• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

S B DOG (3)

1st: Bradley’s Marghele Smooth As Statham

Really liked the head on this boy with dark eye and pleasing expression, correct earset with good length. He has correct body proportions and adequate bone, presented a decent outline in profile. Moved with drive off strong hocks.

2nd: Underdown’s Kenxtwen Chocolate Chip

A rangier dog than my winner, he has good coat of a lovely deep colour. Strong in head with kind eye, rather deep in flew. He is well bodied with ample rear angulation. Erratic on the move today, a slower pace would get him into his stride.


1st: Da Silva’s Sh Ch Bournehouse Crispin

This quality nine year old is of lovely shape and size. Refined in head with good eye colour, well laid shoulders, excellent forehand, strong loin and adequately angulated behind with good width to thigh. He had a very pleasing demeanour about him and was thoroughly enjoying his day, moving with drive and purpose. Presented in very fit condition for his age, a credit to his owner.


1st: Harper’s Pitswarren So Nex Century

A very promising and confident youngster. Excellent head proportions, just enough stop and good muzzle shape. Best of fronts with good length of upperarm, already has good depth to chest. Hindquarters have sufficient angulation and good width of thigh. Has sound driving movement for a youngster and I loved his confidence.


1st: Bradley’s Highforce All or Nothing JW

I found this smart youngster very well constructed throughout. He has a typical noble head with good finish to muzzle. Excellent forehand, strong deep chest, with desired tuck up and moderate bend of stifle, tight arched feet. Shows himself off to advantage and is in tandem with his handler which was lacking with many exhibits. A serious contender for the Res CC, just needs that extra maturity to take top honours. Best Junior.

2nd: Commins’ Temeraire Keepsake

A well constructed dog with good bone. I found him very strong in head with deep skull. Strong neck and firmly built throughout with well sprung ribs and correct tailset. Moved out well.

3rd: Underdown’s Bitcon Jackpot


1st: 5441 Northwood’s Vizash Cristanto DelL Acquadoro

An attractive very soundly made dog of lovely rich colour that stood out in this class. Very balanced head proportions with kind expression. Good front assembly with strong pasterns, he is so firm in body with strong loin and moderate rear angulation and has good width to thigh. Presented in tip top muscular condition and gleaming coat.

2nd: Briley’s Nemzet Kincse Hunor for Canal Game

A dog of moderate size and shape with good bone, short backed and has good rear angulation. Not so well constructed in front as my winner, which compromised his movement coming towards me.

3rdDear’s Aldom Doulglas Fir


1st: Watson’s Oakswarren Inferno

Promising youngster, I really liked his head, lean with adequate skull width and kind eye. Good straight front with correct back length and level topline. Nothing exaggerated about him and he moved soundly off strong hocks. He is still quite an immature boy for his 2 years, just needs more time.

2nd: Marghele Smooth As Statham (repeat)

3rd: Nemzet Kincse Hunor for Canal Game (repeat)


1st: Harrison’s Glenbrows By Design JW

A quality dog of lovely size that looks so balanced and well constructed from every angle. Very pleasing in head with good finish to muzzle. Shoulders well laid, just the right amount of body depth with correct back length, short coupled and moderate bend of stifle. I had him in contention for top honours but not as positive in front movement in the challenge.

2nd Challis’ Vizslanya Aragonia JW

This dog is so well put together with correct construction throughout and has a quality noble head of correct proportions. Very sound on the move with good head carriage and he holds his topline well. I judged him as a puppy and he has certainly fulfilled his early promise.

3rd: Scourfield & Kantor’s Maserati of Skyrocket at Danton ( Imp Hun)


1st: Miles’ Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW

Such a top quality distinguished male, quite strong in head with dark eye. He has a super front assembly, shoulders well laid with elbows tight in. A lovely dog to go over, he is so well muscled throughout his body with correct angulation fore and aft. He was presented in tip top muscular condition, shiny jacket of lovely colour. He is right at the top of his game and oozes ring presence, the best mover of the day, my CC winner and BOB. Pleased to see him put in a sterling performance in the big ring to take Group 2. Well done

2nd: Challis’s Highforce Future Legend Vizslanya JW Sh CEx

A strongly built male with a noble head of correct proportions. He is well off for bone and substance. Strong neck with good depth to chest, short and firm back and strong hindquarters. Going over him I found him so soundly constructed throughout with everything in the right place. He is darker in colour than some might prefer but his super construction cannot be denied. Excellent sound mover covering the ground well. Res CC

3rd: Porter-Manning & Porter’s Wallaroo All That Jazz Sh.CM

Good Citizen DOG (3)

1st: Kiely’s Gunfield Phantom

Placed reserve in the strong open class. Strong head with good eye colour. He is well off for bone, firm throughout body with strong hindquarters and well arched feet. His movement was much more settled in this class.

2nd: Kenxtwen Chocolate Chip (repeat)


1st: Bradley’s Ambravittoriya Art Of Love for Marghele

I would prefer her a little more feminine throughout. Having said that she is very well constructed with plenty of bone. Good shoulders and front, well ribbed and moves out well with correct topline.

2nd: McBrides Onneleys Best Kept Secret

Pleasing in head with moderate stop and dark eye. A little long cast in body but has good angulation fore and aft. Needs to tighten in front movement.


1st: Layton’s Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey

Top quality bitch I have awarded a Res CC to before. Lovely head proportions with enough stop and kind expression. So well constructed and sound with good bone, of correct depth, strong over loin with lovely width to hindquarters. She is in immaculate condition with a lovely rich coat colour and shows and moves like a youngster. Best Veteran


This was a very mixed class of puppies all at different growth stages

1st: Harper’s Pitswarren Siyon

A very pleasing youngster with quality and elegance about her. Loved her head and expression, very pretty with moderate stop. She is quite forward in development with good depth of chest and well ribbed. Super hindquarters and strong hocks. Enthusiastic when moving but she is very sound and will settle with age. Two quality littermates in the challenge for Best Puppy, which she won on movement. BPIB

2nd: Porter-Manning & Porter Roughshoot Quintessential

A really well balanced youngster, she is feminine throughout with head of correct proportions. Clean over neck, short back and moderate bend of stifle, with correct height to length ratio. Although very sound both out and back, she just lacked sparkle on the move and needed to lift her tail more.

3rd: Ambravittoriya Art Of Love for Marghele


1st: Upton & Challis’s, Vizslanya Mafila to Tragus

Stood out in this class for her lovely clean and well balanced outline. Very pretty head with correct proportions and lovely dark eye. Excellent forehand with good length to upperarm. Good depth of chest and correct rear angulation. She is of a lovely size and has a gleaming coat with rich colour. Very precise mover, I think she will do very well, she has a great bond with her handler.

2nd: Upton’s Temeraire Nalani

A neatly put together youngster who has pleasing balance throughout. Pretty head, with dark eye. Good straight front with strong pasterns, good bend to stifle, moved steadily.

3rd: Steeden’s Lindenwood Hocus Pocus


1st: Challis’s Vizslanya Csibe JW

This young bitch caught my eye when stacked for her balanced outline with no exaggeration and pleasing size. Excellent forehand with strong pasterns and good tight feet, adequate sweep to stifle and has strong hocks. A very sound mover and presented in good muscular condition.

2nd: Mills’ Nemzet Kincse Gloria at Karrouki (Imp)

This bitch is built on a bigger frame than my winner, she is very well constructed and has good balance throughout She has an attractive head with gentle expression. Strong neck, correct topline and strong hindquarters,super to watch on the move.

3rd: Price’s Chica Queen of Locura at Aldom (IMP CZE)


1st: Upton’s Nagyalfoldi-vadasz Boris At Temeraire

A solidly made bitch who is well constructed throughout. Lean head with correct earset. Shoulders well laid, with level topline and well ribbed back. Lovely rich colour and moved very soundly.

2nd: Davies’ Shelseivad Hocus Pocus

This was a pretty bitch with a lovely head proportions and dark eye. In profile she has a balanced outline with corresponding front and rear angles. She just needs more confidence to show herself off. Moved out on a good stride with precision.

3rd: Nemzet Kincse Gloria at Karrouki (Imp)


1st: Legg, Scott & Watson’s Mr Oakswarren Pure Magic (ai)

A medium sized bitch with nothing exaggerated, everything in proportion. She is so very soundly constructed and has excellent balance. Lovely head shape with sweet expression and dark eye. Super front assembly with elbows tight in and strong pasterns, enough depth of chest, level topline, correct tuck-up and firm over loin. The more she did in the ring the more relaxed she became and in the challenge she moved so elegantly on a precise stride, one of the best movers of the day. Pleased to award her the CC.

2nd: Harper’s Pitswarren Incantata

This bitch has such a lovely elegance about her. Loved her head and expression with good eye colour. She has a very balanced and clean outline with adequate angulation both fore and aft and stands on strong hocks. She moved so soundly with good head carriage and driving well from behind. Close contender for Res CC

3rd: Fishlock’s Afanleigh Anna


1st: Wall’s Ch Piroseg Mandarin Of Perllanside JW

A super class of exhibits. I was drawn to the overall excellent construction and balance of this bitch. She has a lovely shaped head with adequate stop. Strong neck of good length, deep enough in chest and well ribbed with moderate bend of stifle and good width to hindquarters. She excelled on the move, driving well off strong hocks, which won her this class. She is so together with her handler, a lovely partnership. My Res CC winner

2nd: Armstrong’s Sh Ch Bitcon Imagine That

This bitch looked a picture when stacked, so well balanced from every angle. She has such a beautiful head and kind expression. She has excellent depth, correct back length with level topline and super rear angulation. Moved out well.

3rd: Ward’s Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz


1st: Onneleys Best Kept Secret (repeat)

Jean Byrne (Judge)