• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jacky Macandie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Jacky Macandie Hall


Puppy Dog

1st Hawksflight Dutch Gold

A nice well grown and masculine puppy of good breed type. Excellent bone and substance with a good body shape and silhouette. Short coupled with nice topline, good height at the withers and well rounded croup, good accentuation at the wither developing, underline already beginning to develop with good depth of chest and tuck up visible. Head is masculine, of good proportions, excellent length of muzzle, chiselling developing well, nice flat cheeks, well split mouth excellent pigmentation, nice dark eyes of good shape and obliquely set giving a pleasing expression. Ears are good, a little tall but well positioned on the head and well used. Coat is well developed, of nice rich colour for age with an excellent well defined mask. Angulations both front and rear are correct and balanced, good length of stride but a little uncoordinated on the move he just needs to strengthen behind to catch up with his front, but has plenty time and is a very promising puppy.

Junior Dog

1st Hawksflight On a Mission

Good sized male of good type, would prefer a little more bone. Good body shape with nice short back and good arch to his neck, nice coat coming in of good texture. Good underline, needs to develop in chest and is a little narrow in front but has plenty of time. His head is good of excellent proportions scull to muzzle, excellent parallels well split mouth with excellent pullback, good pigmentation, lovely dark expressive eyes of excellent shape, nice neat ears well positioned and well used. Well defined excellent mask. Angulation balanced front and rear, moved well on the day but could do with more strength and drive from behind to complete.

Post Graduate Dog

1st Domburg Cuz I Can

Tall elegant and very typical grey male who is very much at an in-between stage both in body and coat. Excellent body shape with good length of leg and excellent accentuation at the wither. Very short firm top-line, slightly sloping croup, excellent definition in underline with correct depth of chest and excellent tuck up. Coat is of excellent texture just needs to be more profuse and a more developed ruff to set off his head. He has an excellent well defined mask. His head is of excellent with correct scull to muzzle proportions, very dry with excellent chiselling under the eye, well split mouth, eyes are excellent shape and obliquely set, I would prefer they were darker, but he still gives and excellent expression. Angulations balanced front and rear, a tendency to high step a little on the move, perhaps a little more ring experience will settle him on the move.

2nd Shepherds of Paradise Pretty Boy (IMP) Fra

Another tall elegant grey boy who is again at the inbetween stage. Very similar in body shape to the winner, good length of leg and very short firm top-line with good accentuation of the wither, slopping croup. He needs to develop and drop more in chest, nice tuck up. Front angulation a little steep rear sufficient. Head is excellent again with good length of muzzle and well split mouth, lovely dark eyes good shape and obliquely set, nice expression, neat triangular ears well positioned and well used. I would prefer a better definition in his mask. A little upright in both front and rear angulation and he therefore lacks extension front and rear.

Limit Dog

1st Domburg Verstappen Makes a Move

Very elegant red male of excellent breed type who again needs a little more time to develop to his full potential. Tall with good length of leg and an excellent body shape. Excellent underline, good depth of chest and tuck up well defined, short firm topline with excellent height at the wither with an excellent and very typical pick up and attitude. Coat needs time to further develop but is of good texture and colour and with stand off properties. His head is excellent, long lean and dry, with correct skull to muzzle ratios, excellent chiselling, lovely flat cheeks, and correct parallelism, well split mouth, eyes are excellent dark, almond and obliquely set, giving a super expression. Ears a re neat triangles and well set on the head. Mask is well defined. Angulations are balanced front and rear and movement is quick, light and economical a very worth RCC

2nd Domburg New Demand

Tall red male I am sorry to say unfortunately for me lacking in breed type and with obvious head faults. Body shape is good with short back and good depth of chest, good height at the withers, good tuck up and nice arch to the neck, tail is set a little high which spoils his croup. He has balanced angulation front and rear. His head which is the problem for me it is unbalanced and lacks refinement. Parallels not correct slightly domed skull and deep through. Pronounced zygomatic arches, muzzle lacks volume through and chiselling and is weak in under-jaw. Eyes are dark and of good shape could be closer set. Ears are good shape but diverging. Mask needs more definition. His silhouette is spoilt on the move by a gay and crooked tail. Coat of good texture and warm colour. Excellent character.

Open Dog

1st Domburg Say I Can

Wonderfully elegant male, medium sized of excellent breed type. He has a classic Belgian silhouette, with harmonious flowing lines, wonderful body shape with lovely arched neck, excellent accentuation of the wither continuously flowing into a short firm top-line with a nicely rounded croup. His underline is excellent with good depth of chest and a well defined tuck up. Good bone and substance. He has that all essential pick up and Joie di vie that I look for in a Belgian Shepherd, always watchful always alert. Coat was excellent on the day warm colour of correct texture, with good ruff accentuating his refined head. His head is perfectly balanced lean and dry with excellent scull to muzzle ratio, excellent parallel lines, lovely flat cheeks, excellent chiselling under the eye, well split mouth with excellent pull back. His eye and expression are excellent, dark, excellent shape obliquely set and expressive, he speaks to me with his eyes, questioning and melting at the same time. Ears a little tall but well set and used. Balanced angulation front and rear. A little unsettled on the move at first but once in his stride covered the ground with ease with a quick light action. One point I would prefer he were moved on a longer lead to allow him to extend and show off his movement to advantage. Excellent character who I was delight to award the CC

2nd Hawksflight the Phoenix (Aw(G)

Smaller male of a completely different type, deep red colour with excellent well fitting coat and an abundance of overlay. Body shape generally good, short coupled with a firm topline but I would prefer more length of leg. Nicely rounded croup. Would prefer more neck. Lacked a little definition in underline on the day. Head is medium length with good chiselling under the eye well split mouth, stop a little pronounced, eyes are dark of good shape and expressive, neat triangular ears well positioned and well used. Very alert and enquiring. Moved with drive and enthusiasm.

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Shepherds of Paradise Rich Girl (Imp) Fra

Petite bitch of excellent type very sweet and feminine. Nice little body shape with excellent underline and good tuck up. Short coupled and with a firm top-line, nicely arched neck. I would prefer a little more bone. Mask well defined and nice warm colour, coat texture correct and beginning to develop. Her head is excellent balanced scull to muzzle ratio and very clean and dry with good parallels and flat cheeks and good chiselling under the eye. Eyes are dark expressive and of good shape, well positioned on the head. Neat triangular ears which she used constantly. Correct angulation front and rear she moved well both coming and going and held her topline well on the move. A nice little female.

Junior Bitch

1st Hawksflight Enigma at Ered

Medium sized female of good type. Nice body shape with good underline and tuck up, just needs to develop a little more and drop in chest. Good firm topline and excellent croup, nice arch to her neck with good head carriage. Good coat colour and texture and excellent definition in mask. Her head is of excellent proportions, with good length of muzzle well split mouth with good pullback excellent pigmentation. Eyes are excellent of good shape and obliquely positioned on the head giving a pleasing soft expression. Chiselling come in under the eye Ears are of good shape and well used could be higher set. Balance angulation front and rear, she moved easily around the ring but I felt just needed a little more extension in front.

Post Grad Bitch

1st Domburg New Love at Willowfrost

Tall elegant bitch with good bone and substance. Nice body shape with good length of leg nice firm top-line a shade long in loin, good croup, needs to develop further and drop a little in chest. Nice arch to her neck and proud head carriage. Head has good length of muzzle but lacks a little volume through the muzzle and is a little weak in underjaw. Well split mouth with good pull-back. Eyes are medium brown of good shape and well positioned on the head. Ears are a little tall, firm triangles but could be higher set. She has good front and rear extension the move but loses her topline as the tail is carried a little high. Excellent character and presentation.

Limit Bitch

1st Hawksflight Milady De Winta

Good sized bitch with excellent bone and substance she is overall very balanced and presents a very good overall silhouette. Nice body shape with a very firm topline and good croup, correct underline with good depth of chest and good tuck up, supple arched neck giving her a proud head carriage. Correct angulation front and rear, she also has very good muscle tone. Her head is very balance not extreme in any way but good scull to muzzle ratio and good volume through her muzzle. Good parallel lines and nice chiselling, well split mouth, nice dark eyes of good shape and positioning, she gives a pleasing expression. Neat ears which could be higher set. Coat of good texture and colour with correct overlay for her age, good mask which could be more clearly defined. Moved around with good drive and a quick effortless action very happy to award her the RCC.

Open Bitch

1st Ch Domburg Made By Hawksflight

What can I add to what has already been said about this little bitch she is a super star. She owns the ring as soon as she walks in. No she is not perfect, what is, and yes one could argue this point or that, however if one reads our breed standard she is very difficult to find fault with. She is completely balanced is every way, her silhouette shouts Belgian Shepherd it flows harmoniously throughout, she the correct bone and substance for her size, correct coat and texture, correct balanced angulation front and rear, her body shape is exceptional, she has exactly the right accentuation at the wither that I look for, that short firm topline and wonderful arch to her neck and proud head carriage that sets our breed apart. She has a wonderful underline with correct depth of chest and tuck up. Her head is again balanced without exaggeration it is dry clean and with the correct skull to muzzle ratios, her eyes are dark almond shaped and obliquely set, she gives a typically melting expression and she has those neat little triangular ears set high on her head so typical of our breed. Where she really sets herself apart is on the move, she moves completely correctly for our breed, with just the right extension front and rear, she lowers herself into her stride and drives off from behind, keeping a perfectly still and correct topline on the move. She covers the ground with effortless ease and as our breed should, she could go all day at that pace. Her movement is faultless. I was absolutely delighted to award her the CC and BOB and to learn that she won the Pastoral Group and Reserve Best in Show made me very proud on the day. As a breed I feel we should celebrate her achievements in both breed, group and Best in Show rings and acknowledge what she is doing to raise the breeds profile at a difficult time in our breeds history, it takes a very good one, particularly a bitch, to do what she has done so consistently, for so long under both breed specialists and All rounders.


Jacky Macandie Hall