• Show Date: 27/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: James Kelly Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Weimaraner

Midland Counties Weimaraners 27/10/22

A long-awaited appointment delayed due to the dreaded Covid. Thank you to the Society for inviting me and looking after me so well on the day. I was impressed by the overall quality of exhibits. We need to always remember the length to height ratio and our ear leathers length and the fold in the ears.

MPD (3)

1 Hartley & Myers - Glasarian Russett for Astrazone – 7m Cracking pup. Excellent bone, well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm with well angled stifles giving him a good reach and drive. Very sound, parallel both out and back. Very good equal muzzle to skull and a very good eye with lovely folded well set ears. Promising indeed.

2 Hesford, Hesford, Campbell, Timmins & Timmins - Pipwell Hay Jude – 6m a baby and acted just like that. But when stood still lovely balance good reach of neck, and a pleasing head. Moderate angulation both front and back. Just needs to settle on the move.

3 Farnfield Linesman from Rivertone

PD (3)

1 Isherwood - Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene – 10m Well balanced and good bone. Developing nicely for his age. Head planes correct and nothing exaggerated all over. Nice amount of prosternum and lovely tail-set so creates a lovely picture in profile. Good feet. Moved with purpose. BPD

2 Brown & Filby - Desjiem Billy Don’t be a Hero – 9m More rangy than 1 and a tad less filled out. Beautiful head and ears. Moved well. Basically at that in between stage where height should be followed by body.

3 Farnfield Linesman from Rivertone

JD (3)

1 Arnold - Gunalt Roku – 17 m Nice head good strong neck of correct length. Well laid shoulders and deep brisket. Still developing so at the teenage phase but moved the best in the class hence the placing.

2 Ansona Sprinter – 15 m I forget how challenging it is to show a teenage male Weimaraner. Full credit to the handler. Lovely head piece with a beautiful folded ear set well. Excellent bone, tight feet with excellent pads. Good muscle for his age and well ribbed up. I would prefer a touch longer in body. On the move hard to judge as he pulls a lot to the left.

3 Britmans Auriol

PGD (8/3)

1 Bennett - Cavalmist Cosworth – This boy took me by surprise. I liked his initial outline, good length, shoulders and hindquarters. Super headpiece with a kind expression. Good chiselling and a nice sized nose. Lovely well-set folded ear leathers. Well off for bone but not heavy or coarse in any way. Moved straight out and back parallel and with confidence. A calm confident dog. Delighted to award him the RCC

2 Richardson – Cheyenn Makeeta – Another great mover. Plenty of reach and drive and parallel lines. Well bodied up and correct length of coat for a longhair.

Not as aristocratic in head as 1 but good expression. Stood four square when stacked, solid as a rock.

3 Silverweis Summer Love

LD (7)

1 Snaith - Skilaki Move on up to Bifonda – Lovely medium sized dog, as they should be, with a good length and angulation to him. Totally different type head wise to what I had in previous classes but very correct. In fact he reminds me of dogs I remember from a long time ago. Lots of nice work in the head and eyes. Considered for the higher awards.

2 Hawkins - Smilek Massachusettes – Bigger all over than 1 but super bone, body, neck and feet. Strong hindquarters and good tailset. Pleasing head and expression and super temperament and confidence. Moved very well.

3 Netherhill Eurovison of Greyflyer

OD (7)

1 Alcorn & Ingram- Sh Ch Gundalt Hendricks 3 ½ y This boy has all the qualities I’m looking for. He can’t stand badly. Love his balance and his strength. Elegant and yet strong but not in the least overdone, The head piece is of good proportions and the expression is kind & intelligent. Lovely crest to the neck of correct length. Everything flows from there to the croup. Excellent front and I love his hip to hock length. He covers the ground with less strides than the other dogs. He has presence and owns the space. Delighted to award him the CC & BOB. He then went on to win the Group and make breed history by being awarded Best In Show!!

2 Sh Ch Kalimor Accolade to Raystans JW – A picture of strength and power comes to mind. A stunning head with super leathers. Great chest and ribs. He’s carrying just the right amount of weight. Fabulous bone and nice feet. Bigger build than 1 but moved soundly and effortlessly. It was a very strong class.

3 Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva

VD (1)

1 Rayner & Maskell - Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans – 8yo but certainly doesn’t look it or move like it. He’s a wonderful classic Weimaraner. Constructed beautifully. Super head and long ears. Flowing topline and excellent angulation. Lovely feet. He’s the King but he was just pipped by the young more athletic Prince.

SBD (4/1)

1 Richardson – Cheyenn Makeeta

2 Kemp - Netherhill Eurovison of Greyflyer – 2yo Upstanding honest dog. Covers the ground well. Good bone and angulation. Nice topline held on the move.

3 Parhelis Corrino

MPB (4/1)

1 Hesford & Campbell - Pipwell Penny Lane – 6m baby beautifully balanced. Lovely flow from crest of neck through well laid shoulder and a lovely topline to full hindquarters which is often missing. Really liked this youngster and will watch her future with interest. Made my best puppy in breed.

2 Suett - Silberliss Saucy Mare – 6m Another super puppy with flowing lines. Longer and taller than 1 but very nicely constructed. Tiny bit high on the rear end which is quite normal at this age but again I look forward to seeing how she matures.

3 Warrica Break of Dawn

PB (5)

1 Tierney - Gunalt Elderflower at Greyfurs TAF – 10m Moved the steadiest in the class. Good head planes and ear set. Nice flow from neck through topline to croup. Nice shoulder and hind angulation, good return of upper arm and decent width of thigh.

2 Philips - Farnfield Déjà vu From Rivertone. 11m quality puppy from this kennel as usual with a lovely head. Correct proportions and lovely long ears. Excellent body proportions, and a bit rangy like her brother in puppy dog. Therefore on the move the reach is there but it isn’t sure where it’s going.

Both siblings show a lot of promise just need to settle on the move.

3 Silberliss Saucy Mare

JB (8/2)

1 Morris & Randall - Kalimor Dottie – 14m almost. I was drawn to the first 2 in this class for their correct 12:10 proportions and how the body just flows. She has a good depth of brisket and a decent but not over done forechest. Good reach of neck but not too long and lovely tight feet. Moved so soundly and directly and by the challenge was still holding her own so how could I not award her the RCC

2 Dobbs – Kalimor Summa Love – sister to 1 and similar comments apply. I just preferred the tiny bit more length of 1 and her spot-on movement

The junior in 3rd place is also very appealing so could easily change with either of these on another occasion

3 Enjager Harmony with Brownbank

PGB (7/1)

1 West – Gunalt Wavelength – 2yo I’ve seen many times and is a favourite of mine. I wasn’t disappointed in her today. She has correct angulation a level topline and a correct length of neck. She’s a lovely size and everything is there in a neat package. If the junior hadn’t been there she would have been up for the reserve.

2 Dobbs – Kalimor Summa Love

3 Thrihyrne Love Letters

LB (9/2)

1 Hostler - Kalimor Daisy 4y A very strong class, but the winner is in her prime. From that classic beautiful head with long ears and a strong neck through to a lovely level topline and a beautifully set and carried tail. She oozes quality and power. Her ground covering movement is effortless, I can’t imagine she would get tired out on a shoot. Moved parallel and true going out and back and lovely reach and drive in profile. And like the dog winner on the freestand, four square you just can’t go wrong. That’s why I like to move the dogs and let them freestand and why I look along the line while the next dog is being stacked. Delighted to award her the CC

2 Dennis - Silverweis Sparkler - 4y and sparkle she does with that metallic sheen on her coat. In profile she is balanced and has lovely angulated shoulders and quarters with a good width of thigh. I preferred the depth of chest and forechest on 1. But moved well. In fact I was impressed at the condition and sheen on these female exhibits. 1,2 & 3 particularly.

3 Cavalmist Candyfloss

OB (10/3)

1 Burgess - Sh Ch Robricci Florence by Nemrac – 3y – absolutely lovely bitch. Lovely head proportions and expression. Good strong neck and correct length of body. Moderate angulation nothing overdone just right. Well ribbed up. What a smart little lady. Was very close to top honours.

2 Howarth & Hasely - Gunalt Articulate at Greyfurs – I last judged this one in 2017 as a puppy. So I am pleased to see that I chose well. Super head and ears. Moderate angulation and length and super tight feet. Moved very well, true in parallel and in profile covers the ground well.

3 Sh Ch Minstergate Carnival JW

This was a fantastic class and all 7 deserved to be placed. Thank you for bringing such quality for me to go over.

VB (0)

SBB (7/1)

1 Kalimor Summa Love

2 Cain - Schonhund Show Mia Star at Lustamusk 10m escapee of the day! Super puppy nicely proportioned body to height ratio, good forechect and shoulders and hind quarters. Just a bit erratic on the move today, but I am sure has a good future.

3 Glasarian Amethyst

James Kelly