• Show Date: 04/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Paradise Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Southern Counties 2022 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I was originally due to judge the breed at CC level in 2020 at Blackpool, which was cancelled due to COVID. My thanks go to Southern Counties for the opportunity to judge this year. My trusty stewards Graham and Steve kept the day light hearted, combining efficiency and humour.

Breeders need to pay attention to the rear ends - too many are still cow-hocked which gives very untidy and inefficient rear movement. Handlers could enhance the performance of their dogs by training them to move on a loose lead rather than using a tight lead, since dogs move much better when allowed their head and natural balance. Also, so many of the dogs when handled on the table had mucky eyes, either sticky in the inner corners or from hair/muck on the eyeballs. It takes two seconds to remove the hair stuck on the eyes when stacking your dog on the table ready for the judge, is much more pleasant for the dogs not to have muck in their eyes, and enhances the judge’s first impression of your dog when seeing clean eyes.

On the plus side, gone are the days when the whole colours were less competitive than the parti-colours. Breeders have obviously worked hard at improving the overall structure.

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many specimens meeting with my ideal size and balance and the most beautiful of the toy breeds in this Toy Spaniel certainly lives on.

Happily I did not encounter any cause for concern when being mindful that this is a Category 2 Breed Watch breed.

MPD (4) 1. Chapman & Ireland ‘s Ellemich American Express. Blenheim with well broken coat patches. 8 months. Large round eyes and well cushioned under eyes. Ex pigment and dark eye rims. Moderate neck. Good angulation fore and aft. Elbows held close to body. Moved steadily with tail held well. 2. Hughes Loranka’s Encanto. B/T. 6 months. Full of confidence. Well balanced. Topped by a quality head and melting expression. As expected at this age, coat is still developing .Ex rear movement.3. Coole’s Jolainey King of Queen

PD (4) 1. Lovel’s Lovetrac Brandon. Blenheim with well broken patches on pearly white background. Loved his head and melting expression. Long ear leathers and feathering. So nice to see feet that are not over-trimmed. Well laid back shoulders and ex turn of stifle. Silky coat texture. Very happy boy, moving well. BPD. Only lost out on BPIB as he moved a little close behind. 2. Levy & Sedgewick’s Pascavale Floyd. Tri. Another with a quality head and most pleasing puppy. Loved his wide nostrils. Ex angulation of front and rear. Coat is well feathered. Close up to 1st but tendency to stand with forelegs too far forward which spoils his silhouette & topline. 3. Dawson’s Luphenex Highland Fling

JD (7,2a) 1. Stanton’s Cassandy Bruce Banner. B/T. Impresses on size, balance and compactness. Fabulous ears with profuse feathering, framing his head and together with large round eyes gives a great expression. Healthy wide open nostrils with large nose. Level back with moderately sloping croup. Ribs were well sprung with short coupled loins. Moved around the ring with a most happy disposition. I shall watch his future with interest. 2. Hughes’ Lorankas Time to Dream. Blenheim. Nicely balanced youngster, again of correct size and with ex angulation all round. Skull almost flat between the ears. Well feathered bib. Not quite as outgoing as the class winner. 3. Hawkins’ Lexody Shenanigans

YD (2) 1. Lexody Shenanigans. 3rd in JD. Blenheim with desirable lozenge. Clean, dark eyes. Ex rear angulation and a level back. Well balanced but just a little too much of him to suit my ideal. Excellent presentation and handling. Moves soundly. 2.Huberts’ Hearthfriend Just William. Tri. Nice head and overall shape. Ex pigment and open nostrils. A little erratic on the move.

MD (2,2a)

GD (0)

PGD (8,2a) 1. Cox’ Fujairah Eric Morecambe. Blenheim, meeting my perfect size and silhouette. Well broken markings with lozenge on top of broad skull with high set ears. His tail never stops wagging, perpetuating his gay and lively temperament, and his tail is still held correctly on the move without any undue elevation. His overall outline and temperament meet that of a true Toy Spaniel. 2. Kemp’s Capriconia Donatello. B/T. This boy appeals greatly with his extrovert temperament. . Well cushioned foreface. Well balanced with level back. Nicely constructed front assembly. His tan markings are rich in colour. He is clearly devoted to his handler. 3. Barwell’s Bowfort Tri My Best for Charlottetown

LD (14,2a) 1. Surman’s Cavaleigh Kennedy. Heading a quality entry in this class. Blenheim with well broken rich chestnut markings and a silvery glint to the white background. He is well cushioned under the large dark eyes. Super construction with all lines flowing into one another. Really fell for this 2.5 year old lad where everything is in moderation with no exaggeration. He moved happily, with reach, drive and purpose, with his tail never rising above his topline and with strong parallel hocks. RCC. 2. Watts’ Jamesbonny Master Lucas. Blenheim with the richest of chestnut markings. Handsome head and expression. So soundly constructed which reflects in his excellent movement and makes him a most appealing prospect. Close run challenge with 1st and just lost out on a slightly gay tail carriage. Knocking on the door. 3. Hughes’ Loranka’s Imagine

OD (9) 1. Whitman &Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx. B/T. 6 years old and in his prime. I adore his head, with flat topskull, large dark eyes, long high set ears, large nose - all set in the right relationship to one another to give that melting, gentle expression. Perfect for size and balance. Solidly made and well- muscled. He strides around the ring like he owns it, using every muscle to propel himself. Epitomises a true toy spaniel in type and temperament. Surprised that he is not yet made up to Ch. CC & BOS. 2. Parson’s Ch Emberlace Tullamore. Blenheim with attractive markings. A stunning dog. Masculine all through but in no way coarse with it. His coat was one of the best of the day, with the correct silky texture and has excellent feathering all round. Another with impressive movement with parallel hocks. A very worthy champion. 3. Kilcoyne’s Ch Granasil Bourbon

Sp Beg D (2) 1. Lexody Shenanigans 2. Bennett’s Honeybet Happy Talk. Blenheim. A charming head and expression. Well coated. A nice calm lad and sound in movement but not very enthusiastic today.

VD (4,1a) 1. Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss JW ShCM. Blenheim. A super 7 year old boy with level back, slight slope to croup and tail set well. Masculine head and well boned but not coarse. Ex nose and nostrils. Moved with purpose. Best Veteran. 2. Newell’s Corbieanne Charlottes Boy. 9.5 years young. Well broken Blenheim coat. Excellent clear eyes. Good forechest and well sprung ribs. 3. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Alfie

GCDS (0)

Sp Beg B (4,1a) 1. Hubert’s Rabymar Razzle Dazzle. B/T. A lovely youngster who gained in confidence as the class progressed. So sweet and pretty. Ex silky texture to her coat. Moved well. Best SpBeginners. 2. Riis-White’s Tamyse Pretty in Pink. Blenheim. A little narrow all through but has time on her side. Handled sympathetically. 3. Newell’s Corbieanne Magics Princess

MPB (5, 1a) 1. Coole’s Jolainey Queen of Magic. Blenheim with spot on head and well broken markings. A beautiful, feminine puppy with everything to like from head to tail. A calm and happy outlook. So well balanced and compact and perfect size. Straight forelegs and well turned stifles. Silky coat texture. Stood out here in the class and in the challenge for Best Puppy I preferred her parallel hocks and precision of movement. I hope she has a bright future ahead. BPB & BPIB. 2. King-Smith’s Ispahan Tender is the Night. Another really nice puppy with so much to appreciate. Sweetest of expressions and very dainty. Lightly marked which I much prefer to overly heavy markings and in this she reminded me of the Heathersides which Bunty Green bred. Well angulated shoulders and good turn of stifle. Stands herself well at all times and moved steadily. 3. Day’s Julchrisgor I Am Sweet

PB (10,4a) 1. Williams’ Charnell Gintastic for Sancana. Blenheim. Pretty girl with super size and shape. Ex shoulder placement and forelegs, well sprung ribs and well covered body. Rich colouring. My notes say “gobby” as she does like to make her presence known to all! Very alert and using her ears. Holds her topline on the move. 2. Stanton’s Verheyen Isabelle at Cassandy Cnaf. Blenheim. Such an attractive girl with shapely silhouette and in super body condition. Beautiful headpiece so essential for this breed, and a structure to go with it. One to watch closely in the future. 3. Cunningham’s Amiryck Aubree at Verheyen Cnaf

JB (13,2a) 1. Heading a good sized class. Rix’s Stavonga Shot Silk at Ricksbury. Blenheim in super coat and condition. Appealing large round eyes and well cushioned underneath. Nice straight forelegs and good width all through. Well sprung ribcage and strong short coupled loins. Carrying the right amount of weight. Tail set and held well. Took a well deserved Best Junior award. 2. Charnell Gintastic for Sancana 3. Elkin’s Elkjen Layla

YB (7,2a) 1. Lovel’s Juzandia Sennan at Lovetrac. She captures you with her sweet head and expression which is to die for. Lovely outline. So feminine and true to type. Soundly constructed all through. Excellent presentation and sympathetically handled. I am certain that this top quality girl will be a champion in the making and she only marginally lost out on higher accolades in today’s challenge. 2. Hogan’s Stavonga Skylark. Blenheim with spot. Well made pretty young lady with shapely outline. Moderate neck. Straight forelegs with adequate bone. Well ribbed. Moving well. 3. Thomas’ Verheyen Charm at Pepyswood

MB (2) 1. Willis’ Dinitro’s Eeveelution. Blenheim. Such a happy girl with constantly wagging tail. Well broken coat markings. Well feathered legs and skirting. Nicely made front and rear and moved happily around the ring. 2. Corbieanne Magics Princess. Blenheim. 3rd in Sp Beginners. Pleasing for size and soundness and well bodied but she didn’t enhance her chances today by not appearing to enjoy the day.

GB (12,3a) 1. Jackson’s Fortunamajor Shining Star . Topping a good sized class. Blenheim. Feminine lady with ex front and rear assembly. Good forechest and bib. Good spring of rib and well ribbed back. Ex feathering. So sound in construction and movement. A bright future ahead. 2. Stanton’s Cassandy Forget Me Not. B/T. Another soundly made Cavalier with well developed coat and so much to like. Flat skull and gorgeous eyes. A tail wagger! Try not to have such a tight lead, let her have her head and her movement flows so much better. A very attractive prospect for the future. 3. Willis’ Dinitro’s Amber Infern

PGB (7,2a) 1. Surman’s Harana Joan Jett. B/T. This lady moved the best in the class and combined a happy disposition with sound construction. Topped by a pretty head with 1/3 muzzle to skull proportions and large eyes, she is easy on the eye for size, shape and balance. Movement was free and easy without visible effort. 2. Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Tainted Love. Blenheim, so close up to 1st in most respects but just losing out on movement today. Straight coat, most attractive head, fabulous ears. Compact feet with well arched toes. Well presented and handled. 3. Godwin’s Cavaleigh Krista

LB (9) 1. Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Love Bug. Blenheim. Long silky coat and profuse feathering but not overdone. Straight forelegs, and stands herself four square with a poise and elegance coming from her natural head carriage and moderate neck and flowing lines. Such quality from head to toe and superbly handled though I think she could do it on her own without a handler, she is such a natural showgirl, pulling out all the stops. Moving straight and true with parallel movement, sure footedness and excellent tail carriage. CC & BOB. 2. Long’s Arroline Elixir. B/T. Still to mature, her glossy black coat has rich tan points. Well covered body and ex spring of rib with short coupling. Level back and firm rump. Great feminine qualities and full of breed type. She moves with purpose and precision in all directions when viewed from front, rear and in profile. 3. Hughes’ Loranka’s Secret Potion

OB (13,2a) 1. Lewis’ Carleeto Satine. B/T. The B/Ts were out in force today and scoring well. What a sweetheart this one is. Truly feminine with a gorgeous head and expression, this girl demands your attention from the start of the first circuit. That initial impression is held when she has does not disappoint when getting hands on. Tail set and held well. No hint of closeness behind when moving on her strong parallel hocks combined with well-muscled rear end. She positively oozes joie de vie in her every move. Pleased to award her RCC. 2. Cunningham’s Ch Verheyen Violet. Blenheim. Such a beauty that I have seen in photographs and much admired. Clearly worthy of her title, she meets the standard structurally so well. Today I felt she was not giving 100% and lacked the lustre on the move that is essential when competing for the final top awards. However, she could not be denied her place in this top quality class where many other deserving winners went card-less. 3. Williams’ Anickily Anna Rose Sancana

VB (1,1a)

Jane Paradise (Judge)