• Show Date: 23/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Graham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Many thanks to the Committee for their kind invitation to judge this show and hospitality on the day.

I was pleased to find all exhibits had good dentition and temperaments were super throughout. I did note a few were short in upper arm which affected their movement somewhat.

I was in agreement with my co judge that the male, Wren’s Llon Lewys At Gwynmarren should be awarded Best In Show as he was on top form today. Likewise for the Veteran Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie VW who put up a strong performance to take Best Veteran In Show.

MPB (3) 1 Holland’s Ferndel Starshine Over Flatcharm, headed a trio of lovely pups, at just 6 months she has a feminine head with dark eye, clean neck, ample bone with good feet. Excellent depth and forechest for age, Pleasing outline when stood and moved out with style for one so young. BPB and later BPIS in agreement with my co judge. 2 Millard’s Ferndel Water Lily At Rubylea (AI), another quality pup, pleasing head, well angulated fore and aft, moved out true, winner just a little more mature at the moment, her time will come. 3 Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace

PB (3) 1 Millard’s Ferndel Water Lily At Rubylea (AI), 2 Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara, mature youngster, well shaped head, ample depth and ribbing, moved steadily, just a little strong all through for me, 3 Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace

JB (2,1) 1 Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara

YB (4) 1 Walton, Coffin & Patterson Hillpark Carys Gold, pleasing head, true front, compact body with ample depth and ribbing. Moved positively and soundly with correct topline and tail carriage 2 Casey’s Tigerrock Lit De Roses, lots to like about this young girl, head still developing, just tends to lose outline on the stack but moved out well 3 Lockie’s Benoveor Truly To Gwirgariad

MB (3,1 wdn) 1 Walton, Coffin & Patterson Hillpark Carys Gold, 2 Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace very promising pup, pleasing head and expression, and by this class had got her act together on the move

NB (2,1) 1 Lockie’s Benoveor Truly To Gwirgariad lovely head and expression, good bone and tidy feet, going through a leggy stage and needs to develop in body, moved out okay.

GB (1) 1 Ferguson’s Julita Raindance At Teaselwood, stood alone but worthy winner, liked her for type, feminine head with kind expression, adequate neck and good shoulders, ample bone, balanced throughout, moved true in front but a shade close behind.

PGB (4) 1 Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci, up to size but appealed to me for her overall construction, lovely head and expression, moved out soundly 2 Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon, lovely head and expression and liked her for type and balance, not as positive on the move as winner today 3 Primmer’s Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears

MLB (3,1) 1 Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia, pleasing head, correct shoulders, ample bone and compact body, has strength all through but retains her femininity, shown in good condition. Moved steadily 2 Jackson’s Catjack Everpreciousone heavier build than winner but of pleasing type. Lovely head and expression, would prefer tighter feet, moved okay with ever wagging tail.

LB (4) 1 Tain’s Taimere’s The Mistrel, super breed type, loved her head and expression, strong bone and tight feet, well ribbed with short loin, balanced throughout, she excels in front and rear construction which shows in her sound, positive movement. In lovely coat and condition. CC (her 3rd) (RBIS on agreement with my co judge) 2 McIlwaine & Reynolds Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love, pleasing bitch with lovely head and dark eye, well made all through, not as positive in rear movement as winner today 3 Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva At Fireglow

OB (3) 1 Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Rhapsody JW, well presented youngster, nicely balanced, lovely bone and feet, moved well from short hocks pushed hard for top honours 2 Lancett’s Cwmbeili Madlen, like her for breed type, pleasing head, well boned with good feet, not as free on the move today and plays her handler up when on the stack 3 Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade

ChB (2) 1 Clarke’s Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electrick With Tigerrock JW well presented with pleasing head, clean neck and shoulders, lovely bone and feet, good depth and ribbing, scored here on her positive front movement, covered the ring with ease RCC 2 Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Paramour one I have admired from the ringside and has a lovely feminine head and kind expression. Ample body and ribbing, well boned but preferred front and feet of winner. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

VB (3,2) 1 Jackson’s Catjack Dearieme at 10 years old was in good overall condition, pleasing head with straight front, well bodied. Moved out well with such a happy disposition. BVB

SBB (5) 1 Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci, 2 Casey’s Tigerrock Lit De Roses, 3 Primmer’s Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears

SWB (1) 1 Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia

GCDSB (5,1) 1 Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci, 2 Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva At Fireglow, of good overall make and shape, moved okay just preferred expression of winner 3 Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon