• Show Date: 02/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jean Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Rottweiler

My thanks to the committee of Scottish Kennel Club for their invitation to judge the breed and thank you to the exhibitors for their entries. My compliments to you on the temperaments of your dogs, with only a couple of exceptions they were calm and sociable. Movement and construction is of some concern especially front movement, and attention on some dogs could be paid to muscle tone. I found at least three dogs with very long nails which impacted on the tidiness of the feet when standing and on the move.

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 1 abs)

1st Baillie & Toppings’ Rottsworth Lorenzo Von Stairvale. At 7 months old standing on good bone and feet, nice well marked puppy in good condition and with an excellent temperament. Very pleasing head of good proportions, dark almond eye giving a nice expression. Good muzzle and excellent lips. Well placed ears, nice neck on good withers. Excellent chest and fore-chest for his age. Side gait was fluid and positive, slightly loose coming. Stood and handled well.

2nd Parry’s Gilcoru Rhodri The Great TAF. 8 months old another promising puppy of good size and development in body. Nicely proportioned with a good head type. Dark eye and ears of good size and set. Good Lips and pigment. Topline a little soft at the moment. Balanced angulations, just needs to develop in chest. Steady movement sideways could be cleaner coming.

3rd Bennett’s Jantavia Rebel Rebel.

Puppy Dog (1, 0)

1st Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Lucky Strike. Beautiful pup 10.5 months of excellent type, so well put together, of good proportions and size and stands on good bone. Excellent coat and markings and in excellent condition he presents a lovely profile. Nicely balanced head, clean well pigmented lips, good depth and strength to muzzle. Dark well shaped eye with excellent expression, ears good for size and set. Excellent neck merging onto defined withers with an excellent topline and croup. So well developed in chest and fore-chest, even at this age, and well angulated. Strong positive movement while holding his shape, he kept catching my eye in the challenge and it was a pleasure to award him the Dog CC and Best Puppy. Will watch his progress with interest, I’m sure he has a bright future ahead.

Junior Dog (4,0)

1st Lambrt’s Seittor Fast Love. 13 month old moderate dog at an immature stage. Good proportions in the body. Pleasing head with a dark eye giving a nice expression, excellent ears for size and set. Good neck, topline, croup and tail set. Needs to fill out more in chest. Moving well on the side gait.

2nd Carmichael’s Kayshillblue Zeus of Lorayla JW. 14 months old male scored on overall development in the body, stood well on good bone and feet with positive movement. Strong head showing a little too much wrinkle for my taste and rounder eye dropped him to 2nd place in this class.

3rd Bunton’s Seittor Look of Love.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Ambassador. 4 years masculine with good bone, stands a little long in loin and feet could be better, nails need clipping. Strong head, dark eye which could be more almond shaped. Good muzzle, clean lips, some loss of pigment. Ears of good size and well set. Excellent strong neck and topline. Excellent angulations and development in chest and fore-chest. Good side gait, could be cleaner coming.

Limit Dog (5,0)

1st Lee’s Fantasa Curve Ball 4 years old upstanding dog winning the class on movement. In good muscular condition, he stands on good bone and feet, strong masculine head of good proportions, moderate pigment, dark eye and well set ears of good size. Excellent neck on strong withers, firm topline with excellent chest and fore-chest. Balanced angulations giving sound positive movement while holding his shape. Res Dog CC

2nd Welsh’s Rottsworth Jaguar Via Dyrockbrook 4 years of age, stylish dog presenting a nice outline standing. Good bone and proportions with a pleasing head, eye and expression. Excellent lips and pigment. Strong neck and withers, nicely angulated. Stood well but lost shape on the move which could be leaner coming.

3rd Hunter & Finlayson’s Varenka The Mediator

Open Dog (4,1)

1st Dunnhill-Halls Ch Fantasa Blu Diablo. 4 years. Medium size with substance and bone. Presented in hard condition. Masculine head of good type, mid-brown eye, little hard in expression, excellent ears for size and set. Strong neck and withers onto firm topline and excellent croup. Well developed in chest and fore-chest. Stood well on good feet. Movement well all ways.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhrova’s Apocalypto Desperado. 4 years Excellent type, with good bone and proportions. Pleasing head with excellent lips and pigment, nice dark well shaped eye. Excellent development in body. Feet and nails could have been tidier Moved well on the side gait but could be cleaner coming.

3rd Bunton’s Jacraila Valdemar.

Good Citizen Dog (2,0)

1st George’s Andimar Cotton Eye Joe. 15 months, raw young male in good condition. Masculine head, dark eye could be more almond shaped. Stood on good bone with a clean outline. Good neck and topline, needs to develop in chest. Side gait was good needs to clean up coming and going.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Ambassador.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2)

1st Baillie & Toppings’ Rottsworth Love Von Stairvale. Two promising puppies, winner just having the edge on development. 7 months nice proportions, feminine with a pleasing balanced head, excellent ears for size and set. Nice feminine eye. Excellent neck and withers. Topline needs to settle, balanced angulations giving good side gait, a little loose in front at the moment.

2nd Carmichael & Yardley’s Stairvale Gisela. 6 months, lovely type, feminine head with good eye and expression. Stands on good bone and feet. Typical puppy movement with soft topline at the moment.

Junior Bitch (7,1)

1st Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Lucky Seven. 10.5 months excellent type, good strength and bone and well developed in body. Good coat and condition. Balanced feminine head, well-shaped dark eye. Excellent ears. Strong clean neck and withers, firm topline, excellent chest and well angulated. Positive and clean on the move.

2nd Lambert’s Seittor Lovebug JW. 12 months and developing nicely. Moderate, feminine bitch of medium size, with a pleasing head and eye. Good neck and topline, balanced angulations, moved well.

3rd Baillie & Topping Kayshillblue Nyx at Stairvale.

Post Grad Bitch (4,1)

1st Simpson’s Apocalypto Famba by Rominjay. Excellent size and proportions with a clean outline and in good coat and condition. Good head properties, excellent neck and topline. Good chest. Good angles behind little straight in upper arm. Movement was good all ways.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Taneven Alexa. Lovely 2 years old female of excellent type who needs more confidence to show her best qualities. Well development in body, standing on excellent bone. Good proportions, strong balance head. Excellent chest and forechest. Excellent angulations giving powerful movement. She pulled herself together for the critique and showed off her excellent neck and shape.

3rd Headspeath’s Vitalpara Marie.

Limit Bitch 5(2)

1st English & Lamberts’ Seittor Time to Shine. Attractive 2 year old bitch in excellent coat and condition. Lovely clean outline with good balance, feminine, pleasing head with excellent lips and pigment. Nice eye and expression. Excellent neck on defined withers with a firm topline. Good chest and fore chest. Nicely angulated and positive on the move. Just would like her feet a little neater. Res CC Bitch

2nd Robertson’s Reikkson Bug A Lou. Another nice female nicely made, well developed in the body. Angulations moderate although balanced and sound on the move.

3rd. Thomson’s Tikaram Veronica

Open Bitch (3,0)

1st Dunhill-Hall’s Ch/Rus Ch Farvist Gold Candy Fantasa. Mature bitch of 3 years displaying strength yet feminine. Standing on excellent bone of good proportions and in super hard condition. Balanced head with strength to muzzle, excellent eye and ears. Strong neck and shoulders, firm topline. Excellent development in chest and fore chest. Well angulated front and back giving very sound powerful movement. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC and BOB and see her go on to Working Group 2nd.

2nd Lambert’s Ch Seittor Frozen in Time. 2 years old moderate bitch, lovely head and eye. Good lips and excellent ears. Clean neck well set on good withers and firm topline. Good chest, little moderate in upper arm, moved with purpose.

3rd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Barracuda.

Special Beginner’s Bitch (1,0)

1st. Crossan & Muncie’s Taneven Bloom of Mahanovemi. 12 months old on the tall side and at a rangy stage, needs to fill into her frame. Well-presented and handled. Head is still developing, feminine expression. Good neck and topline, stood well on tight feet. Moderately angled, moving positively just needs to tidy up in front.

Good Citizen Bitch (1,0)

1st. Thompson’s Tikaram Veronica. 6 years old who today unfortunately was lame although clearly enjoying her time in the ring with her handler. Of excellent type standing on good bone and well proportioned, she was carrying a bit too much weight which affected her under carriage. Pleasing head, eye and expression. Good neck, held her topline ok. Excellent chest and fore-chest and well angulated front and back.

Jean Lawless