHIANTI – blue and tan – 4th in the puppy class. Handy size, good bone and neat feet. She has a pleasing head, and has time to strengthing in muzzle. Coat was good and she showed well. Movement was ok.

2. JONES – OTTERHOLME UNDERGROUND - Slightly longer in body than winner. Pleasing in head and expression. Rear movement was sound however failed in front movement to winner.


1. HALL – BORDERRUSH MAGIC BEAN – 4th in yearling bitch – was shown in a good coat and has enough bone. She was up to size movement was ok.


1. BARRETT – HOWTHWAITE’S RESOLUTION – I liked her otter shaped head, short muzzle and scissor bite. She has a thick pelt and there was evidence of coat coming through. She is nicely angulated, rear movement was sound as was her front . Her size was good, a good show girl.

2. HALL – OTTERWOOD AURA AT BORDERRUSH – blue and tan – slightly stronger made than the winner. She has a pleasing head, good bite and nice expression. Her coat was of a good texture. Her front was straight and shoulders were nicely angulated. Movement was sound both ways.


LIMIT BITCH – (13 – 5 ab)

1. WILLMITT – GOLDENMILL HARVEST FANTASY – nice size, very balanced in outline, she has a strong loin, level topline and a good tailset. She was presented in a pin wire coat. I liked her lay of shoulder and angulated hindquarters. Pleasing in head, although lacking in face furnishings her muzzle was strong and her bite was good. Her movement was very sound both ways and she showed well.

2. REGAN – DIGMOOR SOLAR AQUARIUS – another quality bitch of correct size, good otter head, strong muzzle and keen expression. She is balanced in outline, movement was sound both ways due to her correctly angulated shoulders and hindquarters. She was in good coat and condition.


OPEN BITCH – (10 – 1 ab)

1. GUVERCIN – CH. GLEBEHEATH BUTTON IT (AI) - an eyecatching bitch, she is a lovely size with correct bone. Her head is a good otter shape with a strong muzzle and correct scissor bite. Lovely expression and neat ears. Neck was of a good length with nicely laid shoulders. She is easily spanned with racy qualities. Her front was straight with neat feet. Hindquarters were angulated and second thigh was evident. Her overall outline was good, topline was straight and carried her carrot shaped tail well. Movement was sound both ways. BCC

2. SANSOM - TARKASWELL HIGH FIDELITY – a nice bitch throughout. I liked her size, otter head and neat ears. She is narrow and racy in appearance. She has good bone, is spannable and has a plyable pelt. Angulation is good and was in good condition. Showed well.


VETERAN BITCH (6 – 2 ab)

1. STEVENS – CH. COBSTONEWAY LOVE SONG JW ShCM – 8 years old, sporting a good harsh double coat, pleasing outline with a good neck and shoulders. Level topline with a good tailset . She was in excellent condition and movement was sound.

2. JOHNSON – CROSBY DARK DUTCHESS AT ROSEGHYLL - 10 years old, I liked her head and expression and her bite was good. Coat was a good texture and she was spannable. She was in good condition and moved around the ring well.