• Show Date: 18/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Bracco Italiano



Veteran Dog (1)

1st: BELL & MADDOX Sh Ch Owlspoint Master Of Trouble Sh.CM ShCEx.

Very pleasing head proportions, desired planes and good width to foreface. Excellent forehand, elbows tight in, firm and strongly made through body. Well muscled hindquarters, good length of thigh and strong hocks. He is all male yet has no coarseness about him. He ticks all the boxes for breed type and one that moved soundly with drive and precision today, he is at one with his handler. Presented in excellent muscular condition, Best Veteran, Res CC and pleased to see him take Veteran Group 4. Well done

Junior Dog (1)

1st: GOODE & GOODE’S Viljetun's Viking Sigurd (Imp Nor) at Brackenvale.

A raw youngster at that in between growth stage. He has the best of heads, long with desired planes, correct ear length and that bracco spongy nose. He has well laid shoulders, strong pasterns, matching rear angulation and has the best of tight feet. Moved out well on a good stride and has correct head carriage, with time should do very well.

Limit Dog (3)

1st: HURST’S Braccorions Quest For Glory

I found this a very mixed class, my first had the most attractive headpiece, with good eye shape and colour, nicely chiselled under eye and correct earset. Good front assembly with ample forechest, well sprung ribs. He would benefit from moving slower as he tended to swing his hocks about.

2nd: BELL & MADDOX Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint

Built on a finer frame than my winner and I would prefer more substance. Having said that he is well put together throughout, with balanced body proportions. I liked his head with correct planes and muzzle. A very precise mover with good extension and drive.

3rd: SANDERSON’s Owlspoint Trouble Again JW

Open Dog (5)

1st: SANDERSON’s Owlspoint Trouble At Mill Bwnl'18 Sh.CM ShCEx.

This quality dog presented a typical square outline when stacked. He is very strongly made throughout with good oval bone. He has the best of heads with correct divergent planes, typical nose and deep muzzle. Good straight front assembly, strong pasterns and has adequate rear angulation which made him so balanced in profile. He has a correct elastic shiny jacket and terrific muscle tone, which I found lacking in some exhibits. He covered the ground so easily with driving rear action off sound hocks and had correct head carriage. Pleased to award him the CC.

2nd: JACKSON’S Sh Ch Gunsyn Tusk

Another quality male slightly finer built than my winner. Very clean cut and pleasing in head, attractive expression with good eye colour. Correct front assembly, strong neck, adequate depth to body and well ribbed. He has good feet but would benefit from shorter nails, shown in his best taut and glossy coat. His hindquarters are so well muscled with correct angulation and he has excellent sound movement, driving well from behind.

3rd: TOWNS Ooh La La Du Clos Petites Vignes

Puppy Bitch (3)

My first and second were two quality litter sisters of super breed type.

1st: WHITNEY’s Whitgun Rhythm is a Dancer

This puppy has the most attractive head, occiput is well defined, long leathers and such a mischievous expression. Good straight front with adequate oval bone, she already has pleasing depth of body and has correct rear angulation and strong hocks. She moved steadily and soundly for such a baby. Best Puppy.

2nd: SANDERSON’S Whitgun U'Can't Touch this at Walwal

Beautiful head of correct proportions with lean cheeks and correct muzzle. Strong through neck and already presents a typical balanced outline. She is built on a slightly bigger frame than her littermate and carrying a little extra weight today. Well angulated stifles and tight feet. Moved well for a baby.

3rd: DUBOIS Withamfriary Veni Vidi Vici

Junior Bitch (5)

1st: JACKSON’S Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint (Imp It)

This young bitch was an easy winner here for her overall type and construction. She is feminine throughout yet has adequate bone and substance. I liked her head shape and proportions with kind eye and expression. She has a good straight front with adequate depth to chest, strong loin and well-developed hindquarters with good length of thigh. Probably not the easiest bitch to handle but once settled and she decided to co-operate, she moved with drive covering the ring well.

2nd: Whitgun U'Can't Touch this at Walwal (repeat)

3rd: ROSE Braccorions Wishes Come True For Piccorino

Limit Bitch (2)

1st: COGHLAN’S Braccorion's Va Va Voom

This young bitch was my find of the day. Correct head proportions with desired divergence, adequate muzzle depth, pleasing eye colour and retains a feminine kind expression. Excellent forehand with strong pasterns, matching rear angulation and strong hocks. She is a lovely size and when stacked presents an excellent balanced outline with square appearance and adequate length of leg. She was full of happy enthusiasm in the ring, but once settled she moved powerfully covering the ground well. Presented in tip top muscular condition and lovely glossy jacket. My CC winner and BOB and pleased to see was shortlisted in a quality group. Well done

2nd: Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint (Imp It) (repeat)

Open Bitch (2)

1st: CRITCHLEY’S Sh Ch Braccorion's Never Say Never JW

I judged this bitch as a puppy and found her a very promising prospect. Attractive feminine lean head, dark expressive eyes with adequate chiselling below. Excellent front with elbows close in, she has good depth to chest, well ribbed and correct rear angulation.She is well off for bone and substance and has that desired square outline. On the move she has excellent drive and extends well. Well handled, my Res CC winner.

2nd: WHITNEY’S Owlspoint Faith In Trouble.

This quality bitch has the most attractive head, visible occiput, adequate stop and lovely long leathers. Excellent front assembly with correct body proportions. Ribs well sprung and stifles are well angulated and strong loin. Today she was not in her best condition, she had a loose underline which spoilt her overall appearance when stacked. Moved out well with good extension and correct head carriage.

       Jean Byrne (Judge)