• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Brittany




1st Taylor & Gill’s Rennes de Pasmazgeng

A very pleasing young tri-colour dog. Excels in head, intelligent expression with good eye colour and desired high earset. He has correct body proportions, short in back, deep in chest and level topline, right amount of rear angulation and strong hocks. He moved out well on a short stride at one with his handler, he is very promising just lacked the maturity of the open dogs in the challenge.


1st Axtell’s Schioholm's Dago

This dog was very apprehensive at the start, but he settled enough for me to go over him. He has an overall short cobby appearance with correct front assembly with elbows well in. Strong loin and correct moderate bend to stifle. Rather unsettled on the move but held himself together.


1st Williams & Drozdova’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Peaky Blinder avec Aukskara

I had two top quality males in this class. My first o/w roan had the most attractive head with adequate stop, correct high set ears. He has ample depth to body and good spring of rib, slight slope to topline and moderate rear angulation. Full of substance yet no coarseness about him. He excelled on the move with a brisk stride holding his topline well. Presented in super dense coat and great muscular condition and he has such a lovely rapport with his handler. Pleased to award him BD and BOB.

2nd Cook’s Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (A.i.) JW

A very workmanlike cobby dog. He is very masculine in head, found him a little too deep in stop, ears set on high and of correct shape. Super front with elbows tight in, and strong topline, short firm loin and well muscled rear quarters with good width to thighs. He is very well proportioned throughout with adequate bone and substance. A very energetic mover with good head carriage. Res BD


1st Southorn’s Sh Ch Rochus Juliet, this o/w 8 year bitch had a super feminine head of correct proportions, adequate stop and cheeky expression. She is short in back, with correct height to length ratio. Enough rear angulation and moved well at a collected speed on a short stride. In super condition for her age. Res BB and Best Veteran.

2nd Axtell’s NL Ch Patouche Lyra For Callmillard

Another pleasing veteran, very pretty head with good eye colour and high set ears. Correct front with adequate depth, short back, presented a square cobby outline when standing. Not as sound in rear movement as my winner.


1st Southorn’s Rochus Ottilie (ai)

A found this bitch very well constructed throughout with correct body proportions giving her a square outline. Prettiest of heads with a lovely expression and dark eye. She has a straight front with compact feet. She has adequate bone, strong loin and correct stifles. Her movement was true and sound but she did not have the coat or condition finish of the dog in the challenge for BOB. A very worthy winner of BB award today.


1st Trois Nathalie Sprite De La Riviere Ouareau

Attractive in head, with skull slightly rounded and correct shaped ears. Clean over neck and has well sloped shoulders, good body depth and adequate rear angulation. Unsettled moving today and she tended to lose her top line in profile.

Jean Byrne (Judge)