• Show Date: 23/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Irish Setter



Many thanks to the Manchester Committee for my judging invitation and for their kind hospitality and to my two efficient stewards. I was blessed with a lovely large ring which gave me the opportunity to assess the movement of exhibits in full. I was very pleased with the overall quality of my entry I had some top quality dogs to judge and I was thrilled to see my BOB take Gundog Group 2.

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: DANKS-KEMISH, Copper's Welcome To The Party At Alolfrana

Two very promising babies in this class. My first had a lovely balanced head, well laid shoulders and good straight front. Correct amount of rear angulation and firm loin and so well put together for a youngster. He moved so soundly and steadily with confidence to take BPIB

2nd: KNIVETON, & DANKS-KEMISH, Alolfrana May King a Scene for Orstone

Not as positive in front movement as my winner but developing well. Correct head proportions, dark eye and kind expression. Presented a smart outline when stacked with good spring of rib and adequate bend of stifle. Another confident youngster on the move.

Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: GREENAN & HOPEWELL, Lochlorien No Offence Juleset

A strongly made youngster with good bone and substance. Pleasing in head with correct earset. Good straight front assembly and well ribbed. Well made hindquarters but would prefer more rear angulation, he was tending to crab on the move today.

2nd: NEEDS, Covarney it takes Time

Masculine well proportioned head with kind expression. Has straight front with good length of neck, but needs to drop in chest, he is at that rangy growth stage just now. Well turned stifle and moved out well.

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: MURRAY Bluebyeyou Love Affair At Derrydore

Well boned throughout and presented a balanced outline when stacked. Quite strong in head but has kind expression. Well arched strong neck with correct front assembly, well developed hindquarters and stood on strong hocks. Moved out well with good topline and correct tail carriage.

2nd: CORLESS Swiftlark Invincible

Pleasing head and expression, heavier built throughout, has well developed forechest, strong rear quarters with good width to thigh. Today he was not co-operating with his owner and unfortunately he would not settle on the move.

Yearling Dog (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: ALLEN, BOTT & MORGAN, Quensha Take A Bow

This striking dog really took my eye, he commands attention and is full of ring presence. He has a super masculine head of correct proportions, raised brows and low set ears. Clean over neck with excellent forehand, good depth to chest, well sprung ribs and firm well constructed body. Strong hindquarters with good width to thigh and correct turn of stifle. I loved his rich coat colour and he was turned out in tip top condition. He is so stylish and excelled on the move, in tandem with his handler. Pleased to award him the CC in tough competition. A very exciting prospect for the future.

2nd: HEMMINGS, Orlanset Mandolin

Really loved the head and expression on this young dog. He is very well constructed throughout, well laid shoulders with good depth of chest and has correct rear angulation. Of a different type to my winner and nowhere near as mature, but very soundly made throughout. Moved with drive with correct tailset but tended to outrun his handler today.

3rd: MILLIGAN-BOTT & BOTT, Mr J Thendara Tiger Dance

Graduate Dog (11 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: GISBY, Suteresett Rum Tum Tugger

This dog stood out for his overall shape and balanced outline. Lovely refined head and expression, strong neck and correct shoulder lay. Correct amount of upperarm, well sprung ribs and well made hindquarters with strong hocks. Very positive and free flowing on the move.

2nd: WALKER Gwendariff's Flags are Flyin

Built on a larger frame to my winner. Liked his head and expression. He is very well put together throughout with well laid shoulders, good body proportions and well made quarters with adequate angulation. Moved steadily with correct tail carriage.

3rd: PINE Seowns Snoops

Post-Graduate Dog (12 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: HEMMINGS Orlanset A New Flame

A very smart youngster of good size and so well balanced throughout. Handsome head with correct oval skull, best of fronts with well sloped shoulders. Hindquarters well muscled and strong hocks. A sound free mover but carrying too much weight today.

2nd: NEEDS, Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford

This dog presented a smart balanced outline when stacked. Masculine in head with lovely expression. Shoulders well sloped and deep in chest adequate rear angulation He moved out well but tended to have a high tail carriage.

3rd: DEIGHTON Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp Bel)

Limit Dog (13 Entries) Abs: 3

I was splitting hairs in this quality class with my final placings decided on movement.

1st: ROFFEY Gwendariff Lucy's Legacy

This dog really caught my eye, he is masculine throughout, yet has an elegance about him. When stacked his outline is so balanced with good reach of neck, correct shoulders and matching rear angulation. He was shown in hard muscular condition and super coat. He powered round the ring with reach and drive to win the class. In contention for top honours today.

2nd: MUIR Sh Ch Gwendariff I'm Comin Out JW

An upstanding honest dog with an impressive outline. Excels in head and expression, strong arched neck and the best of fronts, with correct shoulder lay. He is firm throughout body with strong loin. Adequate sweep to stifle and stands on strong hocks. A sound and precise mover.


Open Dog (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: STOCKTON Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

Judged this dog as a promising raw junior and what a super specimen he has made. Beautiful head and expression with kind dark eye, strong neck with desired arch and excellent front assembly. He has correct rear angulation and just flows from head to tail giving a picture of quality and balance. He moved out well with reach and drive, has a great partnership with his handler. Res CC

2nd: EDWARDS Sh Ch Gwendariff Ucan'tmissme Bonhomie

Another top quality dog, superbly balanced throughout. Close decision but preferred the head and expression of my winner. Excellent forehand, good depth of chest strong over loin and lovely sweep to stifle. A sound true mover and presented in tip top coat and condition.

3rd: DANKS-KEMISH Sh Ch Alolfrana Hotter Than U'know JW ShCEx

Veteran Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: ROWBOTTOM Sh Ch Lanstara Spring Moon

One I judged as a youngster and definitely doesn’t present like a Veteran. Excellent head with lovely expression and good muzzle. Strong neck and the best of fronts, deep in chest, very firm body and strong loin. Presented in lovely coat and condition, moves soundly with correct topline in profile. A very worthy Show Champion of the breed.

2nd: EDWARDS, Gwendariff PS I Love You JW

Very close decision between my placings here. Another top quality veteran, he has a super head with melting expression. Best of fronts and has such a balanced outline when stacked. Well bent stifles and good width to thighs. Preferred the reach and drive of my winner on the move.

3rd: HYSLOP, Mrs G Gwendariff Justin Thyme JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CROCKER Riverbrue SnoozeULose

A very pleasing quality puppy with lots of confidence. She has the sweetest of heads with dark eye and melting expression. Nice arch to neck flowing into well laid shoulders, with correct angulation fore and aft. She already has many qualities of her dam, she has a hard act to follow. She impressed me with her abundance of style and attitude for such a youngster.

2nd: NAYLOR Nigsett Skyfall

Another pleasing young lady, she is so pretty in head with well-defined occiput. Good front assembly with adequate bone. Well laid shoulders and good straight front. Correct rear angulation and good width to hindquarters. Not as collected on the move as my winner today but is very promising.


Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: STEVENSON Lochlorien Unforgotten

Pleasing head proportions with typical expression. Good straight front and well placed shoulders, clean over neck and well balanced outline. Well-muscled rear quarters allowing her to move with drive holding her topline with correct tail carriage.

2nd: TUITE, Porschet Kiss for a Rose

A lovely headed bitch, with feminine expression and correct earset. Good depth to chest, firm body and well developed rear quarters. Did not have the driving movement of my winner.

3rd: HADFIELD Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HEATHER Sixoaks My Fair Lady

Beautiful head and eye, very clean over neck with the best of shoulders and front, already has good depth and well developed hindquarters. She moved so true and free, very promising.

2nd: ARMITAGE Gwendariff Phantastic Phanney

Different mould to my winner. She has a pleasing head shape with correct earset deep in chest, and strong over loin, would prefer more rear angulation, Moved soundly with confidence.

3rd: CORLESS Swiftlark Illustrious

Yearling Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2


A very well made and solid bitch, feminine yet has substance. Loved her head and expression and kind eye. She has excellent front construction with well developed hindquarters with correct amount of angulation. Shown in good coat and a sound and steady mover.

2nd: DOUTHWAITE & WHARFE Quensha Beautiful Stranger Of Gracewood

A feminine bitch with racy outline, and lots of potential, Lovely head and expression, correct front and neat tight feet. Quarters are well made and correct sweep of stifle.

3rd: TURNER Blazing Bronze Jitterbug With Dazycutter (Imp NLD)

Graduate Bitch (18 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: WATT Shenanagin Half A Sixpence

A quality bitch of excellent make and size. Very typical in head with kind expression She has a good lay of shoulder and excellent front assembly, with ample rear angulation and correct tailset. I found her sound and pleasing in every department with nothing overdone. Liked her free and steady movement and shown in good coat with ample feathering

2nd: STURROCK, Forfarian Tickles Yer Fancy

A very elegant bitch with racy appearance. Very feminine in head, well defined occiput. Presents a lovely outline, good depth to chest, strong over loin and excellent rear angulation. Has a lovely rich dark coat. Needs time to mature, lacking in body weight today.

3rd: TURNER Gwendariff A Gee An Tee For Me With Dazycutter

Post-Graduate Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: DAVIE Lochfrae Nina Simone

A bitch of good size and so well constructed throughout. Front has correct angulation with elbows tight in and she has good depth of chest. Ribs well sprung and strong rear quarters. She excelled on the move and was shown in gleaming coat.

2nd: HEATHER Sixoaks Leading Lady

A very pleasing bitch who appeals in head with quizzical expression. Clean over neck with well laid shoulders, firm topline with correct slope, adequate bend of stifle giving her a balanced outline. Close decision, just preferred the front movement of my winner.

3rd: KENNEDY-SLOANE Twoacres Destiny

 Limit Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: STURROCK Forfarian Soo Lush JW

A class full of super exhibits. My first place was a well balanced and racy bitch that has lots of appeal and deserved to top this this highly contested class. Best of heads with feminine expression, and kind dark eye. Clean over neck with well laid shoulders and excellent depth of chest. Adequate rear angulation and correct tailset. Her true driving movement won her the class today.

2nd: EDWARDS, Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie JW

Another top quality and well constructed bitch. She oozes elegance yet has adequate substance. Lovely head with dark eye, strong neck, good shoulder lay and firm topline. Strong hindquarters with ample bend to stifle and correct tailset. Presented in superb condition.

3rd: BOUGEN Gwendariff Lily the Pink

Open Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: CROCKER Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana

This was a top quality class of bitches and a privilege to judge them. My first excelled in her overall balance and construction and outstanding outline. She is very pleasing and refined in head proportions, with raised brows, good reach of neck and excellent shoulder lay and with super depth of chest and correct ribbing. Excellent topline and powerful rear quarters and stood on strong hocks. Tail well set on and carried well on the move. Her coat and condition were perfection today. She moved effortlessly and soundly to win the class and then the CC. I found that she is everything that the standard requires. Presented in superb coat and condition an absolute credit to owner. She just pipped the dog for BOB with her enthusiasm and I was delighted to see her take Gundog Group 2. Very well done.

2nd MUIR Sh Ch Gwendariff's Up To Somethin

Another top quality bitch who is beautifully put together throughout. Lovely head with correct eye shape and low set ears. Excellent front assembly, shoulders well sloped and ample depth to chest. She has a firm topline, strong hindquarters with good width of thigh and firm over loin. Presented in excellent coat and condition and scores in her sound movement. Very well deserved Res CC winner

3rd: DANKS-KEMISH Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW Sh.CM

Veteran Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1

This was a lovely class of veterans all in great shape and condition.

1st: BELL Balintyne Say You Say Me

This honest and elegant bitch won the Res CC some years ago when I last judged the breed. She has a racy appearance and is so well constructed throughout. Very feminine head with good proportions. Beautifully clean over shoulders, she has ample body depth and good sweep of stifle. In the challenge for best Veteran she moved so soundly with lovely reach and drive thoroughly enjoying her day and I was pleased to award her Best Veteran.

2nd: BLACKSHAW, Lanstara Spring Star JW

Built on a larger frame than my winner, I found this bitch very well constructed throughout, with pleasing body proportions and of good shape. Attractive head with raised brows and melting expression. She has the best of shoulders and front and presents a very balanced outline when stacked, moved soundly and shown in excellent coat.

3rd: WATERTON, Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh.CM

Jean Byrne (Judge)