• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: Stakes Classes

National Gundog Association

7th August 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee of the NGA for their kind invitation to judge the stakes classes at their 50th anniversary show. Thank you to the exhibitors who were able to make it down to the hall, it is difficult juggling breed classes with the stakes. The blistering heat did not help man or dog! Hope you all enjoyed your day, and you take the best dog home.

AV Brace (34,12)

1. Mr & Mrs Fielder – NSDTR

Handler and dogs were very well coordinated, both standing and on the move, showing themselves off to advantage. Balanced and harmonious in proportions, shape and size, standing foresquare being keen and alert in expression. Both shown in good coat and condition. Not putting a foot wrong, perfectly in tune with handler

2. Ms Osborn – Field Spaniel

Happy and outgoing pair of Field Spaniels, who again were most balanced in their stature, full of breed type, sound and typical in construction. Working well with their handler to present a pleasing duo that maintained coordination throughout

3. Ms Brooksmith – Pointer

4. Mrs Kibby – English Springer Spaniel

5. Miss De Carteret – Cocker Spaniel

AV Special Working Gundog – Dog (7,6)

1. Mr & Mrs Sanderson – Owlspoint Trouble At Mill ShCM ShCEx – Bracco Italiano

Most impressive W&O Bracco male who is coming up 6 years of age. He gives the impression of strength, with good bone and substance, but not overdone. Typical head, long and lean with divergent planes. TIght oval eyes, colour toning with coat to give a gentle expression. Strong and muscular neck. Lovely depth to the brisket and development of forechest. Holding the correct topline. Strong hindquarters, which he used to drive around the ring

AV Special Working Gundog – Bitch (6,4)

1. Ms Scutcher – Winsleywood Wild Anise JW ShCM – Labrador Retriever

Very pretty 6 year old yellow Labrador bitch. She cuts a lovely balanced outline when stood. Thought she had unexaggerated symmetry with harmonious proportions. Feminine head, with good width to the backskull, lovely dark eyes and pigmentation. Attentive to her handler, keen and alert. Her strong neck flows seamlessly into a firm and well held topline. Correct barrel shape to the ribcage, with good depth. Most pleasing muscle tone to first and second thighs. Moved with purpose and with an ever wagging tail

2. Mr & Mrs Wright – Ansona Heaven Sent To Lassemista – Slovakian RH Pointer

There is a proud and regal look to this 6 year old Slovakian bitch. Nicely balanced in her proportions. She has a proportionate head piece, with a good length to the foreface. Nicely toning almond eye. Clean neck of good length, enough depth to the brisket, holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Nicely boned limbs onto well arched toes. Showing good reach and drive in her profile movement whilst retaining her outline

AV Field Trial (5,2)

1. Mrs Coe – Goosepoint Waddington At Abbanash JW – German Shorthaired Pointer

Lots to like about this 4 year old GSP dog. He has strength without being overdone, stands over plenty of ground with a firm short back. Typical head, of good proportions, kind dark eye and a gentle expression. He has a nice flow from nose to tail. Good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest. He used his wide quarters to drive around the ring

2. Mr & Mrs Nixon – Quintana Cloud Berry - German Shorthaired Pointer

A most feminine 6 year old GSP bitch. Her body lines are graceful, and curvy. Clean cut head, with a lovely dark expressive eye. Good length of neck, flowing neatly into a firm topline. Enough depth to the brisket. Well angulated hindquarters which were nicely muscled. Moved out soundly

3. Mr & Mrs Wright – Classic Dream’s Gemini At Lassemista (Imp Swe) - Weimaraner

NGA Veteran Stakes (22,14)

1. Mrs Pym – Thendara The Watchmaker – Irish Setter

Smart 7 year old Irish Setter dog, who is racy in his outline yet has good substance. Presented in a glorious jacket of rich chestnut. Looked a picture when stood, flowing from nose to tail. Lean head, clean with dark well shaped eyes, and expressive eyebrows. Holding a firm slightly sloping topline on the stack and when moving. Good depth to the chest with ribs carried well back. Good development of hindquarters, which he put to good use on the move to show drive. Beautifully presented and well handled.

2. Walker & Roberts – Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingal JW ShCM – Flatcoated Retriever

Another super dog, who does not look his 8 years in the slightest, in body or mind! So keen and alert to his handler, with his fun nature shining through. Lovely moulded head, kind dark eye with a hint of cheekiness. His clean neck of good length flowing into a firm well held topline. He has lovely depth to the brisket and a well developed forechest. Well boned limbs onto nicely rounded feet. Strong wide quarters. Moved with enthusiasm and drive

3. Miss Moore – Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic – Field Spaniel

4. Miss Watts – Oakmarsh Acorn VW – Chesapeake Bay Retriever

5. Mr Lightfoot – Gaesten Just Jago At Joydon – Lagotto Romagnolo

AV Gundog Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes (36,22)

1. Mrs & Miss Busby – Sh Ch Stangate Leading Role At Zakby – Irish Water Spaniel

Impressive stature to this 4 year old IWS dog, clean and sound throughout and let his presence be known. Well developed with a typical outline, showing strength and quality. Masculine head, with a good length and width to the foreface. Strong muscular neck, flowing seamlessly into well placed shoulders, holding a firm topline. Lovely depth and super spring to the ribcage. His quarters are wide and well muscled. Short from hock to heel. Shown with lovely tight crisp curls. Moving with style and vigour

2. Ellis & Pilkingon – Sh Ch Shannara Total Eclipse ShCM – Welsh Springer Spaniel

7 year old WSS dog , so very stylish, and full of quality. Age is but a number for this cheeky, outgoing boy. Lovely masculine head, nicely chiselled with a kind and gentle expression. Clean neck of good length, deep in the brisket with a well developed forechest. Holding a good topline both stood and on the move. His hindquarters show a good width of thigh. Beautifully presented with his coat in full bloom. Showing reach and drive on the move

3. Mrs Clarke-Gear – Ousevale Tobermory JW – Golden Retriever

4. Miss Watts – Sh Ch Oakmarsh Chestnut – Chesapeake Bay Retriever

5. Ms & Miss Newson – Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW – NSDTR

Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition (7,1)

1. Mrs Campbell – Ronevorg – Flatcoated Retreivers

A beautiful trio of black flatcoats, all very much of a type, sound and showing to be of quality. All three exhibits displays typical outline and proportions. Shown in super coat and condition. Moving faultlessly and well coordinated with their handlers who complimented them with the matching attire and sympathetic handling skills - congratulations

2. Mr & Mrs Challis – Vizslanya – Hungarian Vizslas

A sylish trio of Vizslas, when stood show to have shapely silhouettes, and to be right for size and balance, nothing overdone. Lovely flowing body lines and moving with drive and true with their footfall.

3. Miss Towns – Braccorion – Bracco Italiano

4. Mr & Mrs Fielder – Cretshengan – NSDTR

5. Mr & Mrs Sutherland – Carnlochan – Hungarian Vizsla