• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer


I really enjoyed my day judging this lovely breed at National Gundog. I was blessed with a top quality entry and was splitting hairs in some classes. It was a very hot day and some exhibits coped better in the heat than others. Temperaments were excellent and I found some quality youngsters in the lower classes which bodes well for the future of the breed.

Puppy Dog (4)

1st: Hewins’ Xaver Iv vom Böckenhagen.  A class of promising male youngsters. My first place was of a good size with correct body proportions and has good bone and substance. Masculine head with adequate stop and correct earset. Already has good body depth, nicely angulated behind with correct tailset. He has a harsh jacket developing well and moved out confidently with good drive. Pleased to award him Best Puppy and saw he was shortlisted in a quality puppy group.

2nd: Shepherd’s Kimmax Kallin Danny Boy Over. Attractive in head with good eye colour and pleasing expression. Well laid shoulders, pasterns need to tighten up which reflected in his movement. He is deep in chest with ribs well sprung, well developed hindquarters with good width to second thigh. Not as positive in front movement as my winner.

3rd: Agnew Kimmax Fail to Kommunicate

Junior Dog (2)

1st: Donnelly’s Kimmax They Kall Me Mr Tibbs.  Still a puppy but very well grown on and a strong dog for his age. Correct head proportions with attractive eyebrows and good eye shape. Well sloped shoulders, with elbows tight in. He appears to have reached that awkward growth stage but will no doubt balance out given time. Covered the ring well on a good stride.

2nd: Kimmax Kallin Danny Boy Over (repeat)

Special Beginners Dog (1)

1st Jarman’s Demuppet Bouncer.  A youngster that needs more work in head but soundly made throughout with good body proportions. I would prefer more bone and substance as he is quite lightly built throughout. Moved out steadily and smoothly.

Novice Dog (1)

1st Demuppet Bouncer (repeat)

Limit Dog (3)

1st: McCullough’s Kimmax Kort in Action.  This youngster presents such a well balanced outline when stacked. Loved his head and expression with good furnishings, strong neck and best of fronts. He has correct angulation both fore and aft which makes him so balanced. Shown with ample coat and in good condition and moved with drive and precision. He didn’t have the maturity of the open dogs but one that I expect will take the top spot soon.

2nd: Geary’s Germanus Go Dutch.  I found this dog very pleasing in all departments. Masculine in head, correct earset and strong neck. Well sloped muscular shoulders and good depth to body. Excellent well developed hindquarters and stood on strong hocks. He has a tight harsh coat and moved with drive and purpose. Carrying extra weight today which showed in his outline.

 3rd Joseph Pablo vom Broel

Open Dog (4).  An excellent class of top quality mature dogs

1st: Russell’s Ft Ch Tickencote One Way Ticket.  I was drawn to this powerful liver dog for his overall balance and outline. Masculine in head without coarseness, strong neck of good length, he has well bent stifles and strong well developed thighs. I found him well off for bone and substance and he has an excellent topline which he maintained on the move. At the top of his game, presented in tip top hard muscular condition, moved around the ring on an easy stride with excellent rear action at one with his handler. No hesitation in awarding him the CC

2nd: Joseph’s Cc Poldi vom Broel.  This dog has an attractive masculine head with adequate stop and good eyebrows. Excellent forehand and body of good depth and correct turn of stifle. He has a strong topline with correct tailset and shown with harsh coat. He is so very well constructed throughout and I was impressed with his sound driving movement My Res CC winner.

3rd: Jones’ Mustwork Uland

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st: Jenkins Ch Kimmax Koming Home at Gerstenfeld ShCM. One I have judged before in her younger days, I thought highly of her then and for me she totally fulfils breed standard in all departments. Lovely feminine head of correct proportions, with kind eye and expression. Best of fronts with tight feet, she is beautifully balanced throughout with the right amount of bone and has a harsh coat. Moved steadily and soundly, a very worthy Champion of the breed. Best Veteran.

Puppy Bitch (4)

1st: Jenkins & Warner Tickencote Teach Me Tonight for Gerstenfeld.  Won this class with ease. She has the best of heads, with adequate stop, strong neck of good length and well laid shoulders. Already well developed in body for her age and has well angulated hindquarters. She was a little erratic on the move at times but had a good driving action once she settled. Lost out on movement to the dog in the challenge for Best puppy.

2nd: Stamp Tynsil Just One Smile.  A pleasing youngster in outline and overall shape when stacked. Feminine expression, adequate beard and eye furnishings but I would prefer a little more stop. Good shoulders and front and nicely angulated behind. She has a correct topline and carries herself well on the move.

3rd: Flatt Kimmax Keep My Actions Klear for Belstock

Junior Bitch (3)

1st Geary Germanus Stands Out A Mile.  An easy winner in this class. A pleasing feminine bitch, with lovely expression and good furnishings. She is very well constructed throughout, with the best of fronts with good return of upperarm. She has matching rear angles which makes her so balanced. She is a quality package throughout, I would prefer a little more bone to complete the picture. One of the soundest movers of the day.

2nd: Turnbull Kimmax Two Kan Play at Elagram.  Built on a rangier frame than my winner, she needs to finish her growth spurt and settle into her body. I found her attractive in head, correct earset and kind eye. Strong well developed hindquarters with strong hocks and moved with pace and drive.

3rd:Jarman Shortridge Broadway Belle

Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1st: Jarman Shortridge Broadway Belle.  Good head proportions with lovely expression and nice furnishings Straight front assembly with good depth to chest. Topline could be stronger and needs to strengthen in hocks as this affected her rear movement. A raw youngster needing lots of time.

Graduate Bitch (1)

1st: Jones Germanus Dutch Delight.  Overall a pleasing bitch in profile with good bone and substance. Has correct head proportions and kind eye and strong neck. Firm topline with well angulated hindquarters. Handler needs to work with her on the move to get her into an even stride.

Post Gradate Bitch (1)

1st: Jenkins & Warner Glenquin Artemis for Gerstenfeld.  A pleasing young bitch, correct head proportions and kind expression. Good straight front assembly, adequate depth to chest, however I found her a little long cast in body. Strong well developed hindquarters and shown in hard muscular condition. Has a powerful striding action on the move.

Limit Bitch (9)

1st Johnston Glenquin Enyo.  A quality bitch from all angles. Correct proportions of skull to muzzle with good eyebrows. She has well sloped shoulders and excellent straight front with elbows tight in. Strongly made throughout her body and has well developed hindquarters with good width to thighs. She moved out true with ground covering action. I see she is litter sister to my Res CC winner, two lovely bitches with little between them.

2nd: Donnelly Kimmax Who Kares Wins JW. This bitch excels in head, has a lovely expression and kind eye of good colour. Correct shoulder placement and strong neck and she is of good depth and has the right amount of rear angulation. When stacked she presents such a well balanced outline and is well constructed throughout. She has a good striding action off strong hocks.

3rd:McCullough Kimmax Maid The Kut

Open Bitch (5)

1st: McCullough Sh Ch Kimmax Kindly Stand Black.  This bitch has a super outline and is well off for bone and substance. She remains feminine throughout with a beautiful head and adequate furnishings. Excellent front assembly with good return of upperarm which gave her lovely free movement. Firm body of correct proportions, strong over loin with stifles well bent and stood on strong hocks. A free steady mover with driving hind action, she holds her topline well and has correct tailset. Shown in her best harsh jacket and hard muscular condition. My CC winner and BOB.

2nd: Johnson Glenquin Athena

A very well constructed bitch, that pushed my winner hard for top honours. Very attractive head, lovely expression and kind eye, good brows and furnishings. She is so well balanced throughout with excellent angulation both fore and aft, correct amount of bone, looked a picture when stacked with perfect profile. She moved out with precision at one with her handler. My Res CC winner.

3rd: Donnelly Sh Ch Beechillawn Oooh Betty

Good Citizens Bitch (1)

1st: Germanus Dutch Delight (repeat)

       Jean Byrne (Judge)