• Show Date: 24/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: janette Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: German Spitz (Klein)

Blackpool Championship show. Friday 24th June 2022

Loved my day at Blackpool championship show there was such a nice atmosphere at the show. Well done to the committee.

German spite klein.

The breed does seem to be improving even though the numbers are declining. One thing I did notice is the shoulders are getting upright just like most breeds. Last time i judged them i found a lot had no brisket, this seems to have gone. The open bitch class was so hard some really nice dogs in that class, thank you all so much for coming.

Junior Dog.

1st Pearce and Francis Longdales cesar chance.What fabulous movement this youngster has, straight coming forward and back and back. Nice bone neat feet, lovely dark mask and lovely shaped head. Square shape with good rib cage. One to watch i think. Best junior.

Post grad Dog.

1st  Moores,Pommary mark my word. Red gold 3 year old.Lovely movement on this dog, nice and compact with a nice ribcage.Good bone , hocks moderately let down nice and straight from the rear and front. Coat was dense with god under coat.

2nd Spencerian im too sexy.Nicce white today did not have the movement of 1st. Well made throughout with a very nice ear and head shape.Good bone for such a nice size dog. Dark pigment.

Limit Dog.

1st  Moores Pommary let rumour begin.Dark gold with a profuse coat. Good bone and very square.lovely wedge head.Very spitzy.

2nd spencerian streetfighter. Sadly this dog was very nervous on the table once he settled his movement was nice, such a shame he was nervous.

Open dog (6) (2 ab)

1st Pearce and Francis ch/ir ch longsdale cool rider.DCC and BOB.Black dog, coat gleamed, so well presented. Very square in shape, kept his topline on the move, moved with ease around the ring, straight coming forward and back. Neat feet with a good spring of ribs, beautiful shaped head and ears. Such a worthy champion. Pleased to see him short listed in the group.

2nd Pearce and francis ch longdales blame it on me.RDCC.Cream who reminded me so much of a young bitch i gave cc to many years ago. What a super head and eye stunning. Black pigment which just made the picture perfect. Square compact dog. Again a worthy champion.

3rd Jackson and Minshall. CH perrymere just bertie jw

Puppy bitch

1st  Pearce and Francis longdales no more the fool.Lovely dark pigment which enhanced her lovely shaped head. Nice and square with a deep chest. Neat arched feet. Needs to tighten up on the movement but moved well round the ring keeping a nice level topline on the move.

Junior bitch.

1st Pearce and Francis Longdales lady eva.BP.Lovely to go over everything where it should be. Deep chest, square shape level topline on the move, coat in great condition, another with dark pigment .Balanced front and back.

Post grad bitch.

1st  Mr and miss Spences Spencerian starz in her eyes. 5 year old sable, lovely bone with deep chest . Moved well front and back, great shoulders and nice neck. Coat of good texture. Level topline on the move.

Open bitch.(4)

1st Pearce and Francis Orku harmione granger with Longdale (imp ISI)BCC.such a showy bitch and very spitzy. Turned out perfectly. Beautiful head and eye, great ear shape and size. Flowed around the ring. Well constructed throughout. Hard to fault.

2nd Bradbury and Serman, Oberitz Topsy Turvy for Wychlea.RBCC and BV. Black with such good construction.Fabulous shoulders and rib cage. Good bone , square shape. Kept her topline on the move nicely. She did not like the heat today but is still my best veteran and RBCC.

3rd Spences, Spencerian Doggy style shch

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st Bradbury and Sermans Oberitz Topsy Turvy for Wychlea.BV and RBCC