• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

South Wales Kennel Association

Cocker Spaniels

Friday 7th October 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee of SWKA for the opportunity to award CC’s for the 1st time in Cocker Spaniels, it is such a delightful breed. I feel truly honoured, and it was a great privilege to judge such beautiful dogs. All had super temperaments and turned out to perfection. I must also thank my stewards, who did a grand job. But most of all, to you, the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs. Delighted to watch BOB go onto win Group 2 and BPIB go onto win Puppy Group 3 – well done.

925. Spaniel (Cocker) - Veteran Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

3 lovely dogs to start the day

1ST 2279 - Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM ShCEx OSW (Ms Y Cassidy)

Beautifully presented and in super condition, this blue boy belies his age, soon to be 8 years old. Top end, but he is so well proportioned and balanced. Lovely masculine head, with his dark melting expression. He has a flow from nose to tail. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Showing good development through the ribcage, with depth and spring. Standing on well boned limbs and super tight feet. Using his nicely angulated hindquarters to drive around the ring, whilst holding his outline and showing his love of life in his tail action - BV

2ND 2348 - Abercrombie of La Vie Magnifique for Claramand JW (Mrs E Thomas)

Super outline to this 8 year old blue, compact and shapely from all directions. He has such a soft and gentle expression. Good length of neck which flows seamlessly into a firm level topline. Super spring to the ribcage and development of forechest. Liked his strong hindquarters, with a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. He used his short strong rear pasterns to drive around the ring, with a merry action

3RD 2318 - Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW (Mrs G E Pearce-Gudger)

926. Spaniel (Cocker) - Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 2302 - Kenzduo Prince Charming at Mollyfleck (Mr & Mrs S Jones)

Just fell for this delightful 6 month old blue boy, who is a bit of a fluff ball at present. Having a lovely outgoing happy nature, with a typical puppy bounce! Everything is in proportion and where it should be for his age. He has a pleasing head and dark kind eye. Enough length of neck, lovely depth and ribbing, nice and cobby with a short loin. Standing on well boned limbs and very neat feet. Moving was a little challenging, but a joy to watch, showing true movement fore and aft once settled

2ND 2320 - Brooksbeauty Ryder (Mrs Preston)

7 month old blue, who has a little more range to his outline at the moment. Liked his well proportioned head, with a good length to the foreface, and a dark eye. Ribs developing, holding a lovely firm topline and well set on tail. Nice bend to the stifle and short hock to heel. A happy mover

3RD 2291 - Brooksbeauty A Sportsman (Mrs L Graveney)

927. Spaniel (Cocker) - Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1ST 2292 - Kyna Mackenzie (Mrs D & Mr K Grice)

Delightful, and rather naughty but nice, 9 month old blue dog. Stood alone, but thought him so beautifully balanced. He is compact and sturdy, and harmonious in his proportions. Balanced and masculine head, with a gentle dark eye, nicely squared muzzle, with the correct amount of chiselling. Neck of good length flowing into a firm well held topline. Super spring to the ribcage, and deep in brisket and short in the loin. Good bone to the limbs and standing on neat tight feet. Beautifully presented with a flat silky coat. Strode out on the move, showing rear drive whilst maintaining his outline – BPIB & Puppy Group 3

928. Spaniel (Cocker) - Junior Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST 2364 - Wilmerella Outlander (Mr R & Mrs S L Williams)

Wow, what a smart and stylish young blue dog, just coming up 18 months of age. Thought him to be so very typical in outline and sound in construction. He is of a nice size and has a shapely silhouette when stood. Handsome head, with a good length and depth to the muzzle, dark eye giving a gentle expression. Having a flow from nose to tail, with a good length of neck, deep brisket, lovely spring to the ribcage and well developed in forechest. Nicely rounded bum with a good bend at the stifle. Immaculately presented and in tip top condition. Showed reach and drive on the move with a very enthusiastic tail action – DCC & BOS

2ND 2300 - Gino Della Sciaranera of Bruxly (Imp It) (Ms L Jenkins)

Beautifully presented 16 month old black dog, looking very balanced and proportionate when stacked. Pleasing head and eye with a soft and gentle expression. Good depth of chest, not quite the ribcage of winner, nice and short in the loin, firm and level topline, correctly set on tail. Nicely boned limbs and cat like feet. Flowed around the ring with good drive and true fore and aft

929. Spaniel (Cocker) - Yearling Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 2280 - Manchela Speechless at Cassoz JW (Ms Y Cassidy)

Compact and cobby blue dog, 2 years old today – happy birthday! Presenting a pleasing outline, where nothing is overdone, he is sturdy and well put together. Masculine but refined head, to give a lovely soft and gentle expression. Well developed through the body, with depth and width to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline, well angulated hindquarters, standing on super cat like feet, and short hock to heel. He is a free and positive mover, getting his hocks well under himself. Beautifully presented

930. Spaniel (Cocker) - Post Graduate Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1ST 2349 - Claramand Cracker (Mrs E Thomas)

Most appealing o/r dog, who looked a picture on the stack. He has such a lovely flow to his outline and well balanced. His head shows quality, well proportioned with a nicely squared muzzle of good length, the desired chiselling and melting dark eyes. His clean neck of good length blends smoothly into his strong firm topline. Brisket is well let down, forechest well developed and good width all through the body. Standing on nicely boned limbs and tight feet. His hindquarters show a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Lovely to watch on the move, he is so precise and powerful really covering the ground. Shown with a super jacket to finish the picture - RCC

2ND 2299 - Crimicar Indigo Magic to Holchancer (Mr S A Holland)

Most handsome headed blue boy, who is square in his outline, just not quite the flowing lines of winner. Very appealing head, nicely balanced and lovely dark eye. Would like a little more length of neck, having a lovely big ribcage, deep and well developed in forechest. Turned out beautifully and well handled. Moving out well with good drive from the rear

3RD 2296 - Lindridge Plain Sailing (Mrs A P Hackett)

RES 2343 - Hollundex Crazy Horse (Mrs A & Mr K Stevens)

931. Spaniel (Cocker) - Limit Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

1ST 2309 - Amaroanne Apollo JW (Mr R & Mrs Y Lowery)

Lovely 4 year old dark blue dog, presenting such a neat and compact package. Handsome head, with a good length to the foreface, nicely squared muzzle, correct amount of stop, and those lovely dark gentle eyes, all giving a melting expression. A nice flow from nose to tail, and everything is in proportion. Clean neck of good length, deep in brisket and super forechest, firm topline, well boned limbs and good hindquarters. Presented to perfection and expertly handled to get the best out of him. On the move showed to be positive and true in his footfall with good drive

2ND 2360 - Annilann Mister Allsorts JW (Miss S J Whiting)

Another lovely blue dog, 3 years old who shows himself off with confidence and an ever-wagging tail. He has the most appealing head, well balanced and a soft expression. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm topline and well set on tail. Liked his big ribs, but not quite the forechest of winner. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Moved with drive and purpose

3RD 2362 - Oktumi Bobby Wee Dazzler (Miss H C & Mr M K Watson & Wildman)

RES 2333 - Crimicar Indigo Eclipse (Miss A J Salmon)

VHC 2283 – Wyncastle's French Quarter Smash with Chamford Hjch (Imp Hun) (Miss R Clifford)

Class 932. Open Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

Quality class, and on another day the placings could easily change

1st 2331 - Rayol The Editor (Mrs E & Miss C Roberts & Smith)

Lovely shapely outline to this 3 year old black dog. He has unexaggerated symmetry, balanced fore and aft with good body proportions. Masculine head, beautifully moulded, proportionate and balanced, with nice chiselling and dark eye to give a melting expression. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm well held topline. Deep in the chest and good fill in of forechest. Well boned and super cat feet. Strong hindquarters, with a good width of thigh and sweep of stifle. Put down in super coat and condition. Moving out with purpose and drive, just a little unsettled behind in the final challenge

2nd 2304 - Oakbeach Dare to Dream Big with Alhambian (Imp Swe) (Mr M & Mrs K Keely)

Another super blue dog, with so much to admire. Typical and sound, with lovely breed type. Liked his square and cobby outline. Most appealing head nicely squared off muzzle, correct amount of stop and with a soft gentle expression. Strong neck, level topline, deep in the brisket, with the ribs carried well back and short strong loin. Good development in the hindquarters. A happy and true mover, today a little proud of his tail. Turned out to perfection, not a hair out of place

3rd 2310 - Amaroanne Theos JW (Mr R & Mrs Y Lowery)

Res 2328 - Sensqui Blackout (Mr M & Mrs R Rahman & Williams)

VHC 2361 - Sh Ch Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield JW (Mrs J F Wiggins)

Class 933. Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st 2299 - Crimicar Indigo Magic to Holchancer (Mr S A Holland)

Repeat – Post Graduate Dog

2nd 2311 - Chativore Winter Solstice (Mr N & Mrs J Marsden)

Happy and outgoing 4 year old blue dog. He has a fraction more length to him. Today just preferring the head of winner. Good depth to the body and holding a firm topline, nicely boned limbs and neat feet. Lovely flat coat and well presented. Moving out showing his happy nature

934. Spaniel (Cocker) - Veteran Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 2295 - Sh Ch Lindridge Cupcake (Mrs A P Hackett)

Fabulous orange roan bitch who really is defying age, being just a few days short of her 10th birthday and looking in fine fettle. Such a happy and merry cocker, she is loving life and shows it. When stood she displays a compact and square outline. She is so keen and alert to her handler, showing a lovely gentle expression. Deep in the body and well sprung ribs, just a fraction softer in topline, short coupled and in good muscle tone for her age. Put down in super coat and well presented. On the move she is free and positive. A real credit to her owner

2ND 2323 - Kimapa Krazee Kritter (Miss M E Proudler)

8 year old blue roan & tan, another who is a credit to her owner, a lovely happy and outgoing girl. A fraction longer in body that winner. Lovely head, so feminine, showing good balance of back skull to foreface, and melting dark eyes. Good length of neck, chest down to the elbow, holding a firm topline. At one with her handler on the move and showing good drive

935. Spaniel (Cocker) - Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1ST 2352 - Manlinson Happy Together (Mrs Pj Thomas)

Such a raw babe, at just 6 months of age this blue girl made me smile. A real wriggle bum but taking it all in her stride and enjoying herself. She presented a lovely compact outline when stacked, being square and sturdy yet so very feminine. She has a balanced head and kind expression, super depth and ribbing for her age with a good development of forechest. Such a sound and happy mover

2ND 2315 - Zheridons Zephyranthes at Grandtully (Messrs B J & S Mccabe-Bell)

A different stamp to this golden bitch, she is only 8 months old, and showing lots of early promise and with much to admire. At present has a little more range to her than the winner, needing a little more time to fill her frame, but everything is there and in the right place. Lovely head, with the most exquisite expression. Well boned limbs and nice tight feet. Enough ribbing for her age, well set on and used tail. A very merry cocker on the move, being true fore and aft.

3RD 2282 - Tomarisroan Shining Star of Chamford (Miss R Clifford)

RES 2346 - Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa NAF (Mrs P Taylor-Kistner)

VHC 2285 - Tomarisroan Star Maker (Miss H.r. Coombes)

936. Spaniel (Cocker) - Puppy Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1ST 2326 - Devmont Rumour Has It (Mr Md & Mrs N Rahman & Devine)

Lovely shape to this 9 month old orange roan bitch, who has a real ‘joie de vivre’ attitude. She is still needing to mature through the middle piece, but when stood has a balanced and compact outline. Liked her feminine head, and kind expressive eyes. Clean neck of good length, flowing into a firm and level topline, enough depth, short coupled and with well bent stifles. Nice and short hock to heel. Moving with enthusiasm and pizzazz, true in her action.

2ND 2359 - Annilann Miss Scary Poppins (Miss S J Whiting)

Naughty but nice, 10 month old blue bitch. She was giving her handler a tough time today, but no denying her quality and type. Feminine and balanced head, nicely chiselled, and dark eyes. Having a nice flow to her topline, through to a well set on and carried tail. She has super depth and spring of ribs. Liked her hindquarters, with a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Beautifully presented and already in full bloom. Not as settled on the move, so not showing herself off as well as she could

3RD 2286 - Alisma Aloonah (Mr D Craig)

RES 2285 - Tomarisroan Star Maker (Miss H.r. Coombes)

937. Spaniel (Cocker) - Junior Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 3

2 very pleasing young bitches

1ST 2357 - Sheigra Super Secret (Mrs C A West)

Balanced and unexaggerated, 12 month old golden bitch. Thought her to be compact and sturdy yet feminine and refined. She has a balanced head shape, nicely chiselled, clean cheeks, lovely dark full eyes giving a delightful expression. Strong clean neck, deep in brisket and well developed in forechest. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Hindquarters have a well bent stifle and good width of thigh. She is really fluid on the move with good extension and drive, which won her the class

2ND 2353 - Wensum Dancing in The Dark (Mrs B M Ward)

Very nice 15 month old black bitch, thought she was going to be my winner, but she was just not as settled on the move. She has such a pleasing outline on the stack, showing her compact and square outline. Another with a lovely feminine head and melting expression. Firm and level topline and well set on tail. Liked her depth and ribbing with a short loin. Balanced in her angulation fore and aft. Turned out to perfection in full bloom

3RD 2317 - Eddeswarren Moonlight (Mrs C M Miller)

RES 2289 - Hardd Haf Blodyn Oleuni (Mrs J.a. Defuyck)

938. Spaniel (Cocker) - Yearling Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 2

1ST 2278 - Lararth Midnight Blue (Mr D C & Mrs S L Bowen)

Sturdy and compact 20 month old blue bitch. She is well proportioned in her outline, with a good length of leg. Feminine head, with a nicely squared muzzle, correct stop, nicely chiselling with a good eye colour. Clean through the neck, good width and depth in front, chest well let down, with big ribs. She held her topline both stood and on the move. Good development in the rear, with a nice sweep of stifle. Moved true in all directions and showed drive. In lovely coat and condition

2ND 2354 - Wensum Let's Dance (Mrs B M Ward)

Pretty 15 month old golden bitch. Liked her overall balance and proportions. She has the most feminine of heads, lovely chiselling and well shaped dark expressive eyes. Holding a firm topline and with good depth, not quite the spring of rib or forechest of winner, short and firm in the loin. Tail well set on and carried correctly. Well presented and moving out well

3RD 2293 - Griffial Love Rescue Me (Mrs J Griffin)

RES 2339 - Lyntonwold Lo and Behold (Mesdames P A & L K Smith & Ozanne)

VHC 2317 - Eddeswarren Moonlight (Mrs C M Miller)

939. Spaniel (Cocker) - Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 4

1ST 2276 - Wightroche The Bee JW (Ms C & Mr I Blackley & Salero)

Elegant yet with good substance, so much to like about this 21 month old black bitch. She presents a pleasing and balanced outline when stood. Compact and square with feminine refinement. Having a lovely head piece, good length to the foreface and nicely squared, kind dark expressive eyes. Clean neck of good length flows into a firm level topline. Well developed in the ribcage, which is deep and with a good spring. Lovely boned limbs and super tight feet. Flowing on the move with positive footfalls, tended to fly her tail a fraction. Presented with a full, gleaming flat coat.

2ND 2347 - Frieljoanipa Olea (Mrs P Taylor-Kistner)

2 year old Chocolate & Tan, who was proving to be a bit of a wriggler. When stood she presented a compact outline, with good proportions. She has a balanced head, with a good length to the foreface, low set ears to give a feminine expression. Not quite the body and finish of the winner. Holding a firm topline, with a well set on tail, and nicely boned limbs. Moving out with enthusiasm and very happy

3RD 2287 - Trinant Celtic Cariad (Ms E M Davies)

RES 2322 - Kimapa Kocka Kaia (Miss M E Proudler)

940. Spaniel (Cocker) - Limit Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 3

Lovely bitches in this class

1ST 2329 - Annilann Miss Merry Berry JW (Miss J, Mrs L & Mr M Ray & Challands)

Most appealing 20 month old blue bitch, nothing is overdone, and all is in proportion. She is well developed all through. Having a balanced head, with good depth to the muzzle, correct amount of stop, and dark kind eyes. Clean through the neck into a firm topline. Deep in brisket with a lovely spring to the ribcage. Complimentary angles fore and aft, and being short hock to heel. Clean and true on the move, whilst holding her outline. Beautifully presented, with a coat in full bloom

2ND 2335 - Quettadene Queen of Stars JW (Mrs S E & Mrs P M Shinkfield & Lester)

Beautiful black bitch coming up 2 years of age, thought she may be my winner in this strong class, but she did not settle in her rear movement today. Loved her silhouette when stood, feminine, with strength and substance. Most appealing head, showing good balance, nicely chiselled and a melting expression from her dark well shaped eyes. Clean neck of good length, well developed through the body. Well boned legs and neat feet. Good width to her hindquarters. Immaculate coat and condition. Showing good drive in her side gait

3RD 2355 - Sheigra Simply A Star JW (Mrs C A West)

RES 2313 - Manchela Lady Million JW (Mr M J & Mr M F Masters & Dott)

VHC 2274 - Rayol Ameliae Dargess (Mr R N & Mr Pwh Becquet & Darby)

941. Spaniel (Cocker) - Open Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

Wish I had more CC’s to award!

1ST 2284 - Oktumi Opalescence (Dr P G & Mr M K Collin & Wildman)

Beautiful. This 2 year old blue bitch is just so feminine, and her outline is classic and full of breed type. She shows herself of with such confidence and style. Loved her attitude and zest for life, certainly a merry cocker. When stood, she shows herself to be compact, with a flowing outline. Elegant yet sturdy. Such a feminine head, balanced in its proportions, and melting in her expression. Well developed though the body, with big ribs, depth and well filled in in-front. Holding a firm level topline at all times, and with a well set on tail, which was in constant use! Her angulation is harmonious fore and aft. Strong in the hindquarters, showing a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. On the move her footfall is so accurate and positive, showing super drive from the rear. In first class coat and presented beautifully, a real pleasure to have been able to judge her. BCC & BOB, delighted to watch her go onto win Group 2

2ND 2297 - Sh Ch Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW (Mr I & Mrs S Hillier)

Another fabulous bitch, one I judged previously as a youngster and loved. Now at 5 years old, this golden bitch is fully mature and an absolutely beautiful picture. She has such a lovely flowing outline, feminine refinement but also having substance. Balanced and proportionate in her head, nicely chiselled, low set ears with correctly shaped dark eye to give a most appealing expression. Muscular neck of good length seamlessly flowing into her firm topline. Liked her depth of brisket and forechest. Ribs carried well back with a short strong loin. Strong and muscular hindquarters with a nice rounded bum. Another super mover, showing enthusiasm to cover the ground and getting her rear pasterns well underneath her to drive with the typical cocker bustle - RCC

3RD 2363 - Sh Ch Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella Ir Jun Ch (Mr R & Mrs S L Williams)

RES 2356 - Sheigra Stars in Her Eyes JW OSW ShCEx (Mrs C A West)

VHC 2322 - Kimapa Kocka Kaia (Miss M E Proudler)

942. Spaniel (Cocker) - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST 2358 - Sheigra Super Special JW (Mrs C A West)

Quality 5 year old black bitch, who looked very smart when stood, giving a compact and sturdy outline. Liked her overall size, substance, and femininity. Nothing is overdone, she is very balanced and proportionate all through. Lovely head, with a nicely squared muzzle, correct amount of stop, fine chiselling, and a beautiful dark eye. Nice front assembly with corresponding rear. Well ribbed, deep and carried well back to give her the cobby look. Width to her hindquarters and standing on well boned limbs. Moving out well, with good width behind and drive, showing her happy nature. First class coat and condition.

2ND 2324 - Kimapa Kwarta Korki (Miss M E Proudler)

Happy and outgoing 3 year old orange roan bitch, of a different stamp to winner, having slightly more length to the body. She is sturdy and strong yet retaining her femininity. Her head is balanced in its proportions, with a good length to the foreface, well defined stop, and low set ears all to give her a kind expression. Lovely depth to the ribcage and well sprung ribs, a little long in the loin. Holding a firm topline. She is at one with her handler, and merry in her action on the move