• Show Date: 03/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janet Kay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: Keeshond

Thank you to British Utility Breeds Association.

I was thrilled and delighted to accept this appointment which was planned for 2020 but Covid19 changed all that. Today I was excited as Keeshond exhibitors have always been very welcoming and sporting. My general findings were some heads had short muzzles and a few displayed coat colours that were not of breed standard.

 PD. 1. Quest' Eastkees del Monte Dragnone TAF (Mrs S Pattison) 11 months at this age a couple of weeks makes a difference. Masculine, sturdy, and confident, well proportioned head and dark almond-shaped eyes, muscled neck of moderate length, firm topline, enough length of loin, well-padded feet tight and round, high set tail curled over the back with black tip. He moved well at a brisk walk 2. Dianakees Inspector Morse at Esorkees (Mr G R & Mrs S Rose) 10 months this little man is full of promise, well shaped eyes, dark and full of expression, friendly and concentrating on his handler. High-set ears small erect and velvety. Clear distinct penciling around the eyes to the lower part of the ear. Clean tight feet and nicely angulated hind legs with profuse trousers to hocks, a little more time to firm up on the move. 3. Liefkees Assisi (Mrs Ann Downs). JrD. 1. Keitakees to Love Somebody at Byquy (Messers D & D Peck & Matthews). Lovely sized boy square in outline and full of quality. Masculine fox-like head with equal proportions and high-set ears which were black velvety and ivy shaped. Enough length of neck and well-developed ruff, firm topline, enough loin keeping that compact outline, finishing with a tightly curled tail with black tip. On the move, he was brisk sharp, and clean. He was strongly considered in the challenge. 2. Neradmik Shine On Harvey Moon (Mrs Je Ring) Correct coat and colour with ample ruff and trousers. A little more muzzle would balance the head better, dark eyes with a confident expression. Lovely feet, well-padded round and cat-like, nicely sprung ribs, short loin keeping the square outline. 3. Keitakees Small Town Boy with Manzanakees (Mrs S & Mr S Gardner) PGD. Flatmeer Fliegend (Mrs S Murray) A very dark boy although, that said he had the correct pencil markings of spectacles and shoulders, his dark almond-shaped eyes were gentle, alert, with a masculine expression. Enough length of neck full of ruff, well-laid shoulders, firm topline and short loin. He moved well. LD. 1. Serenaubach Full of Wonder (Mrs S Pattison) At the top end of the height range, masculine throughout, coat correct grey in colour, he was sturdy and compact. Nicely placed ears, dark and small, strength in neck, well-laid shoulders, enough hind angulation which showed on the move with a sharp brisk and sharp action. 2. Divnyi Drug Dar (Imp Rus) (Mrs G A Brunt) Nice type of male compact and square in outline. Dark muzzle, small ivy leaf ears, almond shaped eyes, moderate neck full of ruff, enough bone to better feet than one, high-set tail curled over his back. 3. Flatmeer Flightberry (Mrs S Murray) Moved well with the correct coloured coat and markings. OD. A strong class 1. Mezanda Merry Starshower (ai) (Mrs S E Lindsay) Mature male nicely sized compact and square in outline, fox-like head wedge-shaped, dark almond-shaped eyes full of expression, alert and confident, well set on neck into nicely laid shoulders, ample bone to round cat-like feet, firm topline and short loin, well developed hind muscles and full profuse trousers to hocks, his coat was correct in texture and colour with marking clearly visible on the move, he was clean brisk and sharp, pleased to award him RCC. 2. Ch Kichigai Boy Is Back in Town for Watchkees JW (Mrs M Harris) Pleasing size, mature dog, his coat was a little open today, spectacle marking clearly visible and black tip to tail. Masculine wedge-shaped head with mask small erect ears, well-sprung ribs and ample depth, strongly muscled hind legs with slight angulation, high set tail curled tightly over his back, he moved well on strong feet. 3. Rossvale Endeavour to Esorkees (Mr G R & Mrs S Rose) Compact and sturdy ample coat dark and profuse black mask acceptable colour throughout. VD 1. Ch Kichigai's Only The Lonely (Mr C & Miss N L Hickson) I saw this boy as a puppy in 2016 and he thrilled me then, he was so full of promise. He has fulfilled my expectations and delighted to see him again as a fully mature male. He has kept a square compact outline. Excellent coat colour and texture. Head wedge in shape with well-defined stop dark muzzle and strong jaws. Delicate penciling to lower edge of ear, strong muscled neck into well-laid shoulder and excellent feet, well-sprung ribs and ample depth muscular loin and slight hind angulation on the move, he did not disappoint he was confident and demanded attention both fore and aft, clean brisk sharp. Pleased to award him the DCC and BOB. 2. Ch Rossvale's Legacy for Lekkerbek (Mrs J A, Dr K, Mrs S, Mrs S & Mr S Miles, Cullen, Cullen, Brown & Brown a worthy champion masculine but in no way coarse, with an alert expression. Well marked. well-boned legs and tight, cat-like feet. Nicely sprung ribs with a strong, short loin high set double curled tail in good condition. 3. Ch Rossvale Master of Destiny for Esorkees (Mr G R & Mrs S Rose) This boy was making his handler work hard today which belied his age he was full of naughtiness. He had lovely bone and tight feet. PB. 1. Sofia Loren Della Ginevrina (imp) (Mr A J & Mrs J M Fitches) This little girl was delightful, being gently handled and encouraged, she was confident and alert, excited to be in the ring and the proceedings of the day. Square in outline with a feminine fox-like wedge head. Almond-shaped eyes with a very friendly expression, ample bone to the tightest of feet on one so young, lovely height to length and enough length of loin. I'm sure she will go on to do very well as she matures. JrB 1. Tykees We Go Solo (Miss T A Church) Appealing head with dark almond eyes, well-defined stop and a flat skull finished with a black muzzle, firm topline and short loin giving a compact appearance with clear pencil markings on her head and body. Carrying a little puppy coat but that will soon be gone. 2.Eastkees Call of The Raven (Mrs S Pattison) Not much to pick between these girls, she had a dark muzzle and hight set small dark ears. At this time she appears a shade longer than one, but in dogs so young this could change next week, her topline was finished with a high set double curled tail. 3. Tykees Full of Chaos (Mrs S Johnston) litter sister to one and could easily change places. PGB. 1. Watermyth Cassiopeia by Mezanda (Mrs S E Lindsay) Ultra feminine girl of attractive size, appealing fox-like head with almond-shaped dark eyes, nice length to dark muzzle, strong jaws and good scissor bite, moderate length to neck with ample ruff, firm topline and nicely muscled hind, well-curled tail set on high, good texture to coat, moved a steady pace, clean and sharp 2. Tykees Its Just A Phase (Miss T A Church) Splitting hairs here, pleasing in outline, took a little time to settle possibly due to the handler swapping dogs. Clear spectacle marking to head and small dark ears. Dense ruff and well-developed trousers. She moved well and with ease at a brisk walk. 3. Dianakees Carolina Moon (Miss S K Lush) LB. 1. Devonia Black Pearl (Mrs V & Mr S Marshall) Correct size and colour full of coat, tight catlike feet, nicely sprung ribs with good depth of chest. She moved with purpose. 2. Neradmik Tantrums N Tiaras (Mrs Je Ring) Appealing head and expression, small ivy-shaped ears set on high. Square in outline giving a compact look. I preferred the ring presence of one. 3. Flatmeer Fleur Dilly (A Marfleet) Correct colour and marking, pity she was not wearing her full coat. OB. This class was full of quality and could easily change places. 1. Winklestar Aurora at Valindale JW (Messrs M & D, Mrs L & Mrs T Matthews & Lee) Well turned out, full of coat dense ruff and profuse trousers. Dark muzzle with clear stop, almond shaped dark eyes giving a gentle alert expression topped with small dark ears, clear marking although and correctly held tail with black tip. Ample forechest with well-sprung ribs, on the move she was sharp straight and clean BCC. 2. Ch Cosmic Dream's Damn You Look Good for Mezanda (Imp Nor) JW (Mrs S E Lindsay) A pretty feminine girl who had all the right things in the right places, good grey-black colour with a dense undercoat full ruff and profuse trousers adequate feet, just not as tight as one. She moved with purpose and pushed hard for her place in this class. RBCC 3. Ch Kichigai's Uptown Girl JW (Lady K S & Mr C Hickson) A mature girl who knows what it's all about. This was a strong class. Her coat was a little open today. VB 1. Ch Kichigai This Girl Is Mine at Yawren (Ms W Mckean) A young veteran who was confident and alert taking everything in her stride, lovely height to length giving a compact outline, pleasing head although I would prefer a little more muzzle, clear stop and flat skull, strong neck into nicely laid shoulders, she moved out with drive. On completing my report I find she is litter sister to VD. 2. Ch Vanstrand Quantum of Solace (Mrs G A Brunt) this girl belies her age, she was in great condition with enough depth of chest and well-sprung ribs, full coat and trousers, for her age she moved out very well. Judge Janet Kay