• Show Date: 30/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janine Waters Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Pekingese

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Pekehuis Imperial. A light fawn attractive puppy dog with a good head, great nose placement, correct neat mouth & Broad jaw and expressive eyes. Nice front assembly, short and cobby with good tail set. Moved well. 

Junior Dog 

1st Bratilda Lightning Boy. A classy little fawn dog with an expressive head that captured my gaze. His cushioned cheeks add that little extra to the soft expression I love to see. Short little bowed legs that fit his cobby rib cage well. Good short top line and high tail set. Plenty of coat where it should be. Good rear angulation and moved correctly and confidently around the ring. 

2nd Shardlow Rag ‘n Bone Man. A nice rich black coloured dog. Expressive eyes and clean open facial features. An attractive package made well throughout. Noticeable muscle tone and moved freely and happily. Today he was between coats but once his adult coat comes he will finish a lovely size package. 

Graduate Dog.

1st Sheira Devil in Disguise. A young but substantial male. For 21 months he has a good harsh mature adult coat. He set off a little apprehensive on the move but lifted his tail and moved lovely after some reassurance from his handler. A good head size and nice open facial features. Thick bone in front, good shoulder assembly, great barrelled ribcage and little parallel rear legs, giving the overall pear shaped I like to see. 

2nd Baylight Snow Storm. 2 years and 1 month old white. A happy little dog who looks to enjoy the show atmosphere. His owner moved him confidently around the ring. He doesn’t have the quality I’d expect to see at Championship Show level but importantly he doesn’t have any health concerns or serious faults to withhold the prize card. 

Limit dog.

1st and RDCC Delwin Last Performance at Meritorous. This dog is a delight to get your hands on. He is as thick set throughout as he looks. His headpiece is beautiful - expressive eyes, good nose placement, a full but sensible wrinkle, firm chin and velvet cushioned cheeks. A short thick neck, neat shoulder placement, correct tightly tucked elbows, little thick bowed legs, a good barrel so when picked up the weight is all at the front just as it should be. Short level top line and short loin. Good coat texture and moved around the ring correctly with dignified rolling gait. I would have liked a little more rear angulation but this doesn’t detract from the splendid package this dog is. His compact package gave him the edge in this class for me, very close to the CC today. I hope he gains his title 

2nd Brentoy Zander. An attractive, eye catching black mature male. A dog I have admired from ring side many times. A lovely head and reminiscent of the old Guzmac lines I really admire. An unmistakable aloof expression, good nose placement and firm broad under jaw, made well throughout. Groomed, handled and moved text book perfectly. 

Open dog

1st, DCC & BOB Champion Jonsville Gucci. Numerous times I have sat ring side and watched this dog. Inevitably I form opinions from what we see. I’m not ashamed at all to say that getting my hands on this little dog was a complete delight and proved some of my ring side preconceptions to be wrong. Up close and in the flesh, this dog has a lovely head with clean open features. I would  prefer a more evidential chin but up close his bite is ok and again the does not detract from the overall package. There is nothing complicated about this face, it’s densely black and classy but unexaggerated and easy on the eye. What a lovely size male under his flamboyant furnishings. A good handful of fore chest, neat shoulders with the correct lay back so this dog is between his little bowed thick legs just as he should be. With this, and his high tail set he has a nice short back and short loin. His close parallel rear legs are firm and well angulated. This dog can shift - he moved freely and at ease and was a joy to watch. The sound but slow dignified rolling gait should be effortless. This dog was handled seamlessly today. DCC BOB and shortlisted in the group.

2nd Champion Pekehuis Apollo. A close second place here. A smart flashy little red dog. He has expressive eyes that talk to you. You can see this boy absorbs all of his surroundings. Beautiful clean open face with a firm under jaw, large head for his size, correct front assembly, cobby ribbing and firm rear close action, good tail set and moved well. 

Note: Although the furnishings to my first and second place In open dog are opposite ends of the spectrum here they both suit the dogs they dress and they both fit the breed standard with good texture, identifiable mane, saddle & tail plume. And in my opinion they are both valuable assets in their own right and importantly both typical representations of their kennel. 

Minor Puppy bitch

1st BPIS & RBCC Pekehuis Golden Girl. This puppy is eye catching. Her jet black pigment full black mask all framed with this gentle light fawn coat makes a lovely contrast. Her head size is noticeably large with all her features where they should be for her tender age of 7 months. Her lovely ear set and black puppy fringes bunch beautiful and add to her animation as she watches everything her handler does. She has a good thick set front, is short and cobby and enjoyed her time in the ring. I’m going to enjoy watching her future show career. Fabulous package

Junior bitch

1st Bratilda Raziel Angel. Just over 12 months of age this rich colour fawn with black mask. She was a pretty little girl, small but balanced, nice expression, short back with good tail set. She moved well.

2nd Meritorous It’s Only A Wish. Rich red with black mask. Beautiful shallow head with good nose placement, short thick neck and for her size has a good barrel of rib. I’d just like to see a little thicker bone on the front but this girl has lots of potential. Junior is always a difficult age for bitches so I’ll look forward to watching her blossom.

Post Graduate bitch

1st Brentoy Veda. I was surprised to see in the catalog this girl is a veteran. She is a light blonde/fawn. She has a great close fitting front and her good size barrel sits between her front legs correctly. She is superb to pick up and moved correctly with a slow rolling gait.

2nd Bellablake Silver Lace. 3 year old silver fawn with a beautiful shallow head. Her eyes were dark and lustrous and her pigment was jet black. Good level top line and super coat texture. She was a little straighter in shoulder than my 1st and was a touch shy and dipping when I went over her. Hopefully more time in the ring will build her confidence. Moved well.

Limit bitch

BCC & 1st Klerkshof Eve at Swaggerboot. She stood alone in this class but stood out in the unbeaten bitch line up. Noticeable jet black mask and pigment colour, a very pretty envelope shape head, nice nose placement but would prefer a slightly more open nostril. Her ears are fringed lovely and frame her face well. She has a moderately short neck, good angulated shoulders, short little thick bowed legs that neatly hug her ribs. Short level top line, good tail set and plume that is carried well on the move, neat close moving hind legs. Delighted to award her first CC and a first for the exhibitor too. Well done, she stood out today. I hope to see her make her potential. 

Open bitch  

1st Champion Klerskof Sara at Ralshams. A classy bitch put down and moved to perfection. Seamlessly handled and a joy to watch their relationship as the move completely in sync. She is made well throughout, lovely head piece and was a strong contender pressing hard in the line up. 

2nd Hetana Shakira with Meritorous. Another lovely Pekingese exhibited from this kennel. A nice envelope shaped head with all its features well placed, well made and substantial throughout, nice movement and good coat texture

Veteran Bitch

1st Twelve and a half years old put down in beautiful condition. Not much grey to give this girl’s age away. Lovely head and facial features, short thick neck, level back and ribs to die for. Moved well, this bitch owns the ring and commands the attention. Very deserving best veteran.

Special Beginners bitch.

1st Jigglypekes Dianthus. Well presented and in lovely condition. Good firm top line stood firm and confident whilst I went over her. Moved well.