• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Large Munsterlander



Veteran Dog (2)

1st: Lloyd & Smith’s Ch Crumpsbrook Bayleaf Von Rulander

The first dog I went over and he certainly set the standard high. Correct head proportions with alert expression, dark eye and matching pigmentation. He has an excellent front assembly and matching rear angulation, short coupled with a firm topline. He is very well constructed throughout and his body is so well muscled and sturdy. He was shown in great coat condition with ample feathering. He belies his age and was one of my best movers today. Dog CC and Best Veteran

2nd: Day’s Raycris Constantin at Alfriston

Very masculine head, a little overdone in skull for me. He is very well balanced in body when stacked with good depth and matching front and rear angles. He has a firm back and strong over loin with ample bone. Not so positive in front movement, but presented in lovely coat and condition for his age years, he is a credit to his owner.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st: Caile’s Foxy Gabber Uut 't Vossebeltseveld for Kamaze (Imp)

Stood alone in the puppy classes today. Liked his head proportions and bright expression. Of correct size and he has a good overall shape, needs to drop in chest, has ample rear angulation. A very raw youngster who was very enthusiastic on the move today. Best puppy.

Junior Dog (1)

1st: Logie & Braidwood’s Albadhu Wish Upon A Star

Just thirteen months old and what a star he is. Really loved his head shape and expression and good pigmentation. He has a strong neck and excellent forequarters, already has good depth and when viewed in profile is so well balanced throughout. Correct bend to stifle and strong hocks. He has a lovely coat and ample feathering and in the challenge he out moved the older exhibits with his sound free striding movement to take the Res CC. I think he will have an excellent future.

Post-Graduate Dog (2)

1st: Lloyd & Smith’s Crumpsbrook Galangal Von Rulander (ai)

Quite a rangy dog, with a masculine head with good eye colour. Strong neck and well laid shoulders, needs to tighten up in front. Correct bend of stifle, well muscled over loin and moved out well.

2nd: James’ Darkensky Supremacy

An enthusiastic youngster, excels in head with lively expression. Well laid shoulders, has good depth to brisket, good tight well padded feet. He was erratic on the move today and a little too proud of his tail.

Limit Dog (4)

1st: Logie & Braidwood’s Albadhu Walk on the Wildside

On first impression when stacked, I thought this dog would be in my running for top honours. I really loved his well shaped head and intelligent expression, ears set high with ample feathering. He is so well balanced fore and aft with correct slope to topline and broad across the rear with correct bend of stifle. He couldn’t be denied his class win but became somewhat hesitant on the move in the challenge.

2nd: Foreman’s Toberworry Harvest Moon

Another quality male, he is finer made throughout than my winner but I found him very well constructed. Best of heads with enough breadth of skull, good arch to neck and correct front assembly. His hindquarters are powerful and firm with adequate angulation and he moved freely covering the ground well.

3rd: Horton’s Crumpsbrook Jay

Open Dog (5)

1st: Powell & Murrell Crumpsbrook Woodrush

A mature, very well constructed dog, all male with plenty of bone and substance. He is slightly strong in head for me, intelligent expression and dark eye. Best of fronts with correct topline and has matching rear angulation. His movement is sound and true with correct tail carriage.

2nd:James’ Darkensky Prometheus JW

I judged this dog as a puppy and he has fulfilled his early promise. Head of good proportions with strong jaw. Clean over neck and shoulders well laid, enough depth to chest and well ribbed. Would prefer more rear angulation to complete the picture.

3rd: Day’s Sh Ch Waldo Vom Busshof Mit Alfriston (Imp) Deu

Good Citizen Dog (1)

1st: Disney’s Sh Ch Wonglepong Will's Faramir

One I have judged before and he has matured into a super dog. He has a most appealing masculine head, strong and muscular neck and sound forequarters, with adequate depth. Strong hindquarters with adequate bend of stifle and good width to thigh. He is very well off for bone and substance a worthy Show Champion of the breed.

Veteran Bitch (4)

1st: Robins’ Sh Ch Destanli Jedda's Diamond

A lovely veteran shown in beautiful coat and hard muscular condition. Correct head proportions very feminine with dark eye. Good ears set on high with adequate feathering. She is well put together with an excellent forehand, good body depth, with well sprung ribs and has correct width to hindquarters. Her movement was steady, very sound and precise which won her this class.

2nd: Darby’s Sh Ch Brockchime Besta Both to Incadar RL2 VW

One I have awarded top honours to in the past. She oozes breed type and quality in abundance. Today I felt she was showing her age and not as sound in front movement. She has a beautiful well shaped head with intelligent expression, well laid shoulders, correct sweep of stifle and when stacked presents such a classic outline. She is now approaching eleven years, presented in lovely coat, she is a credit to her owner.

Junior Bitch (3)

1st: Foreman’s Toberworry Little Lies

Stood out in this class for her over balance and sound construction. She has a typical and correct elongated head shape with pleasing bright expression. Well laid shoulders with good amount of upperarm. Well ribbed back and correct turn of stifle. She moved well both out and back and was very well handled. Should do well once fully mature.

2nd: Bargman’s Crumpsbrook Alchemilla

A taller bitch than my winner, but has a good straight front assembly with shoulders well laid back. She has good depth for age and a correct topline, was moving close behind today and needs to gain her furnishings.

3rd: Simpson & Johnston Ekkolander Persephone Red at Leriton

Post-Graduate Bitch (2)

1st: Powell & Murrell’s Tureagh Crystal Cider

This bitch was very attractive in head with correct skull width, ears set on high with nice feathering. Shoulders well laid, correct topline and strong loin. Very firm body and well muscled throughout. Moved freely on a good stride. Developing well for age just needs to mature and settle into her frame.

 Limit Bitch (4)

Two quality bitches headed this class with little between them.

1st: Wilkins’ Quilesta Simply Exquisite

When stacked this bitch commands attention, she has excellent balance with matching front and rear angulation. Very attractive head, dark eye colour, well arched neck and good lay of shoulder. She has strong firm hindquarters with good span to thigh. Adequate coat and furnishings of good texture. For me she has not yet reached her full potential. Close decision in the challenge but I preferred the overall coat finish of the open winner. A worthy Res CC

2nd: Ward’s Braccpoint Song of the Wind for Gemlorien

This bitch has a most appealing feminine head with sweet expression. She has lovely bone and substance, sound in front assembly, well sprung ribs of good length, strong firm body with correct topline and well angulated hindquarters. Preferred the longer striding movement of my winner.

3rd: Bargman’s Crumpsbrook Molinia

Open Bitch (3)

1st: Logie & Braidwood’s Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes JW

Another lovely trio of bitches. I found my first place a very honest and sound bitch, well off for bone and had dark attractive colouring. Most appealing in head with dark eye of correct shape and intelligent expression. She has a strong firm back with slightly sloping topline, muscular loin and nicely angulated behind with strong hocks and tight neat feet. One of the best movers today driving from the hocks on a long stride and in tandem with her handler. Pleased to award the CC and BOB

2nd: Butler’s Sh Ch Toberworry Breaking Dawn At Jendella's

A very solid built bitch with good bone, slightly heavier built than my winner. She has a lovely head with correct high earset which are nicely feathered. Well developed in chest and well ribbed back  and has the correct amount of rear angulation. Not as free in front movement as my winner.

3rd: Hewitt’s Sh Ch Brockchime Frolicsome

Good Citizen Bitch (1)

1st: Braccpoint Song of the Wind for Gemlorien (repeat)

Jean Byrne (Judge)