• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Paradise Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Estrela Mountain Dog



Thank you to the Society for the opportunity to judge this breed. We were fortunate enough to have a large ring which meant all dogs had plenty of room to stride out.

JD(1) 1. Reid’s Milagre's Icon. A nine month old puppy currently going through the gangly stage when he is all “legs eleven”. Thick dense short coat. Dark amber eyes, neat ears, round bone with neat toes. Short and strong neck. Nicely covered body with level topline. Just a little wary but happy enough overall. A growing lad, he needs time whilst the muscle is built up to hold the bone structure together. Best to be patient with the giant breeds that need to develop and mature slowly and not be rushed. BD, BOS, BPIB.

OB (3) A quality class. 1. McKinlay’s T'Safira Do Cabeco Do Seixo (Imp) Port. Sturdy and well built, rustic, whilst remaining feminine. Well coated with all the desirable furnishings. Short backed, with ovely firm rump. At 2.5 years old she is still developing in mind and body and I can envisage her going from strength to strength as she matures. She moves with such reach in front and drive from behind, covering the ground with ease, a joy to watch. I watched her represent the breed in the Group later on and thought that both dog and handler performed well. BB, BOB. 2. Bermingham & Kendrick’s Bamcwt First Edition. Paler fawn with black mask. Small ears. Well sprung ribs with ex slight slope to croup. So well muscled. RBB. 3.Reid’s Port Ch Seia da Quinta Moinhos das Almas with Mila. Short coat. I have to give this girl a mention too, as she has so much to offer. She displayed such wonderful reach and drive as she motored around the ring.

VB (2) What a great advertisement for the breed this class was. Two very fit veterans, both still on top form. 1. Reid’s Milagre Ice Ice Baby. At 10 years of age this lady is in fabulous coat and condition with a typical outline and well balanced all through. Super head and expression with amber eyes. Strength of bone, ex angulation in front assembly and rear. Strength in short-coupled loins. Happily wagging her tail the whole time. BVIB & pushed hard in the challenge. 2. Bermingham & Kendrick & Almeida’s NL Ch Rainha da Casa de Loas em Bamcwt (Imp Port). 7 years of age and such a quality girl with a great outline. Ex pigment with large black nose, dark, tight lips, and dark eye rims. Not entirely happy today, nor was she moving so well as 1st on the day.

Jane Paradise (Judge)