• Show Date: 12/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Paradise Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Kooikerhondje



I was honoured to be invited to judge this breed at Crufts. Following its move from the Gundog Group to the Utility Group the breed Club invited Utility judges to attend a seminar and assessment in 2013 in order to learn about the breed that would now be appearing in the Utility Group. It was a very sensible pro-active action to take by the Club and very much appreciated as I learnt so much about this fascinating breed and felt most welcomed.

I last judged the breed at LKA in 2018. What I love about this breed is that it is so moderate in every aspect, with no exaggeration. They deserve to have CCs as there is an abundance of quality within the breed which comes from the dedication of the breed supporters. Sadly, some breeds who have gained CCs in recent years still lack the overall quality required. I sincerely hope that when CCs are gained in Kooikerhondje the exhibitors will still put their dogs health and wellbeing and the good of the breed first and foremost, and to continue to support one another with the good sportsmanship that has been prevalent so far. There can only be one final winner within the breed on the day, but I do hope that you enjoyed your day at Crufts as much as I did. You are a great crowd.

VD (0)

PD (1) 1. Wallis’ Gladsheim Veritas . A lovely start to the day, with this ten month old lad, standing alone but clearly having future star quality (not surprising having now looked at his breeding and see that he is sired by my RBD and out of my RBB. What a combination). Good headpiece framed by pendant ears with ‘ear rings’. Moderate neck flowing into a level topline which runs into a slight slope to the croup. Deep brisket. Well laid back shoulders. Neat feet. He moved around the ring well, using his tail as decoy. BPD. Challenged his litter sister to take BPIB.

J (0)

PGD (7) Francom’s Tiny Tom Thumb A fabulous boy heading a large class of quality exhibits. Deep brown eyes set in 50/50 proportioned skull length, tight fitting lips and black pigment on eye rims, lips and nose. Straight forelegs with all four neat feet pointing forwards, not inwards or outwards, with strong flexible pasterns. He is in excellent coat with a neck ruff, bib, breeches and plume. He moves so soundly in all directions, using his tail all the time. Most definitely one to watch for the future. 2. Caldwell’s Crunchcroft Razzle-Dazzle. Well deserving of this place, cheeks well filled out, and ex head proportions. Ex scissor bite. Liked his prosternum, deep chest and ribcage. Straight forelegs and well laid shoulders and corresponding rear angulation. Deep orange-red colouring stands out against white background. Performed well in movement. 3. Davies’ Millhanger Kemboy

OD(6) What a stunning class. 1. Williams’ Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim (Imp Bel). Three months off being seven years old and now in his prime, I see that I gave him RBD at LKA in 2018 so it was doubly pleasing to see how he has matured and that he has followed through. Just off squarely built, a confident dog standing himself and holding himself to best advantage, creating a stunning silhouette. Handsome head framed with ears held close to head and displaying desirable ‘ear rings’, well padded cheeks under eyes. Well balanced all through with -constructed front with good layback and prosternum, and good turn of stifle at the rear. Level back with slight slope to croup, well covered body and well sprung ribs. Strong hocks and flexible pasterns. Moves with good forward reach and strong rear drive. I like his size and his alert outlook and I can see him keeping the vermin under control and working as duck decoy. Fit for purpose, I could happily watch him all day long. BD. BOB. A pleasure to watch him represent the breed in the BIS ring where he made it all look so easy. 2. Suiter & Cargill’s Genetika Rumpelstiltskin. He won PGD in 2018 and is now four years later he is up with the big boys. Masculine all through. Alert and attentive to handler. Dark brown almond shaped eyes, slightly curved top skull, good stop, tight lipped. Compact feet face straight ahead on straight forelegs Well developed chest and ribs. Carrying an excellent jacket with feathering on legs and breeches and plume held well. Slightly larger built than 1st and a little longer cast, he has excellent workmanlike, steady and precise movement with parallel rear legs. Sire of today’s BPIB. Well deserved RBD. 3. Whitehead’s Chriskoois Octavius at Genetika (Imp Est)

GCDS (4) 1. Caldwell’s Crunchcroft Razzle- 2. Brook’s Papikoi Time Out. Five year old, larger dog placed 4th in PGD. A nice friendly and happy lad, not in the best of jackets today with tail plume a little lacking in fringing. Kind, dark brown eyes with black rims. Well marked orange-red patches on body. Forefeet turn out a little which is also seen in his movement. 3. Gutteridge’s Benitin Trojan

VB (5) The first three could all change places on another day as they were top quality and all on their toes. It was rather challenging to split them. 1. Williams’ Daniella vom Thyrowberg to Gladsheim (Imp Deu) ShCM. In 2018 she was just 12 weeks off whelping a litter and in fabulous condition bearing that in mind, but not in her best jacket which was understandable. On that day she was RBB to her daughter, Arunika, who in turn was RBB today. Four years on, at almost ten years old she is still a totally sound mover, showing the youngsters how to work. In fabulous hard muscular condition and in excellent coat. She pushed hard today in the challenge and it could easily have gone her way. BVIB. 2. Skionberg’s N Uc/dk Ch/n Ach Ea Evana (Imp Dnk) Nordv-18. Just off being square, holding her topline at all times. Well boned straight forelegs and stands on compact feet. Good angulation fore and aft. Pretty head, very feminine. 3. Suiter & Cargill’s Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika (Imp Swe)

PB (1) 1. Jones’ Gladsheim Savanna. Well shaped and balanced 10 month old puppy. Very pretty with a feminine build all through. Ex scissor bite. Level topline. Nicely ribbed. Clear orange-red patches on pearly white background. Moderate angulation all through. Settled well on the move with brisk precision but moving a little close behind. Just not quite as forward overall at the moment as her brother but has plenty of time. BPB.

JB (2) 1. Jones’ Gladsheim Savanna. 2. Norman’s Kerfkooiker Pandora. She was a little apprehensive today. I think that if the handler watches and learns the ring procedures and becomes more proficient then the bitch herself will gain in her confidence and have a better chance to sparkle. Well bodied and holding her topline. Strong perpendicular hocks. There is some flecking in the muzzle and leg coat. Well coated with correct texture, ex fringing, ear-rings, and plumed tail.

PGB (8,2a) 1. Stewart & Straiiijer’s Qunack's Favor Light for Twybrook (Imp Nld). Stood out in the class. Just off squarely built and lovely proportions with no exaggeration. Ex shaped skull, darkest of eyes and eye liner. Well laid back shoulder and equal length return of upper arm. Sufficient bone. Level back finishing with slightly sloping croup and well plumed tail falling away off croup. Well turned stifles. She moves so well around the ring, working that tail. I shall look forward to following her future progress. 2. Banfield’s Kerfkooiker Fortuna. Close up to 1st but slightly narrower built all through. In good coat with well-developed ear fringing, black ringlets and leg feathering. Good depth of chest to elbows, Well angulated fore and aft. Moved steadily and with purpose. 3. Jones’ Valleyrise Inspiration

OB (4) Tough class to judge to split these girls. What a lovely position for the breed to be in. 1.Suiter & Cargill’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora. Quality all through with excellent profile shape and balance with all lines flowing into one another. Beautiful headpiece framed by long ear fringes with ear-rings. Almond shaped eyes with dark rims. Large teeth, tight fitting lips. Ex pigment. Straightest of forelegs with forward facing feet. Flowing coat of deep, clear orange-red patches on white background. She has matured into a beauty. A joy to watch her move with an easy stride, so workmanlike and purposeful, flagging her tail. BB. BOS. 2. Williams’ Gladsheim Arunika. Most comments on 1st place apply here too. I do so admire this top quality girl of excellent size and breed type. She has the sweetest of expressions coming from correctly balanced head and well positioned eyes and ears. She is proving her worth by passing on her top qualities to her progeny. Unfortunately just dropping her topline a tad and moving a little closer behind was what cost her the higher place today andhad to settle for RBB. 3. Johnson’s Sensation vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (Imp Deu).

GCDSB (3, 1a) 1. Jones’ Valleyrise Inspiration. Stood 3rd in PGB. Slightly larger than her sister. Beautiful melting eyes, Moving a little wide in front today but with good reach and drive and enthusiasm. 2. Johnson’s Valleyrise Illustration. Nice for size, finer boned than litter mate. Well bodied. Level back graduating to slope of croup. Fabulous ear fringing with ear-rings. Moving a little close behind.

Jane Paradise (Judge)