• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jannette Blunden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Rottweiler

Judge Results: Mrs J Blunden

Crufts 2022

Thursday, 10 March 2022 (4 day show)

What an honour to be invited to judge. My thanks to all exhibitors for their entries & my 2 stewards, who efficiently kept me on track within the timeline. Having been away from ringside for a few years, I arrived with a clean slate and not knowing what to expect of the breed development. My past hates of misaligned upper arms, causing an overloading of shoulders and resulting in a “rollmop” over lay on shoulder into topline, completely disappeared. Replaced by upper body weight leading to thick set necks with the positive of excessive skin and dewlap virtually non-existent. The backs are of longer proportions, to allow for a better angled croup, to accommodate a good lay of tail. I only found one dog with an issue with tail on the day, which was positive. Dentition was good, although a few showed overly broad straight dentition on the bite. Head types were the most variable in types shown on the day. None showing excess in wrinkles, but many have broad rounded skulls, leading into shorter muzzle lengths, leaving eye sets not so pleasing to my eye. Dogs (mainly bitches) which did show a more to near correct proportional length of muzzle, retained the broadness and depth at base, although some from the broader skull type, tended to taper off toward the nose. Noses, many showed light pigmentation, with some having an obvious grey streak running through the central line. Eyes all good dark pigment, although variations in shape and placement, across the varying skull shapes and sizes. Coats some not as course in texture as in the past, but all tidy, even if some on the shorter side.

Temperaments were all sound, and not one little “rottie” mumble (I sort of missed that). The males either felt the atmosphere or the heat, as many panting, with a few ears flying as not so settled as their handlers obviously would have liked. The bitches on the whole were more settled, except for a few (mainly in one class) who giving the impression of some hormonal issues, if I am to the give benefit of the doubt! Males had tendency to stand wide behind, but not so on the movement, many splayed feet, but that could be down to the environment and “green carpet”.

There was more consistency in type in the bitches, & I found them more pleasurable to go over.

The time constraints imposed by the show management, did make for no let-up in pace, and notes, with also no chance to over think, a positive.

Breed Results


BOB Seittor Cookie Monster (Mrs S & Mr D Lambert)

DCC Ch Fantasa Blu Diablo (Miss M Dunhill-Hall)

RDCC Ch Steigen Crixus (Mr L & Mr L L Cartwright)

BCC Seittor Cookie Monster (Mrs S & Mr D Lambert)

RBCC Olearia Western Girl from Westfalen (Mrs V Jones)

BP Kayshillblue Nyx at Stairvale NAF TAF (Mr A & Miss W Baillie & Topping)

BV Ch Steigen Crixus (Mr L & Mr L L Cartwright)


Class Results

287. Rottweiler Veteran

Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1ST Ch Steigen Crixus (Mr L & Mr L L Cartwright)

Just turned 8 years, but no one has told him that. Larger male, thus longer in topline, but still balanced, tight set-in at elbows, good topline to strong lay of croup and tail set. Hocks of good angulation, giving him a driving harmonious movement, only disrupted by his lively character. Feet tight compact with arched toes. Head type sound & clean, no wrinkles or throatiness. Deep, level top plane of muzzle and correct balanced size & nose placement. Ears set perfect to enhance expression. Really pleased to award this gent RCC.

2ND Dortmund Dodging Bullets at Trevearl (Mr T & Mrs P Borne)

9 years old, Much darker in pigmentation than 1, with a slightly longer muzzle and lower set of ears . Lower set croup with the effect on tail, not so strong in hock & looser feet. Just not quite in the same fitness & condition as the winner. But a pleasing veteran none the less.

3RD Saintlythans Ice On The Moon at Bossrot (Mr G Sweet)

288. Rottweiler Minor Puppy

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST Kayshillblue Zeus (Miss L Carmichael)

8 months, not lacking in size, but a balanced, calm, self-assured youngster. Head some room to grow into, with good set of ears, and placement of eyes. Neck clean and arched to good lay of shoulders and elbows not too loose, topline sound with broad croup with slight slope, to enhance set of tail. Feet round and compact, and moved with thrust and all under control, for a baby.

2ND Auchenharvie Bunny Mambo (Mrs J Horton)

 Just a few days under 9 months, very happy chap, with lots of bounce, which showed a little too much on move, thus carrying tail a little high. Really rich dark tan & markings, Good arch of toes, but a little loose (green carpet effect?). Not quite as an overall clean balanced impression as 1.

289. Rottweiler Puppy

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST Kentwone Liquorice Fennel (Mr T & Mr D Steel & Aitken)

Just under 12 months, cheeky character, overall well balanced baby, clean-dry head , with dark almond shape eyes, ears sitting perfect on correct breadth & depth of skull leading to a good clean neckline. Topline sound, Hind quarters well-muscled to strong connections, all helped to a driving movement, from sound feet for a youngster.

2ND Ausries Moscow Mule (Ms S Miller)

11 months longer in top line and lower set croup & thus effecting set of tail thus preference of 1. Thus overall impression of not as balanced. Head in profile good. Movement coming towards a little loose from front angle.

3RD Victor Flash Rouse (Miss C A Moss)

290. Rottweiler Junior

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST Whisperdown Ticket to Ride (Mr D & Mrs E Holden)

Just turned 1. Clean dry chiselled head type, with good size and setting of ears to enhance look and balance of head. Good length, muscular neck, dry throat thus pleasing arch of neck, although tendency to stand a little narrow in front & thus restrictive to movement. Tail set well off topline with strong slightly slope to croup. Balanced side-profile view in stance and on the move. Strong, compact arched feet, no issue with flooring, showing good level of fitness for age.

2ND Jantavia Fleetwood Mac (Mr G & Mrs C Appleyard)

Just under 17 months, well boned, however not quite the same in balance as 1, being of larger proportions-, Head type slightly looser in stage of head development. Again from balance of type, slightly longer than 1, although pulled together to shorten up on the move, with help from a strong firm topline, although had a tendency to be wide behind.

3RD Jaegerot Dream Lover (Mrs W & Mr I Kichenside)

291. Rottweiler Yearling

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST Steigen Rupaul Charles (Mr L & Mr L L Cartwright)

20 months, really happy & biddable youngster, at one with his handler. Overall balanced male, fitness showed in abundance during movement & held well, in thrust and stride – harmonious and unrestricted. Good length of neck with a muscular arch, topline of good strength. Head -chiseled bone structure, sculptured, & thus clean free from wrinkles, muzzle deep and level top plane. Eyes good shape and colour.

2ND Seittor Urban Eclipse (Mr R, Mr M & Mrs E Armstrong)

19 months, not as settled as 1, maybe atmosphere, this effected his presentation and movement. Shorter in head type – proportions , slightly more wrinkle, with not as pleasing eye shape, as my 1st. Excellent feet , although fitness level, not in same level as 1.

3RD Upmont Al Capone (Mr N & Miss L Bateson & Hoole)

292. Rottweiler Post Graduate

Entries: 13 Absentees: 1

1ST Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW (Mr M & Mrs J M Powell)

Clean sculptured chiseled dry head, correct muzzle proportions with rich colour, no throatiness. Neck of good length muscular and slight arch, deep broad chest again of correct proportions. Tail set off well, coming from strong topline , leading to a broad slight sloping of croup. Sound movement from a well-balanced dog.

2ND Torsite The Hulk (Mrs G & Mr A /mrs S & Mr M Scott Green)

Not as clean nor overall as balanced as 1, a little longer on back, good lay to shoulders & elbows tight into chest. Not so well set down on feet, and resulting movement.

3RD Bolia Sweet Gnarls Barkley (Mrs K Holliday)

293. Rottweiler Limit

Entries: 12 Absentees: 3

1ST Tesla Earl Antonius (Miss M Dunhill-Hall)

Handled to perfection showing, fitness, movement, top line, both in stance and in a strong harmonious unrestricted gait. Showing in profile a strength in driving stride thrust. Excellent eye shape & colour plus good placement, for head type, prefer a squarer muzzle from stop to nose. Felt head was lost on a heavier set of neck.

2ND Saintlythans Sweet Brian at Bossrott Rottweilers (Mr G Sweet)

Lovely balanced proportions across the whole dog -head , neck, forequarters- body to hindquarters, although tail set slightly high, with a tendency to be “gay”. Not settled with handler, which let him down on the day.

3RD Javladare Drop The Mic JW (Mrs K, Misses A.j & S R Brawn)

294. Rottweiler Open

Entries: 8 Absentees: 0

1ST Ch Fantasa Blu Diablo (Miss M Dunhill-Hall)

Strong dog of good balanced just slightly longer proportions of body. Head type clean & sound, shorter in muzzle, but not so much as take away balance. Muscular arched neck (& not over done), clean throat & free from dewlap. Shoulder lay good and elbows not loose, strong topline, to tail set. Hind Quarters broad, strong & muscular, excellent feet. Profile presented a sound, flowing movement, as expected from this kennels & not let down at any point in class. Dog CC. In the best of breed challenge, lacking in enthusiasm & drive. Just not as showy. Hence BOS.

2ND Ch Upend Blade (Mr N Bateson)

Smaller type male than 1, yet pleasingly balanced, excelling in bone through a well set strong tail. Impression much improved by the richer tan and markings. Head very pleasing type, good stop and strong balanced muzzle to nose. Shown and handled well, prefer a tighter foot placement.

3RD Devil Haus of Lazic (Imp Bih) (Mr G Mulhall)

296. Rottweiler Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST Whisperdown Ticket to Ride (Mr D & Mrs E Holden)

Sound overall balanced dog, good tan and markings. Body depth to height, and length of back of correct proportions. Sound free movement, coming from strong hind angulation, and correct tail carriage.

2ND Juffther A New Hope for Riversrock (Mr M & Mrs J M Powell)

Older yet very agile, excellent Hind angulation and good tail set. Lighter in tan than 1. Lovely neckline and head type.

3RD Fantasa Just Out The Blu (Miss M T, Mrs J A & Miss M Docherty & Dunhill-Hall)

297. Rottweiler Veteran

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST Trevearl Black Velvet (Mr T & Mrs P Borne)

Just under 7 & half. Totally exuberant & yet moved so solid & sound. Stronger in head & good stop. Rich tan colour and markings. Stifles good length, giving sound balance to rear.

2ND Falkors Wicked Secret (Mrs J Tuttle)

7 years 3 months youngster into veteran shorter in back & lighter in tan than 1. Dry clean sculptured head, lean long in reach of neck.

298. Rottweiler Minor Puppy

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST Kayshillblue Nyx at Stairvale NAF TAF (Mr A & Miss W Baillie & Topping)

Nearly 8 months really pretty head, clean sculptured and no wrinkles, ears set perfect with firm dark flews. Longer in body type. Correct height to chest depth, overall, very balanced for a baby. Moved freely, cleanly, with an ease around the ring. A very easy choice for Best Puppy

2ND Inveralicia Benrinnes (Miss A Wilson)

Nearly 9 months longer on coat than 1 but still correct, richer in tan. More petite bitch and didn’t handle the atmosphere or carpet well. Thus presentation & movement effected.

299. Rottweiler Puppy

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST Ausrie's Mojito (Mr R & Mrs M Austen)

Just shy of 11 months. Beautiful dry feminine head type very balanced in proportions of head breadth and length to nose, with good stop. Slightly longer in overall body type. Had to give her the benefit of the doubt over carpet on movement.

2ND Nyandor Never Say Never (Miss Jh Broadbank)

Birthday girl, Really rich in tan, to enhance looks, although prefer head proportions with a longer muzzle. Body depth of chest to height, coupled to good length of body, giving her an overall balance. However movement let her down.

3RD Westfalen Love A Cuppa (Miss K Williams)

300. Rottweiler junior

Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1ST Teigan Honesti (Miss L Sylvester)

17 months shown to best condition, Rich in tan pleasing in profile balanced throughout. Depth of chest to height of withers & withers to length of back all of correct proportions. Would have preferred an even squarer muzzle from a correct defined stop to tip of nose. Eyes almond in shape and of really dark colour, enhancing facial expression from front. Condition showed in strong sound movement, covering ground around the ring.

2ND Torsite Nike (Mrs S L & Mr M Green)

14 & half months slightly heavier in profile than 1. Body sound although prefer a stronger hind angulation, effect in visually a straighter stifle when stood and thus loosing drive on the movement.

3RD Graylea Moonbeam (Mrs D & Mrs Ja & Mrs Em Colton & Tune & Bonser)

301. Rottweiler Yearling

Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

Really skitty class, making placings assessment not so clear cut. They seemed to find the grates covered by the carpet, and thus unsettling.

1ST Dortmund Miss Dior (Mr B & Mrs C Clark)

16 months smaller petite bitch of good balanced type, both in a very feminine head and body. Shown well in stance and on movement around the large ring. Handled to a solid 1st place

2ND Rougeau Simply Just Valerie (Mr R & Mrs E Chaffe)

22 months larger type than 1 presented in hard condition from top to toe. Solid topline, sound body, supported from well boned legs of really tight feet. I just preferred the femininity of 1.

3RD Wendy Teren Deepweiler (Imp Ukr) (Mr S Dudley Paul)

302. Rottweiler Post Graduate

Entries: 14 Absentees: 2

My most pleasurable class of the day.

1ST Seittor Cookie Monster (Mrs S & Mr D Lambert)

Clean typey balanced in perfect balanced symmetry. Took my eye from start of class to the finish of the day. Excellent in profile as well as front and rear aspects, shown and handled as one. Really pretty head dark eyes, correctly placed ears, Muzzle balanced to head type. Body frame sound and balanced with good tail set. Moved – no glided- round the ring as in a show case. Just continued to excel as the day went along. Easy BCC, then went into challenge with a desire to win, and took BOB, from a sound male, who on the day just did not show to the end, however she was on top of her form throughout.

2ND Seittor Time to Shine (Mrs A & Mrs S English & Lambert)

So similar to 1, just a little heavier set -giving more infilled squarer outline. Lighter in tan. An absolute pleasure to go over, just met winner and her handler on their top form. Challenged hard for RCC. From catalogue same kennels to my 1st. What a pride these breeders must have in their stock.

3RD Rottsworth Kricket (Miss S P Davies)

303. Rottweiler Limit

Entries: 13 Absentees: 1

1ST Olearia Western Girl from Westfalen (Mrs V Jones)

So happy & willingness to please, well handled & presented. Rich in tan. Dark almond shaped eyes, ears of correct size and setting, laying on a dry sculptured head free of wrinkle. Good muscular arch to neck, balanced proportions of full body, and correct tail carriage. Handling to perfection, which continued into strong movement driven from excellent firm hind quarters & all from great feet. BRCC

2ND Gracezheim The Lioness (Mrs C & Mr T Wilson)

Slightly longer in topline than 1, but good angulation fore & aft. On her “toes”, with a little “ ruffled” in temperament, effecting her overall presentation and movement

3RD Seittor Frozen in Time (Mrs S & Mr D Lambert)

RES Varenka Firestar for Marvelrott (Mrs A & Mrs K & Ms A Coles & Brawn)

304. Rottweiler Open

Entries: 11 Absentees: 1

1ST Ch Juffther Happy Bunny JW ShCM (Mrs J Horton)

Good tan, Ear placement correct on feminine head. Good balance overall, body shape in balanced proportions. Excelled in profile view, with muscular arch to neck, clean of throat and fore-chest, balanced into body -topline, to set of tail. Longer set in stifle, feet tight and moved elegantly.

2ND Olearia Wild West (Mr D & Mrs C Kidby)

Clear awareness of undercoat, however all correct. Stronger in muzzle to 1, which was to my preference, however nose lacking in pigmentation, which I could not bypass. Really sound bitch excellent tight feet and upright on toes, going through to sound driving movement. Differing pigmentation, would have resulted in different placings.

3RD Rus Ch Farvist Gold Candy Fantasa (Imp Rus) (Miss M Dunhill-Hall)

305. Rottweiler Special Working trail

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST Kenaiteen Cassley (Miss N Waterman)

Lovely rich tan, smooth in style & coat. Slightly longer in overall body balance, with topline, not held so well, although movement clean.

306. Rottweiler Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST Fantasa Just Won’t Back Down (Miss M T, Mrs J A & Miss M Docherty & Dunhill-Hall)

Balanced bitch, eyes correct shape and colouring, with ears set good on a clean head, neck, with muscular arch onto a clean , well proportioned , tidy body. Hind good muscle into sinewy hind angulation, giving good drive and propulsion, from tight feet although with a slight toe in.