• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Paradise Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

BORDER UNION 18/6/2022


Thank you to the exhibitors who entered and to my stewards. Often the sun shone through, but the wind was not quite so kind and could be bitterly cold at times. But hey ho, the day stayed dry!

For me, the bitches currently have far more quality overall than the boys. My task in the bitch challenge was made all the more difficult as I had found classes with 2nds and 3rds that I would have happily found worthy of the big green cards had the winners not been present. It bodes well for the future that there are so many excellent bitches for future breeding plans. Please choose your stud dogs wisely to complement the points on which your bitch needs improvement and do your best to breed to the standard. I would not want to see this breed straying further away from the ideal size or carrying more excessive coat. Continually bear in mind the breed’s natural habitat and what it was bred for – the coat is there for the undercoat to insulate against the extremes of temperature in Tibet with the outer coat protecting the undercoat from dust and moisture. Coat on the body that reaches below the hocks could hinder movement and also get snowballed.

It was disappointing again not to find many reverse scissor bites. I realise that breeders have opted for scissor bites as some judges do not acknowledge that a reverse scissor is acceptable – for me it is always appreciated as it gives such a better chin and reinforces that typical Tibetan expression which is being lost.

The other point which is becoming rarer to find is the large flat feet to act as snowshoes and sure footedness on the mountains.

I was pleased to find so many in good muscular condition. Only three absentees over the whole entry was exceedingly good going, having the second highest entry in the Utility Group and even surpassing the French Bulldog entry!

MPD (0)

PD (2) 1. Thain’s Gentle Sweet Shadow. B/W. 10 months old. Nicely balanced. Coat developing well. Had the edge over 2nd place with his confidence. Tail high set and held over back. A tendency to pace on the move and handler needs to quicken when setting off in order to correct this. BPD. 2. Esposito’s Dalewood Sparks Will Fly. Loved his squareness and balance. Quality head and large black rimmed eyes. Level topline. Flat feet. Ex double coat with harsh topcoat. Just needs to gain in confidence to show himself off as he has lots to offer.

JD (3) 1. Marley & Thirlwell’s Myrlea Rhubarb Moon. Black. Squarely built, ex size and well coated. Well bodied with ideal neck length set well on shoulders. In strong muscular condition. Ex topline and tail carriage. Strong bone. Ex scissor bite, 50/50 head proportions. Large nostrils. Moved with purpose.2. Laffling’s Araki Secret Loverboy A pleasing dog to go over. Ex scissor bite. Ex pigment. Large feet. Not able to match the movement of 1st. 3. Hadlow’s Snoanda Doing This My

YD (1) 1. Sinclair’s Araki Shanastra. B/W. On first sight my impression was that I would prefer a little less of him. However, on the move he is strikingly smooth in action and I quickly warmed to him as hands on he is really good to go over. Super shape and balance. Well angulated shoulders, straight forelegs, moderate neck, good topline. He has a lovely head of 50/50 proportions. Well muscled and he moves straight with parallel hocks.

ND (0)

GD (1) 1. Taylor’s Layoli Sea of Secrets at Billkenstar. Black with grey hairs, an honest TT of lovely size and square balance. Scissor bite in slight curve. Harsh top coat. Tail set high and carried nicely over the back with space underneath. Strong bone for size but not overdone. Moved enthusiastically.

PGD (2) 1. Pediani’s Routenburn Ultragold. Gentle curve to topskull. Well set eyes and ears. Well balanced front and rear with moderate angulation. For me there is a little too much coat length and I would prefer a darker eye. Covers the ground with such reach and drive, he certainly excels himself on the move, where he floats around holding his topline at all times. 2. Armstrong’s Rigaze Dalai Gartok at Tizzycharm. Nicely made boy with strong neck. His coat is his fortune – ex double coat with correct texture. Rather erratic when moving around the ring, he would benefit from training work from the handler in order to fulfil his true potential.

LD (5) 1. King’s Araki Magic Dancer for Karamyst JW. B/W, with an absolutely stunning outline on this four year old boy. Beautiful skull to handle, dark round eyes with black rims, well furnished headpiece. Straight forelegs held well against side of body with ex depth of chest and adequate width of body all through. Level back with slight arch over strong loins. Ribs go well back and deep to give heart and lung room. In ex hard muscular condition which is seen in the drive from the rear and reach in front, giving seemingly effortless movement. Compact and powerful. Nothing exaggerated in this lad’s structure. Presented to perfection. DCC & BOS. . 2. McKinley & Barnes’ Araki The Gamechanger. This dog has much to offer but the handler is not getting the best out of him. Watch and learn from other handlers. He is better to go over than his outline suggests when stood. Square, when he is stood correctly. He has ex ribs going well back and is well off for bone. Masculine all through. He portrays sound movement and has the makings of a great future. 3. Sinclair’s Araki The Midas Touch

OD (3) 1. Marley & Thirlwell’s Myrlea Mostly Ghostly. Black. A picture on the stand. So good to go over. Handsome head and expression with melting eyes. Withers to elbow distance equalling elbow to ground. Sturdy, rugged boy. Tail set high and carried correctly at all times. He moves steadily in all directions on firm feet and parallel hocks with ex pastern flexibility. Making it all look so easy. RDCC. 2. Thorold’s Araki The Intimidator. Not quite as impressive on the stand or moving as 1st but he is an honest, soundly made, masculine boy with stunning glossy black jacket and lots of qualities on offer. Especially loved his big nose and wide nostrils. 3. Hargreaves’ Waterley Celtic Prince with Islantic

VD (3) 1. Thurston’s Kipukyi Hot Ripper for Jalren. Turned out that I have known this boy from a youngster! He fits my image of perfect size and amount of coat in a TT, nothing overdone. Scissor bite in slight curve. Would just prefer a little more underjaw for a more resolute expression. Totally sound on the move, showing efficiency with no wasted effort. BVIB. 2. Jones’ Waterley Broadway Lights JW. Black. Happy lad, well bodied and ribbed. Clean teeth in scissor bite. Well coated. Just throwing a rear leg a little today. 3. Jones’ Waterley Absolute Diamond

MPB (4) 1. Rudderham’s Khyibrang’s Spanish Eyes. B/W. Attractive outline. Ex scissor bite, in prettiest of heads with good head fall. Good shoulder placement and moderate rear angulation. Exhuberant but under control to move steadily with purpose and ex reach and drive. 2. Wilson’s Djankay Starlight Fair. B/T and she is so dainty and feminine. Loved her size and shapely balance. Teeth in a slightly curved scissor bite. Tail held gaily over the back. She just needs to settle into her stride and move forward more with a little less lift in forelegs (but in no way hackneying). A fun girl. 3. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Dark N’smokin (had an ex reverse scissor bite worth a mention).

PB (4) 1. Green’s Verony Like A Charm. My notes had three asterisks against them to remind me how much I adored her. Fabulous silhouette. A stunning young lady with a reverse scissor bite and ex firm underjaw in strong and deep muzzle. Well feathered ears, carried away a little from the head. She is playful and really motors on the move. Destined for the top. BPB & BPIB. 2. Taylor’s Rurie Sparkling Jazz. Most feminine girl with lots to appreciate. Ex pigment. Eyes set apart nicely. Sturdy neck and adequate bone for size. Squarely built. A little unruly in the nicest possible way. When she settles and decides to co-operate as a team with her handler she should have a bright future. 3. Underwood’s Kazaju Midnight Georgia

JB (7,2a) First three fought hard for their placings and I was splitting hairs here in my decisions – all worthy of highest honours. 1. Willoughby’s Palshar All That Glitters. Outstanding B/W who took my attention from the first run around with her “gold star” performance. Fabulous texture coat and abundant undercoat. She has a distinct but unexaggerated stop, strong muzzle with firm underjaw and typical Tibetan expression. Correct width of body all through. Square and cobby. Moves with such style with a free and easy gait. She was such a strong contender for the CC. Still only a youngster with plenty of time. 2. King’s Karamyst Love Actually. B/W. Close up to 1st, another bitch that really impressed me and should be set for top honours. Another fitting my ideal size and so well balanced. Ex shoulder placement and return of upper arm. I thought she reminded me of my DCC winner and on checking the catalogue I see she is sired by him and clearly inheriting his qualities. Really loved her so very much. 3. Bateman’s Snoanda Bumble Boogie.

YB (3) 1. Palshar All That Glitters 2. Davison’s Routenburn Realta. Nice headpiece with scissor bite. Pleasing size and outline. Adequate bone, feminine with nothing overdone. Coat developing well with good furnishings. Placed VHC in the JB class and so unlucky to meet such strong competition there today. 3. Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic

NB (3) 1. Verony Like A Charm 2. Underwood’s Kazaju Midnight Georgia. Placed 3rd in PB where she was in excellent company. Loved her attractive head. Sound puppy to go over and moving and just needs a little more direction from her handler to give of her best performance. A very promising prospect with large open nostrils and ex nose pigment. 3. Hadlow’s Khyibrang's Regal Rock at Quidditch

GB (6) 1. King’s Karamyst Love Actually. 2. Rutley’s Javeys Tiger Lilli. 19 month old, smaller in build but exquisitely made. Fabulous resolute Tibetan expression with firm chin, pretty large dark eyes, well set and furnished ears. Cobby body with short back and strong loins. In gleaming coat. Lively and agile, covering the ground well. 3. Bridges, Rose-Dawson & Rose’s Sanchara Tart with A Heart

PGB (4) A class full of top quality. 1. Bateman & Brunell’s Dhoki Apsos Mighty Like A Rose (nor Imp). Black. An absolutely stunning girl, totally natural stance and unexaggerated. Easy flowing lines. Ex bite in slight curve. Correctly square. Stands well forward over the feet. Everything in proportion and presented to perfection. Holds her topline at all times. So gay and lively in disposition which carries through to her easy flowing movement. Pulled out all the stops for RBCC. 2. Marley & Thirlwell’s Myrlea Motown Ink. Grey. Just carrying a little more weight than my ideal but ex size and silhouette. The coat was flying everywhere in such windy conditions. She is totally sound and moves with such precision of footfall with an easy effortless stride. 3. Watkins’ Balesa A Touch of Sass

LB (12, 1a) What a class, numerically and in quality, with many worthy bitches going cardless. 1. Green’s Verony Mystic Charm. Black. Heading the class, in tip top condition, this girl appeals for size and correct balance. Moderate angulation fore and aft, well ribbed back, straight forelegs, carrying an ex jacket. The fact that she secured this place in such tough competition is testament to her quality and her outstanding performance on the day. 2. Green’s Waterley Angel Evangelista with Malocomi. B/W. The same comments as for 1st apply here. Splitting hairs between them and this is another that I really loved so very much. They could easily change places another day. 3. Marley & Thirlwell’s Myrlea Spooked by Ink

OB (6) Spoilt for choice here. 1. Marley & Thirlwell’s Ch Myrlea Martha Reeves. Grey. An extrovert character. Lively and agile and strong for her size. Feminine but strength in head. She meets the standard so very well and is a joy to go over from head to tail. Her movement is where she comes into her own with such reach and drive and fluidity when viewed from all angles, whilst not using excessive effort. BCC & BOB. Pleased to see her go G4 under Betty Peach. 2. Willoughby’s Baltoro Puss in Boots. One I have admired from the ringside and she does not disappoint. What a topline. Every line flows into one another with grace. Expertly handled on the move, she glides freely and easily. Not quite matching the front reach of 1st today but very close up. Pushed so hard for the top awards today. Certainly destined for the top. 3. Green’s Verony The Usual Suspect

VB (1) 1. Esposito’s Dalewood Crackers and Nuts. 7.5 years. Nicely made girl carrying not too much weight. Good head proportions and alert disposition. Well proportioned body. In good quality coat with all the furnishings. Holding her topline well. Held her own on the move.

Jane Paradise (Judge)