• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Paradise Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Schipperke

BORDER UNION 18/6/2022


Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and their patience as it was a long day of waiting due to the other breeds in the ring beforehand. Often the sun shone through, but the wind was not quite so kind and could be rather cold at times. But hey ho, the day stayed dry. My trusty stewards were excellent at getting each class into the ring and ready for me.

I am sorry if we seemed rushed but I was conscious that the Toy Group was already being judged and did not want my BOB to miss the Utility Group. As it turned out the breed was successful in taking Group 3. Congratulations on representing the breed so well and getting just recognition.

JD (2) 1. Donaldson’s Mazal Tov Bestseller von Zorbaloo (Imp Rus) NAF. 7 months old. Dark brown eyes. Foxy expression. Ex scissor bite. Points at tips of ears. Distinct frill around slightly arched neck. Ex angulation for and aft. Moving out with purpose. BPIB. 2. McLachlan , Morrison & McLachlan’s Fullmoon How Do You Like Me Now NAF (USA IMP). Of larger build, also 7 months old. Thick plush, but rather stand-offish coat. Erect ears. Small dark eyes with tight eye rims. Muzzle to skull proportions 2:3 and V shaped wedge in shape. . Tail set high and held over back. Not moving as well as 1st today.

PG (0)

OD (3) 1. Plourde’s Gchg/ch Whispering Pines Lover Boy NAF (Imp Usa) Ew Lw 22. Super boy in great coat and tip-top condition. Compact. Small dark eyes. Skull flat between ears. Short, strong neck Straight forelegs. Neat cat feet. Ex spring of rib, deep chested, straight topline and well rounded rump. Well let down, parallel hocks. Moving briskly with precision of footfall and I could imagine him on a barge, sure-footed and eagle eyed. BD & BOB. Pleased to see him go G3 under Betty Peach. 2. Collier’s Ch Stoneyburn Banna. Well made all through, with ex front angulation and corresponding turn of stifle to give overall balance. Well off for bone, appropriate to size. Front, rear and side gait all straight and true. RBD. 3. Hood & Lawless’ Revloch Fire at Will Cjw19

V (0)

JB (0)

PGB (1) 1. Wilcox’ Dencas Come Dance with Me. Loved her size and shape. Well balanced outline. As expected, not as much neck frill as the boys, but still distinct. Adequate bone. Forelegs set well under her body.Ex shoulder placement and well turned stifles. Tail held well and ex topline. BB & BOS.

OB (2) 1. Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia. 6 years old. Liked her well-laid shoulders, forechest and depth of brisket. Moderately strong muzzle. Uses her ears well. Tight neat feet. RBB. 2. Reed’s Stoneyburn Arbeia. Litter sister to 1st, and these two are also from the same litter as the RBD. Frosting around the muzzle adds to her look of dignity. This girl had slightly lighter eyes than her sister and I preferred the movement of 1st.

Jane Paradise (Judge)